Skin Care Ingredients to Avoid During Oncology Treatments

November 9, 2017




Laurie Neronha an award-winning herbalist, certified Acne Specialist, licensed esthetician since 1997 and an educator for Oncology Spa Solutions joins eHealth Radio and the Cancer Information, Health News and Skin Care Channels.

Listen to interview with host Eric Michaels & guest Laurie Neronha discuss the following:

  • There is a lot of concern about the ingredients in our personal care products, some say they may be toxic, or may contribute to cancer. What should we really be concerned with? Are there any specific ingredients that an Oncology patient should avoid?
  • What about preservatives? Are they really that important?
  • Whats the deal with parabens?
  • What kinds of ingredients should someone be looking for? What are better options?
  • How can we learn more?


Since 1997 Laurie Neronha has been working full time as a licensed esthetician in Providence, RI. A longtime student of medical herbalism, aromatherapy and wellness, she has integrated her diverse knowledge into her daily work with clients.

In 2011 she became a certified Acne Specialist, and has cleared hundreds of clients of all ages with moderate to severe acne. Laurie has been quoted in multiple online and print publications, including,,, Providence Journal, Rhode Island Monthly, East Side Monthly, and many others. Her television interviews have won several Pegasus Awards for content.

Currently she is a small business owner, and new recipient of the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Business Scholarship program. As a regional educator for Oncology Spa Solutions she travels the East Coast training other spa professionals how to safely care for clients before, during and after anti-cancer therapies.




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Understanding your process, from concept to inception

November 6, 2017


Dr. Nikki Martinez, Psychologist and Clinical Director again joins eHealth Radio and the Relationship & Psychology Channels to discuss understanding your process, from concept to inception.

Listen to interview with host Eric Michaels & guest Dr. Nikki Martinez discuss the following:

  • No matter what we do for a living, we all have a process. Why is it so essential to understand our own?
  • If we are struggling to understand our process, what can we do?
  • Why does having the best personal process in place make such a difference for us?
  • Why do some people struggle with taking something from an idea, to a finished product?
  • Are there actual issues and disorders that make this process more difficult?

Dr. Nikki Martinez received her Masters and her Doctorate from Illinois School of Professional Psychology, and completed her pre-doctoral and post-doctoral fellowship at Gateway Foundation in Lake Villa, Illinois.

She is the Head of Clinical Development for, where she can be reached if you are interested in individual or couples work with her. She is an Adjunct Professor in psychology graduate studies, is a  telemental health psychologist, a disability consultant, and a blogger for the Huffington Post and Everyday Power Blog.


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Sublingual Vitamins Like NutraGlow’s Super B and Super Lean are Making it Easier Than Ever to Maintain Your Energy and Overall Health

November 4, 2017




Sherry Kelishadi, a respected pharmacist and Vice President at NutraGlow, a provider of premium sublingual vitamin supplements developed to help people maximize the benefits of vitamin B-6 and B-12 joins eHealth Radio and the Health News and Supplement Channels.

Listen to interview with host Eric Michaels & guest Sherry Kelishadi discuss the following:

  • Can you give us a general overview of what sublinguals are and what kinds of vitamins and supplements are available in this form?
  • What are the advantages of taking vitamins and supplements in sublingual form?
  • Tell us a bit about your company, NutraGlow, and why you started the business?
  • What can you tell us about Super B and Super Lean and who these products might be of greatest benefit for?
  • How do you see the vitamin and supplement market evolving over the next few years?


Sherry Kelishadi, Pharm.D is vice president at NutraGlow, Inc, a provider of premium sublingual vitamin supplements developed to help people maximize the benefits of vitamin B-6 and vitamin B-12. 

Kelishadi earned a Doctorate of Pharmacy from the prestigious University of Maryland School of Pharmacy in 2011. Kelishadi worked as a chief pharmacist at Rite Aid for three years before joining the team at a compounding pharmacy in Orange County and, ultimately, cofounding NutraGlow. Her passion lies in nutrition, dermatology, bioidentical hormone replacement therapy and wound care. Her hobbies include traveling, dancing, sports, and spending time with her family.



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New Peer-Reviewed Study Finds Online Pharmacies are Using Twitter to Illegally Sell Controlled Substances

November 3, 2017




Dr. Timothy Mackey, Associate Professor of Anesthesiology and Global Public Health at the UC San Diego School of Medicine and an ASOP Global Board Advisor joins eHealth Radio and the Health News and Pharmaceutical Channels to discuss results from a new peer reviewed study published in the November issue of the American Journal of Public Health revealed online pharmacies are using Twitter to illegally sell controlled substances to U.S. consumers.

Listen to interview with host Eric Michaels and guest Dr. Timothy Mackey discuss the following:

  • What was the purpose of this study?
  • What did you find?
  • What did you conclude?
  • Why is it illegal for pharmacies to advertise opioids on Twitter?
  • Why is this study important for consumers and how does it relate to the current national opioid crisis?
  • In October, Interpol shut down thousands of illegal online pharmacies. Is it enough?


Timothy K. Mackey, PhD, MAS is an Associate Professor of Anesthesiology and Global Public Health, the Director of the Global Health Policy Institute and Director of Healthcare Research and Policy at UC San Diego - Extension. Dr. Mackey earned his BA in Political Science-International Relations from the UC San Diego, a Master’s Degree from UC San Diego MAS Program in Health Policy and Law, and his PhD in the Joint Global Public Health program with UC San Diego and San Diego State University. In addition, Dr. Mackey worked over 10 years in industry and has consulted for organizations such as the World Health Organization and U.S. Department of Justice.





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Q&A with Dr. Lawrence Green: New Psoriasis Treatment

November 3, 2017




Dr. Lawrence Green, a Board Certified Dermatologist based in Washington, DC joins eHealth Radio and the Dermatology & Health News Channels. In honor of the recent World Psoriasis Day, Dr. Green discusses psoriasis, it’s causes, and treatment options including SILIQ, a new FDA-approved treatment for the condition.

Listen to interview with host Eric Michaels & guest Dr. Lawrence Green discuss the following:

  • What is Psoriasis?
  • What Treatment Options Are Available?
  • Can You Tell Us More About SILIQ?
  • Who is the Ideal Candidate for SILIQ?
  • What Makes SILIQ Different?


Dr. Lawrence Green completed his undergraduate training at the University of Michigan, and earned his medical degree from New York Medical College in 1989. He completed his dermatology and dermasurgery residency at the University of California, Irvine, concentrating on advanced cosmetic skin surgery. In addition to this formal training, Dr. Green also completed a research fellowship focusing on new treatments for aging skin and therapies for psoriasis.
Dr. Lawrence Green has been voted a top dermatologist by Washingtonian Magazine in 2005, 2008, 2010, 2011,2014, and 2015. He has been selected as a Washington DC area "Super Doctor," has been listed in the national edition of Castle Connolly Top Doctor's directory, and is also listed in the Global Directory of WHO's WHO as a top doctor in Washington DC.  Dr. Green is frequently interviewed by national television networks, radio, and large circulation newspapers and magazines.

As a past board member for the National Psoriasis Foundation, and member of the Acne and Rosacea Society, Dr. Green is called upon for his insight on difficult to treat medical conditions such as acne and psoriasis.He is regularly selected to speak to other dermatologists concerning emerging therapies for fat reduction, wrinkle fillers, and aging/sun damaged skin.




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Safe Catch where their tuna is traceable from catch to can

November 2, 2017




Bryan Boches, the Co-Founder of Safe Catch where their tuna is traceable from catch to can and we only buy from captains whose fish come from managed and sustainable tuna stocks joins eHealth Radio and the Health News and Supplement Channels.


Listen to interview with host Eric Michaels & guest Bryan Boches discuss the following:

  • How did you come up with the idea of Safe Catch? Tell us a little more about it? 
  • Is it true Safe Catch - Elite Wild Tuna has the lowest Mercury of any tuna brand? Please explain. 
  • Is Safe Catch ok to eat several times a week unlike traditional tuna? 
  • Is it safe for pregnant women as well?
  • Tell us about the additional products in the Safe Catch line? 


About Safe Catch: Our tuna is traceable from catch to can and we only buy from captains whose fish come from managed and sustainable tuna stocks. Read more about our sustainability policy. Then, we test each tuna.Using our proprietary technology, we are able to test every single fish for its mercury content. If it doesn’t meet our purity standards we don’t buy it.  It still may be a good tuna, but it’s not a Safe Catch tuna.

  • Our limit for Safe Catch Elite Wild Tuna is ten times (10x) stricter than the FDA mercury action limit.
  • Our limit for Safe Catch Wild Albacore Tuna is three times (3x) stricter than the FDA mercury action limit.


About the Co-Founders Bryan Wittenberg & Bryan Boches: As childhood friends growing up next door to each other, we never thought we would be working together and fighting for purity in our seafood and oceans. It all began when Sean’s mom read an article about mercury variance in tuna and said, “Moms shouldn’t have to worry about giving tuna sandwiches to their kids. Sean, why don’t you solve this?”

After some research, we learned that two identical tuna, same species, size and school could vary in mercury levels by over 10 times. The only way to know the mercury level was to test every fish.

Existing technology cost $100 per mercury test which would make a can of tuna cost about 50 bucks. So, we formed a team of talented software and hardware engineers and invented a new technology to rapidly test every fish for purity.

We went to major seafood brands and offered to test for them but they all declined. One executive told us that consumers wouldn’t understand or care about better purity. So, we did what any entrepreneur with zero experience in food would do. We started a new brand of tuna and named it Safe Catch.

We knew how to identify amazing tuna but we didn’t how to make amazing tuna. We were surprised to learn that conventional tuna is precooked, rehydrated with fillers, machined processed and recooked and as result of so much processing it loses many vital Omega 3 oils, flavor and texture.

So, we searched for a better way to make and cook tuna. We found and adapted an old artisan method. At Safe Catch, we hand cut and hand pack each wild tuna steak into a BPA free lined can with no additives or fillers. Then, we slow cook it just once. It took us 75 different variations to get our formula perfect.

We’re so happy with the purity, quality, and taste. All of the vital Omega 3 oils and flavor are retained in Safe Catch tuna and there is no draining after opening. Open the can into a bowl, chop up the steak with a fork and let it reabsorb its natural oils. It’s moist and delicious pure wild tuna as nature intended.

We hope you love it!

– Sean & Bryan

Safe Catch Founders