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Major issues that telehealth can address with Diversinet’s Dr. Hon Pak

Major issues that telehealth can address with Diversinet’s Dr. Hon Pak

April 16, 2012


Major issues that telehealth can address with Diversinet's Dr. Hon Pak

Dr. Hon Pak, a visionary healthcare IT executive, who is using his medical and technology expertise to help Diversinet strengthen its leadership in “powering care coordination through mobility" joins the show.

Listen to interview with host Eric Michaels & guest Dr. Hon Pak discuss the following:

  • What does Diversinet do?
  • What are the major issues that telehealth can address?
  • What solutions or approaches are emerging?
  • How can mobility play a role in promoting adoption of these solutions?
  • What are the key challenges to wider adoption of mobile healthcare, or mHealth?

Tip:  Mobile healthcare needs to be integrated into a healthcare ecosystem that fosters care coordination and patient engagement.


Dr. Hon Pak is responsible for the operation of Diversinet, with a focus on providing healthcare organizations with an agile mobile application platform for secure messaging. He was formally appointed Chief Executive Officer in February after serving in that role on an interim basis for two months. Dr. Pak also serves on the company’s Board of Directors.

Combining extensive medical and technology knowledge with strong leadership experience, he brings to Diversinet the accomplishments of a distinguished 28-year career with the U.S. Army. Dr. Pak recently retired as Chief Information Officer of the U.S. Army Medical Department, an $11 billion healthcare system with more than 60,000 employees. He was the Army’s first Chief Medical Information Officer prior to his promotion to CIO. In addition, Dr. Pak has headed the Advanced Information Technology Group within the Telemedicine and Advanced Technology Research Center, the U.S. Department of Defense health IT research and development arm.

He is recognized for the design and development of a health IT strategy around patient-centered care and as an innovator who helped transform Army Medicine into a systems based organization. Dr. Pak also shaped a federal investment in electronic health record exchanges and health information technology for active military, veteran and civilian populations.

Dr. Pak previously served as president of the American Telemedicine Association, leading the effort on global health and standards development for telehealth. He holds a medical degree from the Uniformed Services University of Health Sciences and completed a fellowship in dermatology at Walter Reed Army Medical Center. Dr. Pak is a distinguished graduate of the United States Military Academy.



Technology solutions to help our growing elderly population with Independa

Technology solutions to help our growing elderly population with Independa

April 12, 2012


Technology solutions to help our growing elderly population with Independa

with Kian Saneii

Kian Saneii, a veteran technology entrepreneur, founded Independa to develop easy, integrated technology solutions to help our growing elderly population age in place and joins the show to talk about how it is working.

Listen to interview with host Eric Michaels & guest Kian Saneii discuss the following:

  • What is Independa, and what services do you offer?
  • What sets Independa apart from other companies that provide telecare for the elderly?
  • Why do you think that telehealth is growing so quickly?  What issues does it address for older adults who want to remain independent, and for their caregivers?
  • What are the major obstacles to wider adoption of remote monitoring and social engagement, particularly for the elderly?
  • How do you see the future of telehealth moving?

Tip: Telehealth needs to be integrated and holistic. Both caregivers and those who receive care need a simple, one-stop solution.


Kian Saneii combines expertise as a computer scientist and experience as a software executive with passion for bringing transformational technologies to market. He founded Independa in 2009 to develop and deliver products and services that help caregivers enable the rapidly growing elderly population to remain independent longer, more safely  and more comfortably. Featured in the March 2012 issue of Entrepreneur, he has led the company’s creation of a comprehensive, easy-to-use suite of Integrated CloudCare solutions.

Previously, Saneii was General Manager of Websense Wireless, responsible for launching and growing the wireless division from the ground up, including developing new carrier-centric technology and product lines, and establishing new global distribution partners. As Vice President of Marketing and Business Development at Websense, Inc., he redefined the company’s market positioning and helped guide it to global market dominance. In addition to his responsibility for all aspects of global marketing, Saneii oversaw strategy, mergers and acquisitions, OEM sales, and business development. As the founding GM of Websense Wireless, Saneii expanded the company’s vision to encompass the wireless revolution from a new perspective, and established Websense Wireless as a carrier-grade supplier of transformational technologies to the telco/wireless ecosystem worldwide.

Before joining Websense, Saneii served as Senior Vice President of Worldwide Marketing and Business Development at IPNet Solutions. In this role, he helped B2B supply chain businesses convert from using EDI to using secure supply chain collaboration and communication systems – introducing real-time information flow and eliminating significant waste throughout the chain.

Prior to his IPNet Solutions role, Saneii served as Senior Vice President of Worldwide Marketing and Business Development for IMA, Inc., focusing on CRM solutions. Saneii transformed IMA’s call center solutions into customer interaction centers by integrating all customer interactions and data, redefining the entire market sector.

Earlier in his career, Saneii held management positions at AT&T Bell Laboratories, DIS Research and FileNet Corporation (acquired by IBM).

Saneii earned a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, cum laude, from New York University, where he made Phi Beta Kappa and received the President’s Award. He earned a Master of Computer Science from Rutgers University.

He has played NCAA Division 1 Soccer, was Chief Driving Instructor for BMW Car Club of America’s New York Chapter, and has a Black Belt in Tae Kwan Do. Saneii lives in Rancho Santa Fe, Calif., with his wife and two sons.



Rubbermaid’s Telemedicine Cart

Rubbermaid’s Telemedicine Cart

April 7, 2012


Rubbermaid’s Telemedicine Cart

with Scott Lawrence

Scott Lawrence, the head of marketing for Rubbermaid Healthcare’s Telemedicine department joins the show.

Listen to interview with host Eric Michaels & guest Scott Lawrence discuss the following:

  • Why don’t we start by getting a definition of what telemedicine is?
  • We’ve heard that telemedicine is a fast growing field?  Why?
  • When we think of Rubbermaid, we don’t naturally think of healthcare. How is Rubbermaid involved in telemedicine today?
  • So how are physicians using Rubbermaid’s Telemedicine products today?
  • How does Rubbermaid’s Telemedicine Cart differ from other telemedicine products in the market?


Scott Lawrence is the marketing lead for the telemedicine branch at Rubbermaid Healthcare, a division of Newell Rubbermaid.  Scott joined the marketing team in 2011 at the inception of Rubbermaid Healthcare’s telemedicine department and focuses on outreach to hospitals and medical providers who benefit from the use of telemedicine.  Prior to joining Rubbermaid Healthcare, he was a marketing director at Network Solutions, Inc. located in the Washington DC area, and worked in marketing at AT&T for ten years, both in Atlanta, GA and Charlotte, NC.  Scott holds a bachelor’s degree from Florida State University and a master’s degree from The Georgia Institute of Technology.

Rubbermaid Healthcare is a leading provider of telemedicine solutions for healthcare facilities, delivering real-time medical analyses and diagnoses across great distances.  These leading edge, mobile solutions deliver HD clarity video on a mobile platform with the simplicity of touchscreen functionality.  Rubbermaid Medical Solutions is part of Newell Rubbermaid's strong portfolio of global brands.  To learn more about Rubbermaid Healthcare's telemedicine solutions, including the Rubbermaid Telemedicine Cart, visit