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Bastille Delivers Zone Detection for Healthcare Sector

Bastille Delivers Zone Detection for Healthcare Sector

May 5, 2021




Bob Baxley, CTO at Bastille Networks a company that delivers enterprise threat detection through software-defined radio joins eHealth Radio and the Technology Channel.

Listen to interview with host Eric Michaels and guest Bob Baxley discuss the following:

  1. Can you provide our listeners a background on Bastille and why the company was created?
  2. What are some of the pain points in radio frequency that Bastille is addressing?
  3. How will radio frequency’s complexity in the workplace change as workers return based on the devices they bring and the devices that they may be asked to wear?
  4. What are the benefits of using Bastille's technology for zone detection to mitigate the unforeseen new threats from other contact tracing technologies?
  5. What are some steps that the healthcare industry can improve to protect facilities and patient data from adversaries?

For more than a decade, Dr. Bob Baxley has been a technology leader in implementing machine learning algorithms for software defined and cognitive radios. At Bastille, Bob serves as Chief Technology Officer where he leads the development of systems to sift through massive amounts of radio frequency data to protect enterprises from radio threats.

Prior to joining Bastille, Bob was the Director of the Software Defined Radio Lab at Georgia Tech, where he led basic and applied research projects for organizations including NSF, ONR, Army, DoD, Air Force and DARPA. He has published more than 100 peer-reviewed papers and patents, is the receipt of various research awards, and is a Senior Member of the IEEE. He also led the GTRI team that competed in the DARPA Spectrum Challenge and placed second out of 90 teams.





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What is the fourth trimester and how is Fourth Phase helping new mothers through this pivotal time?

What is the fourth trimester and how is Fourth Phase helping new mothers through this pivotal time?

May 1, 2021




Marcia Cole and Nana Eyeson-Akiwowo, Founders of Fourth Phase and the Fourth Phase Afterbirth Box that was developed to help new mothers as they transition into motherhood joins eHealth Radio and the Female Health and Health News Channels.

Listen to interview with host Eric Michaels & guest Marcia Cole and Nana Eyeson-Akiwowo discuss the following:

  1. What is the fourth trimester?
  2. How long does the fourth trimester last?
  3. What are some symptoms that new mother's experience during the fourth trimester?
  4. What can new mothers do to help with the healing process after childbirth?
  5. How can family members and friends assist new mothers during the fourth trimester?
  6. How does the fourth trimester experience differ for women of color?
  7. How does the fourth trimester impact women in transition and in homeless shelters?
  8. How does the Afterbirth box help new mothers to heal, feel and be heard?
  9. What products are included in the box and what are their significance?
  10. Why are there two different types of boxes available for new mothers?

The idea of the company, Fourth Phase was born during Co-founder Nana Eyeson-Akiwowo's annual charity mission to Ghana. There, she witnessed the lack of postnatal attention being paid to new mothers in her homeland and vowed to do something about it.

During this same time, because of her work with women in New York City homeless shelters, co-founder Marcia Cole understood the lack of awareness about self- and afterbirth care of women in need all too well. They both took these experiences and their passion in startups, helping women and giving back to the community to launch Fourth Phase to be of greater service to women in ways often not recognized.

Through this, the Fourth Phase AfterBirth care gift boxes were conceived to support and unify mothers across the world during the time in their lives when their bodies and spirits are most delicate - after childbirth during the "fourth trimester" which is one of the most critical phases of motherhood.

Created by moms for moms, the Fourth Phase AfterBirth Box helps mothers heal, feel, and be heard. Each Fourth Phase AfterBirth care gift box is curated with a new mother’s physical and emotional recovery in mind. The 12 products featured in each hold the promise to each new mom to be hand-created, tested by new moms, organic, phthalates-free, non-toxic and sustainably sourced.





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