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Why Everyone Should Use Telemedicine

November 20, 2015

Michael Okhravi, CEO of DocChat that lets patients communicate with doctors through real-time video which guarantees to connect patients to doctors in 15 minutes joins eHealth Radio and Health Care & Technology & Telemedicine Channels.

Listen to interview with host Eric Michaels & guest Michael Okhravi discuss the following:

  • How can telemedicine help you improve your health?
  • Who can most benefit from telemedicine?
  • What ailments can be treated through telemedicine? 
  • What is the future of medicine beyond telemedicine?

Duration: 10:40

Mike Okhravi has a passion for building products that people will love. Driven by a desire for efficiency and results, Mike spent several years perfecting his knowledge of the Healthcare industry as a Business Developer for Emergency Medical Care.

Through his experiences, he became aware of the expansive list of problems within the Healthcare industry, driving him to co-launch DocChat. Because his desire for medical reform comes from personal experience, Mike understands the importance of strong doctor-patient relationships, which is hard to find in such a vast industry.

When he is not creating new ways to restore the medical industry through technology, Mike drinks wine and plays basketball, but not usually at the same time. Mike can be reached at, on Twitter, or on LinkedIn.


Social Media:
Twitter: @docchatapp

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