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DHD, Autism and the Neurodiverse learner

May 29, 2021




Sasha Shtern, the CEO of Goally, a company dedicated to making software for special needs kids joins eHealth Radio and the Autism Information Channel. Sasha Shtern of breaks down the challenges faced by these children and adult learners – and the parents, teachers and clinicians working tirelessly to help them.

Listen to interview with host Eric Michaels and guests Sasha Shtern discuss the following:

  1. Why does it appear that there is such a spike in cases of ADHD, autism and other challenges?
  2. What has been traditional treatment methods and why do you feel they fall short?
  3. What does Goally offer the neurodiverse learning community?
  4. Treatment for these children and adult learners appear to be fairly expensive. Does Goally address this?
  5. Has the pandemic helped or hindered the effort to reach and teach these students?

Sasha Shtern is CEO of Goally, a company dedicated to making software for special needs kids. Goally’s tools help parents implement at home the strategies professionals use in clinics and schools.

A successful serial entrepreneur, angel investor, co-organizer of Ethereum Denver, and co-founder of Rocky Mountain Blockchain, Shtern advocates for other serial entrepreneurs to move into social enterprises. In 2015 he co-founded Impact Makers Table, a nonprofit dedicated to channeling data-driven philanthropy. He is passionate about education policy and healthy eating for kids.




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