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Concordia Care Inc. Providing Risk-Transfer, Behavioral Health Solutions for Workers’ Compensation

Concordia Care Inc. Providing Risk-Transfer, Behavioral Health Solutions for Workers’ Compensation

November 30, 2017




Joseph Berardo Jr., CEO of Concordia Care, Inc., a specialty risk-transfer, care-coordination company grounded in behavioral health sciences that provides “carve-outs” for catastrophic, complex and large loss cases joins eHealth Radio and the Health News Channel.

Listen to interview with host Eric Michaels & guest Joseph Berardo Jr. discuss the following:

  • Give us an overview of Concordia and the types of companies and organizations it services.

  • How do you describe the Pathways 2 Recovery model and the importance of its patient centric focus?
  • Please explain the Concordia distinction as a “specialty risk-transfer company” and how that capability differentiates the company in the marketplace.  

  • Explain the casualty sector and the relevance of Concordia for injuries related to workers comp.  
  • With the nation’s focus on opioid abuse, Concordia’s Pathways 2 Recovery model is positioned to provide an important solution. Tell us how the combination of behavioral health and clinical approaches advance individual recovery.


Joseph Berardo, Jr. has a successful track record of building progressive companies in the healthcare services marketplace, and recruiting talented, highly motivated teams to advance corporate positioning. As CEO, he guides the strategic focus of Concordia Care, Inc. to provide risk transfer solutions and coordination of care in the casualty and behavioral health marketplaces.

Under his direction, Concordia Care is leveraging its specialized capabilities in managing the most complex behavioral health challenges to create Pathways to Recovery for acute and non-acute catastrophic cases.  Berardo oversees company operations in managed behavioral health programs for commercial insurers, self-Insured companies, Medicare, Medicaid, and specialized government-sponsored programs.

Mr. Berardo also serves on the Board, and is an investor in, the Brighton Health Group as a result of Brighton’s acquisition of MagnaCare in January 2014.   He served for more than eight years as CEO of MagnaCare before transitioning to Non-Executive Chairman in January 2016.  Berardo began his tenure at MagnaCare as Vice President of Sales and Marketing in January of 2003, He took over as President in June 2005 and added the role of CEO in September 2007.  During his time at MagnaCare, he is credited with pioneering the movement to self-insurance for worker’s compensation and health benefits, guiding employers from conventional, fully-insured to self-funded health plans, as well as boosting employer and plan sponsor initiatives to offer customer-centric plan designs which better manage healthcare costs.  

His distinguished career in healthcare services began in 1990 at U.S. Healthcare, and includes subsequent leadership positions at Mount Sinai Health System, Empire Blue Cross/Blue Shield and Multiplan. Berardo has been named to the Crain’s NY Business “40 under 40,” and NJ Biz Power 50 in Health Care. Recognized as an industry thought leader, Berardo has authored numerous articles in trade and peer-reviewed publications.   

Mr. Berardo is former Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Make-A-Wish foundation of NJ and former Chairman of the Board of the Ocean Medical Center Foundation. He holds a BA in Economics from Rutgers University.


Concordia Care, Inc. (Concordia) is a specialty risk transfer, care-coordination company servicing insurers, government entities, self-insured plan sponsors and other managed care organizations. Through its Pathways 2 Recovery care model, Concordia aims to improve patient-centered outcomes and reduce overall cost of quality care by applying best practices in a biopsychosocial-centric approach to manage complex challenges for the group health, casualty and auto markets.  Concordia’s integrated business units include:  Concordia Behavioral Health, Concordia Group Health, Concordia Casualty and Concordia Ancillary.  Concordia holds dual accreditations from the Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Healthcare Inc. (AAAHC) and the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA).





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Finding Clarity and Strength in Career Changes

Finding Clarity and Strength in Career Changes

November 28, 2017




Emily Marquis, Certified Life and Career Coach with her practice Progression Partner which provides Holistic Career Coaching for women, time management techniques and stress management practices during a job search through individual coaching and online workshops joins eHealth Radio and the Personal Development & Stress Management Channels.

Listen to host Eric Michaels & guest Emily Marquis discuss the following:

  • What is the difference between a Life & Career Coach and a Career Coach?
  • How do people keep their confidence up during a job search these days?
  • What do you recommend for people who feel stressed at their current job?
  • How can someone have better work life balance?
  • How do people overcome fear of change when they are feeling stuck in their career?


Emily Marquis is a Certified Life & Career coach with a passion to serve others. She has 12+ years growing through corporate ranks in Human Resource and has served on 2 local SHRM Boards educating others in career strategies. She is certified and has been coaching since 2011.

Emily is NAHU certified in employee wellness, and has many personal experiences with career change to relate to Emily resides in Colorado with her husband, 2 kids and dog spending as much time outdoors as possible. Her services are available in person in Colorado, virtual coaching, live workshops and online programs.





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OneTouch Launches #SmallVictories to Honor People Living with Diabetes

OneTouch Launches #SmallVictories to Honor People Living with Diabetes

November 25, 2017




Constance Brown-Riggs, Certified Diabetes Educator and registered dietitian joins eHealth Radio and the Diabetes and Health News Channels to discuss OneTouch® launching #SmallVictories to honor people living with diabetes with unexpected celebrations during Diabetes Awareness Month.

Listen to interview with host Eric Michaels & guest Constance Brown-Riggs discuss the following:

  • Why do diabetes patients have to pay attention so closely to what they are eating and how they are exercising?
  • What tools do you recommend for your patients to use for monitoring their blood glucose?
  • What are tips “secrets” you give to your patients to help them stay on track?
  • What are some small everyday changes – or small victories – that people with diabetes can accomplish that can make a big difference and lead to big wins?
  • Describe the importance of positive recognition when it comes to managing diabetes.


Constance Brown-Riggs, an award-winning registered dietitian, certified diabetes educator, and former national spokesperson for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, is the author of The African American Guide to Living Well With Diabetes, which received the Favorably Reviewed designation from the American Association of Diabetes Educators; and Eating Soulfully and Healthfully with Diabetes. Her latest book, Diabetes Guide to Enjoying Foods of the World, will be published in the fall of 2017 by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.
Over the course of her career, Constance has established herself as an expert in nutrition, diabetes, and the cultural issues that impact the health and health care of people of color. Her work has appeared in books for health professionals and health care consumers, and she has been a featured expert in national magazines such as Essence, Real Health, Heart & Soul, Diabetic Living, Diabetic Cooking, and Diabetes Forecast, and in newspapers across the country. She also is a regular contributor to Today's Dietitian, also serving on the magazine's advisory board, and to
Constance is a member of the board of directors for the American Association of Diabetes Educators, nutrition advisor for Dannons’ One Yogurt Everyday Initiative, past president of the New York State Dietetic Association and the Long Island Dietetic Association. Her professional honors include the Health Education Award from the National Coalition of 100 Black Women Suffolk County Chapter, Inc, Award for Excellence in Consultation and Business Practice from the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, the Distinguished Dietitian Award from the New York State Dietetic Association, and the Diabetes Educator of the Year award from the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, Diabetes Care and Education Practice Group.
A national speaker for PESI HealthCare, a national provider of continuing education for health care professionals, Constance has been invited to appear as a keynote speaker, presenter, or panelist at conferences and professional meetings nationally and internationally for organizations such as the St. Vincent and the Grenadines Ministry of Health, Wellness, and the Environment; the American Association of Diabetes Educators; the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics; the Empire State Medical Association; the American Academy of Physical Therapy; the University of South Carolina; Dothan Alabama Leisure Services; the North Carolina Dietetic Association; the St. Louis Association of Diabetes Educators; and the New York State Office of Children & Family Services.




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Treat Your Essential Tremor with Sound Waves

Treat Your Essential Tremor with Sound Waves

November 24, 2017




Rick Schallhorn, Vice President of Neurology at INSIGHTEC, a global team united by a common vision to transform healthcare by making MR-guided focused ultrasound a standard of care joins eHealth Radio and the Healthcare & Neurology Channels.

Listen to interview with host Eric Michaels & guest Rick Schallhorn discuss the following:

  • What is essential tremor?
  • How does essential tremor present?
  • How does MR-guided focused ultrasound work to treat essential tremor?
  • What are some benefits to having MR-guided focused ultrasound for ET patients?
  • How soon after treatment will patients see results?
  • When did Neuravive receive its FDA approval?
  • Where can people go for more information on essential tremor and treatment?


Rick Schallhorn is Vice President Neurosurgery at INSIGHTEC. He focuses on developing the market for INSIGHEC’s Neurosurgery product offering - Exablate Neuro.   Prior to Insightec, Rick has held various positions in marketing, strategic planning, R&D in the neurosurgical medical device field including managing worldwide marketing for Medtronic’s Deep Brain Stimulation Business.




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What do I really need to keep my skin from aging?

What do I really need to keep my skin from aging?

November 20, 2017




Laurie Neronha an award-winning herbalist, certified Acne Specialist, licensed esthetician since 1997 and an educator for Oncology Spa Solutions joins eHealth Radio and the Health News and Skin Care Channels.

Listen to interview with host Eric Michaels & guest Laurie Neronha discuss the following:

  • Everyone ages, if we’re lucky! Walk into any department store or pharmacy and we are inundated with lotions and creams claiming to make us look younger. What kinds of skin care products or ingredients should we really be looking for?
  • What’s the difference between over the counter retinol and prescription strength Retin-A?
  • Tell us more about Vitamin C, can we get the same results by just eating Vitamin C rich foods like dark leafy greens, or strawberries?
  • What is the bottom line on sunscreen? Do we really need to wear it every day, even when its cloudy
  • Can you give us any other tips for keeping our skin looking great?

Summary: (Review, Be consistent, see a professional for guidance, Aging happens every day, self care should too.)

Since 1997 Laurie Neronha has been working full time as a licensed esthetician in Providence, RI. A longtime student of medical herbalism, aromatherapy and wellness, she has integrated her diverse knowledge into her daily work with clients.

In 2011 she became a certified Acne Specialist, and has cleared hundreds of clients of all ages with moderate to severe acne. Laurie has been quoted in multiple online and print publications, including,,, Providence Journal, Rhode Island Monthly, East Side Monthly, and many others. Her television interviews have won several Pegasus Awards for content.

Currently she is a small business owner, and new recipient of the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Business Scholarship program. As a regional educator for Oncology Spa Solutions she travels the East Coast training other spa professionals how to safely care for clients before, during and after anti-cancer therapies.




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Things I wish I Knew When I was a Kid

Things I wish I Knew When I was a Kid

November 18, 2017


Dr. Nikki Martinez, Psychologist and Clinical Director again joins eHealth Radio and the Relationship & Psychology Channels to discuss things I wish I knew when I was a kid.

Listen to interview with host Eric Michaels & guest Dr. Nikki Martinez discuss the following:

  • Why is it so important to be content with every phase we are at in life?
  • Can you be both content, and have goals?
  • Why should we express appreciation each day?
  • Why should we decide who is and who is not important to us?
  • Why is it so important to let go of anger and grudges?

Dr. Nikki Martinez received her Masters and her Doctorate from Illinois School of Professional Psychology, and completed her pre-doctoral and post-doctoral fellowship at Gateway Foundation in Lake Villa, Illinois.

She is the Head of Clinical Development for, where she can be reached if you are interested in individual or couples work with her. She is an Adjunct Professor in psychology graduate studies, is a  telemental health psychologist, a disability consultant, and a blogger for the Huffington Post and Everyday Power Blog.


Twitter: @DrNikkiMartinez
Instagram: @nikkimaramartinez

All You Need to Know About Leading Medical Clinics of the World

All You Need to Know About Leading Medical Clinics of the World

November 16, 2017




Randy Marks, Founder of Leading Medical Clinics of the World joins eHealth Radio and the Health Care & Health News Channels to talk to us about his website, Leading Medical Clinics of the World and how it can benefit healthcare providers.

Listen to interview with host Eric Michaels & guest Randy Marks discuss the following:

  • Could you tell us a little about LMCW?
  • What encouraged you to start LMCW?
  • What is the goal for LMCW?
  • How are your members vetted?
  • What are the benefits of being a LMCW member?
  • What makes LMCW different than other websites like it?

For over 30 years, Randy has developed and quarterbacked successful marketing strategies for Fortune 500 companies all over North America. As an Entrepreneur, Randy has been fortunate to learn that leading successful businesses and developing lasting trust takes more than hard work; launching new ideas also requires Vision, Confident Leadership, Drive, Patience, and Compassion. 

His zeal for new and exciting challenges, as well as his craving for knowledge has propelled Randy to pioneer and build many successful ventures including: North America’s first Environmental Print and Packaging company; an award winning Strategic Marketing firm; a Digital Signage platform; and an innovative App for University Students. 

Just as Randy was winding down his successful Marketing & Design agency after 18 years, he was approached with an early concept of LMCW® and a direct challenge - build a solution in healthcare to be able to connect medical consumers with the top private practices around the globe, and help those practices grow and prosper.

While not expected, this was exactly the opportunity Randy was waiting for. Something he could apply his years of expertise to – connecting two groups in an environment ripe for change, and helping both groups benefit with a new and exciting solution. A humbling experience, healthcare has taught Randy that today there is a need to learn new ways of looking at business. Positioning these so others can understand, and benefit, are the keys.

LMCW® is leading the way into a new era of healthcare, with the vision of having a trustworthy network connecting healthcare consumers looking for top practitioners, with the top practices.





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How the Right Data Analytics Will Improve Your Health System’s Bottom Line and Your Patients’ Choices

How the Right Data Analytics Will Improve Your Health System’s Bottom Line and Your Patients’ Choices

November 14, 2017



Russ Cobb, President and GM of Blackbaud Healthcare Solutions, providing unparalleled data analytics and solutions for healthcare systems such as hospitals and their foundations joins eHealth Radio and the Health Care and News Channels. 

Listen to interview with host Eric Michaels & guest Russ Cobb discuss the following:

  • We seem to be in a constant state of change in the healthcare industry and that change is typically focused on how individuals will access and receive healthcare. Can you talk about how the interaction with consumers has changed for healthcare providers?
  • What are the most important factors when it comes to understanding consumers, patients and their needs?
  • It seems as though consumer choice and an enhanced understanding of the population are the two big factors for healthcare administrators to understand. Can you explain how new technology is impacting the industry in these two areas?
  • While patient care is a very hyper- individualized experience, often healthcare marketing is anything but.  Can you talk about how healthcare organizations can take a more personalized approach to their outreach efforts and what benefit this shift has for patients?
  • Should hospital administrators use analytics for any other departments?


As the President and GM of Blackbaud Healthcare, Russ Cobb oversees the overall business strategy and company sales, healthcare marketing and partner ecosystem development. His team includes the sales and marketing of cloud-based and on premise solutions specifically beneficial for the healthcare market. Focusing on healthcare executives and facility’s philanthropic foundations, Blackbaud offers solutions that allow these entities to increase revenue, reduce costs and enhance and increase constituent relationships.

Prior to joining Blackbaud, Russ was in various executive marketing roles at Allscripts Healthcare Solutions, including Vice President of global marketing & communications. He also held marketing, sales and professional services roles with Siemens Healthcare and with IBM where he was part of the Websphere Business Integration team. With vast experience in sales, marketing and management, he brings a wealth of healthcare market knowledge and forward thinking solutions.

Russ has a Master of Business Administration degree from the UNC Kenan-Flagler Business School, as well as a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.





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Stress strategies for REAL life!

Stress strategies for REAL life!

November 13, 2017




Dr. Cynthia Ackrill, a stress expert, brain geek, and health and leadership coach on a mission to help us use science and wisdom to find ways to lead productive, happy, healthy lives joins eHealth Radio and the Stress Management Channel.

Listen to host Eric Dye & guest Dr. Cynthia Ackrill discuss the following:

  • It seems like everyone is talking about stress these days and we are more stressed than ever! With so much information available now, what’s really important to know, what’s new?
  • How do you even get started doing something about your stress when you are feeling so overwhelmed?
  • What mistakes do people make in tackling their stress?
  • What surprises your clients that does work?


Dr. Cindi Ackrill, MD brings a unique background to her leadership coaching. A graduate of Duke University and University of Maryland School of Medicine, she practiced primary care in both private and public health settings. Then motivated by her family’s ADHD, she spent a decade practicing applied neuropsychology, essentially looking “under the hood” of human behavior with brain-mapping and biofeedback. Still fascinated by how to really motivate and support healthy behavior choice, she turned to coach training and is certified in wellness coaching and leadership coaching. She became a firm believer that:

1.  Self-care IS leadership!

2. We need to embrace working with (instead of fighting) what makes us most human and strong.

3. We can do this better together.

Cindi has worked extensively with physicians, attorneys, and professionals and executives in a variety of industries including the hardest: parenting—all high achievers trying to figure out how to be more effective, how to integrate the many demands of life and career, while finding meaning and deep satisfaction, as well as some fun. She also serves on the board of the American Institute of Stress and as faculty for the Healthcare Coaching Institute, College for Executive Coaching, and a Federal Leadership Institute, and speaks internationally about stress and energy management management, preventing burnout, and making happy brain choices.

Cindi welcomes any questions and comments and can be reached through her website:

Connect with Dr. Ackrill:


Serving Los Angeles’ Professional Dance Community with Free Health Screenings - Dance Resource Center

Serving Los Angeles’ Professional Dance Community with Free Health Screenings - Dance Resource Center

November 10, 2017




Alex Mathews, Associate Director of Dance Resource Center (DRC), a service organization that provides the Los Angeles area dance community access to information, resources and services joins eHealth Radio and the Health News Channel. On November 11th they will be offering FREE health screenings to professional dancers.

Listen to interview with host Eric Michaels & guest Alex Mathews discuss the following:

  • What is Dance Resource Center?
  • Can you explain a little bit about what the company does to aid the professional dance community?
  • Majority of professional dancers are freelancers and do not have access to health care, why is it vital for these professionals to have access to health care?
  • DRC created the first Day of Dancer Health in 2015, what can participants expect when attending Day of Dancer Health this year?
  • Who has DRC partnered with for this year's event?
  • Where can people find more information on DRC and Day of Dance Health?
  • Lastly, what are the event details for listeners who would like to attend?


Dance Resource Center (DRC) is a service organization that provides the Los Angeles area dance community access to information, resources, and services; and promotes the visibility and viability of Greater Los Angeles dance on local, state and national levels.

DRC has been a resource for all things dance in the Greater Los Angeles Area since 1987. DRC provides evolving relevant and constructive services, programs, and support that respond to the ever-changing needs of the Greater Los Angeles and Southern California dance communities.

Los Angeles County is home to more than 100 nonprofit dance companies, plus numerous unincorporated dance companies and groups. This region is comprised of dynamic presenters, commercial studios, university dance departments, teachers, and thousands of students, working dancers (concert and commercial), and dance enthusiasts. The Dance Resource Center is a service organization open to all professional dance companies, dance makers, and dance stakeholders. We welcome all genres, organizational formats, voices, and perspectives. Just as Southern California is fast becoming the most diverse region of the United States, so does DRC seek to represent and include dance forms and voices that reflect this rich diversity.



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