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Stuff About Feet: The Truth About Orthotics and More with Dr. Colin Dombroski

May 12, 2021




Dr. Colin Dombroski, a Canadian Certified Pedorthist, Founder and CEO of SoleScience: orthotics clinic + retail footwear, and bestselling author of The Foot Strength Plan and The Plantar Fasciitis Plan joins eHealth Radio and the Foot Health and Health News Channels.

Listen to interview with host Eric Michaels and guest Dr. Colin Dombroski discuss the following:

  1. What is a Certified Pedorthist?
  2. Is going barefoot good or bad? Do we need shoes?
  3. What’s the best shoe on the market?
  4. What is the relationship between footwear and pain?
  5. What are orthotics? Do they really work? Does everyone need orthotics?
  6. What can I do to keep my feet healthy and strong?

Colin AKA, Dr. Colin, the Foot guy, or, for some reason he still can’t understand, his daughter calls him “stinky ponco”. He’s a husband, father, foot specialist of 20 years, author, researcher and opinionated out the wazoo. He helps people get back on their feet. From badass Olympians to octogenarians with arthritis, he’s the guy that gets them better. Bold? You bet!

How, you ask? We figure out your puzzle. He works in the world of shoes, orthotics, rehab, and range (doesn’t that sound exciting?!). His special ninja skill is finding out the things you need AND being your passionate advocate to get them.

Looking for one-size catch-alls? Turn around right now. You won’t find any “Pronation is all in your hips or everyone needs orthotics” nonsense here. What you will find is a reasoned approach to your individual situation. Agree? Disagree? Let’s discuss!

Dr. Colin Dombroski, PhD has helped tens of thousands of people back on their feet as Canada’s only Canadian-certified pedorthist with a PhD in Health and Rehabilitation Science. Dr. Dombroski also serves as an adjunct research professor at Western University in London, Ontario, Canada.




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