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The rise of branded hospital apps, and why healthcare should deliver on mobile

July 7, 2016

Janna Badalian, Marketing Director at MobileSmith – the #1 platform for building branded hospital apps in the US joins eHealth Radio and the Health Care and Technology Channels.

Listen to interview with host Eric Michaels & guest Janna Badalian discuss the following:

  • As a company helping healthcare providers to deliver patient-facing apps, what’s your take on the hottest trends in hospital and healthcare app market?
  • Do we have evidence that mobile health apps really work?
  • How should a hospital or clinic go about building their own app for patients?
  • What are some of the more successful hospital-launched apps?
  • In your opinion, what does the mobile future look like for patients and providers?

Duration: 9:36

Janna Badalian is Marketing Director at MobileSmith. Since 2012, Janna has been in charge of MobileSmith’s brand, marketing, and content strategy, contributing to the company’s thought leadership in mobile healthcare. Janna has authored numerous whitepapers and articles on agile mobile development practices for healthcare providers and the most efficient hospital app use cases for patient engagement.  Janna has 15+ years of marketing and solution selling experience in the software industry, including companies such as IBM and Kaspersky lab.


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