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Hero: The Digital Caregiver

May 20, 2021




Michal Levin, VP of Product at Hero, the IoT-connected device that automatically dispenses medication when you need it joins eHealth Radio and the Health News and Technology Channels.

Listen to interview with host Eric Michaels and guest Michal Levin discuss the following:

  1. Can you introduce yourself, past companies you’ve worked at and describe your role at Hero?
  2. Can you tell our listeners more about how Hero was created?
  3. How does Hero address the pain points of medication mismanagement?
  4. What are some steps that the healthcare industry can improve and reduce medication mismanagement?
  5. Each year, medication mismanagement costs the American health care system nearly $300 billion, is there anything that the government can do to make this more of a pressing issue?
  6. What’s in store for Hero in the next 60 days, 6-months, year?

Michal Levin is the VP of Product at Hero, aiming to help people manage their health better, and live their lives to the fullest. She is passionate about solving hard problems that make a difference in people’s lives, and over her career of more than 15 years has led UX and product across Google, Verily Life Sciences, Zoox, modu and more. She authored the book "Designing Multi-Device Experiences'' (O'Reilly Media) and several other publications, mentored dozens of startups, and spoke at local and global conferences. Michal is also the mom of two toddlers, an avid audible listener and a big fan of live music shows.





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