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OAasSIS, The Integrative Health Center with Dr. Sean Subas

OAasSIS, The Integrative Health Center with Dr. Sean Subas

July 31, 2015

Dr. Sean Subas the Founder and President of Oaassis Health an affordable, integrative health care portal focused on a holistic approach joins eHealth Radio and the Health Care and Health News Channels.

Listen to interview with host Eric Michaels and guest Dr. Sean Subas discuss the following:

  • What is OAasSis and the process of starting the company?
  • To help the listener get to know more about you, tell us more about your background?
  • What makes the company unique from other wellness-based entities?
  • Can you tell me about the crowdfunding campaign your beginning this week?
  • What's the goal of the campaign and how will the funds be utilized?

Duration: 11:56

Dr. Sean Subas brings over 30 years of research into various holistic health modalities, and the corresponding electronic knowledge base, to OAasSIS - using the statistical knowledge gained in his Ph.D. program in Pattern Recognition/Artificial Intelligence. He is utilizing his expertise in Pattern Recognition, and his own personal experience and practice of most of the health care modalities listed herein, to integrate the knowledge developed within various health disciplines.

Prior to OAasSIS, Dr. Subas was a Senior Business Consultant at the US Department of Commerce; where he received several national awards for innovation, business development and teamwork. As a Fulbright Scholar, Dr. Subas received his Ph.D. from Purdue University in EE/Computer Science. He also holds an M.B.A. - Finance from University of California, Berkeley, California. He has extensive experience in the Equity Capital, and Business-Reengineering fields.

For over 20 years, he has successfully grown companies in the San Francisco Bay Area, which includes Silicon Valley, both as a senior executive and as a consultant; and has worked with venture capital sources and investment banks.


Women’s Health with Dr. Denise Jagroo

Women’s Health with Dr. Denise Jagroo

July 30, 2015

Dr. Denise Jagroo, Board-Certified Women's Health Specialist in women's health physical therapy who specializes in providing patient-centered treatment for pelvic, obstetric, and orthopedic pain and dysfunction joins eHealth Radio and the Female Health, Orthopedic & Pain Management Channels. She is also the author of the book, "Your Best Pregnancy: The Ultimate Guide to Easing the Aches, Pains and Uncomfortable Side Effects During Each Stage of Your Pregnancy”.

Listen to interview with host Eric Michaels and guest Dr. Denise Jagroo discuss the following:

  • You are one of the only 200 Board-Certified Clinical Specialists in women's health physical therapy in the US. Tell us the story about how you came into this field, as well as your new book, "Your Best Pregnancy".
  • You speak all over the country about all things women's health and rehabilitation with topics that range from pregnancy to pelvic pain to postpartum recovery. What are some of the most common issues your patients encounter, and what are some of the recommendations you have for listeners who may be going through similar issues?
  • I see from your galleries online that you're also an avid athlete and have even completed trialathons! What's your advice to listeners who want to compete in a marathon, or mud run, or any type of an event, but don't know where to start?
  • I've read that you're a big believer in vision board, mantras, and positive psychology. Tell us about any success you've had with this in your own life and how you believe it plays a role in one's mental/emotional health. 
  • In addition to doing all this, you're also committed to the veterans and soldiers community! Tell us a little more about the work you do with that, both inside and outside of your private practice. 

Duration: 15:11

Dr. Denise Jagroo (PT, DPT, MTC, WCS), is a celebrated physical therapist, world renowned speaker, new author, and expert in women’s health issues, with a focus on pelvic physical therapy. In fact, she is one of the only 200 Board Certified Clinical Specialists in Women’s Health Physical Therapy in the country.

Her new book, “Your Best Pregnancy: The Ultimate Guide to Easing the Aches, Pains and Uncomfortable Side Effects During Each Stage of Your Pregnancy” is available now on and

Most recognized in the medical community for her national and international speaking engagements, Dr. Jagroo frequently lectures to healthcare providers and clinicians on pelvic health and rehabilitation, including coping with pain, dysfunction, pregnancy, exercise and post-partum recovery.  For several years, her highly attended seminars have attracted thousands of clinicians including obstetricians, nurse practitioners, physician’s assistants, midwives, physical therapists, occupational therapists, athletic trainers, and dietitians. In recent years, she has presented at the National Conference of the American Physical Therapy, where over 10,000 physical therapists attend the conference annually.


How One Woman is Transforming Healthcare with the Click-of-a-Button

How One Woman is Transforming Healthcare with the Click-of-a-Button

July 29, 2015

Ting Shih, Founder and CEO of ClickMedix – a company providing affordable and quality health services through mobile phone technology joins eHealth Radio and the Health Care & Technology Channels.

Listen to interview with host Eric Michaels and guest Ting Shih discuss the following:

  • ClickMedix has bridged the gap between mobile technology and healthcare. Where did you get the idea to merge the two and how exactly does the platform work?
  •  If a doctor wants to partner with ClickMedix, how do they get involved?
  • ClickMedix is impacting people on a global level and the healthcare industry isn’t the only one taking notice. This year, Toyota recently honored you as a Mother of Invention at Tina Brown’s Women in the World event in DC. What does it mean for a company like ClickMedix to be recognized by a brand as prominent as Toyota?
  • In addition to Toyota naming you a Mother of Invention, you were awarded a $50,000 Driving Solutions grant for fueling innovation. How will the grant help further your work to get patients in underserved areas the care they need?
  • With mobile technology at the forefront of innovation, do you have any predictions as to how healthcare will evolve over the next few years?

Duration: 8:06

Ting Shih is Founder and CEO of ClickMedix, a company that provides affordable and quality health services to underserved patients by enabling physicians to reach more patients through mobile phone and tablet-facilitated remote diagnosis. The mobile platform also provides remote training and supervision of their staff assistants, nurses, and health workers. ClickMedix has been used worldwide to reduce wait time for patients from months to less than 72 hours. The system allows physicians to serve 4-15 times more patients, as well as create a more skilled work force and new jobs for community-based and home-based healthcare services.


Is the State of Your Gut Making You Look Unhealthy?

Is the State of Your Gut Making You Look Unhealthy?

July 25, 2015

Meredith Yardley, the Managing Director of Enrich Your Energy, which provides Be Your Own Best Friend, a holistic offering to help people get out of their own way in reaching their health and lifestyle goals joins eHealth Radio and the Digestive, Health and Personal Development Channels. Meredith discusses the state of your gut and if it is making you look unhealthy.

Listen to interview with host Eric Michaels and guest Meredith Yardley discuss the following:

  • How does the state of our gut make us look unhealthy?
  • Where does the process of digestion start - where does the 'food journey' begin?
  • What does the small intestine do? 
  • Why is it so important to care for your liver?
  • How can you tell if your liver isn't functioning well?
  • What are the top four things we can do to help our digestive system be more effective and thereby look healthier?

Duration: 14:25

Meredith is a self confessed 'corporate refugee'. She spent 30 years working in the corporate world for large domestic and global organisations. Her postgraduate studies in Communication Management saw her focus her attentions on internal and external communication, media and public relations until the early 2000's when she moved into the change management space. Finding a job where she could help people adapt to, and adopt, the changes imposed in their working lives was enjoyable, however something was missing.

After marrying in 2010, she left the corporate world and took a year off working to recover from feeling burned out. Having always been interested in nutrition, health, exercise and human motivation, it seemed a logical step to move into the health and wellness field, and help others avoid the burnout resulting from their busy lives.

Embarking on studies in nutrition and health, (including Nutrition Adviser certificates from Sanoviv Medical Institute) Meredith decided to combine that with her knowledge and experience of managing change.  The result was the establishment of Enrich Your Energy. Her new program - Be Your Own Best Friend - is a coaching program designed to help people achieve their health and wellbeing goals by helping them discover what is holding them back.

Outside her professional role, she has a love of travel, and enjoys photography, crossword puzzles, exploring the natural environment and connecting with people.


What Is Oil Pulling, and Why Should You Start Immediately for Your Wellness

What Is Oil Pulling, and Why Should You Start Immediately for Your Wellness

July 24, 2015

Kathy Heshelow, the the Founder of Sublime Beauty, an anti-aging skincare company and Sublime Beauty NATURALS, a company focusing on wellness and beauty again joins eHealth Radio and the Skin Care Health & Beauty Channels to talk about the health benefits of Oil Pulling.

Listen to interview with host Eric Michaels and guest Kathy Heshelow discuss the following:

  • What is this mysterious thing called Oil Pulling? What’s it all about?
  • Why would swishing oil help or work? Why not just brush our teeth?
  • So it’s a kind of detox?
  • So the benefits of Oil Pulling are less risk of disease and improved wellness?
  • When should you Oil Pull?
  • You mentioned during the 3 steps that we should use an organic oil. Why is that?
  • Does your company offer oils for Oil Pulling?
  • Any Caveats with Oil Pulling?

Duration: 18:11

Kathy Heshelow is the the Founder of Sublime Beauty, an anti-aging skincare company and Sublime Beauty NATURALS, a company focusing on wellness and beauty. Kathy is also a published author and lived in Paris, France for 16 years.  She brings international and holistic approaches to care of skin and body, with such practices as Skin Brushing, Oil Pulling, Aromatherapy plus a French-inspired approach to anti-aging skincare.

Website: |

Albert Fay Hill, a layman who developed a model to activate the immune system to fight cancer

Albert Fay Hill, a layman who developed a model to activate the immune system to fight cancer

July 24, 2015

The late Albert Fay Hill spent decades trying to find a cure for cancer. His son David Hill joins eHealth Radio and the Cancer Prevention and Health News Channels to discuss his father’s research and his life long quest.

Listen to interview with host Eric Michaels & guest David Hill discuss the following:

  • Your late father, Albert Fay Hill, spent most of his life trying to find a cure for cancer. How did this all start? Where did this passion come from?
  • Tell me about your Dad – I understand he had medical expertise, was not a doctor, he was a lay person – be he would go on to become a lifelong student of cancer -- researching this disease for decades.  How did your father go about researching a cure for cancer?
  • I understand he developed a therapy that he believed could reset the immune system to recognize and attack tumors.  Can you give us some topline thoughts on this?
  • What do you think that this was so promising about his research and that the medical community should consider?
  • How do you want people to remember your father?

Duration: 8:49

The late Albert Fay Hill was passionate about finding a cure for cancer when his wife was diagnosed with breast cancer in the late 60s.  He had no medical training - just a curious mind.  He spent thousands of hours studying cancer research and developed a therapy he believed could reset the immune system to recognize and attack tumors.  He came to believe that the correct sequence and timing of GIK therapy could increase lymphocyte effectiveness and mount a defense against cancer. Years ago, this research was published in the Journal of Immune Based Therapies and Vaccines.  He had the dream to have his protocol tested.  His family remembers him as a man with incredible courage and his relentless love.  The family believes that this research has a lot of promise and potential.

David Hill is an information technology specialist for the State of Michigan.  He works with the department of Management, Budget and Technology to adopt and maintain IT to support State services.  He lives in Michigan and he has published two science fiction books, with his father, years ago, and has written several full length novels on his own.


National Tequila Day is July 24. Beware of Lime Disease.

National Tequila Day is July 24. Beware of Lime Disease.

July 22, 2015

Dr. Howard Steinman, Board-Certified Dermatologist at DermOne Dermatology Centers in Dallas, Texas joins eHealth Radio and the Dermatology, Health News and Skin Care Channels. DermOne is a leading provider of comprehensive dermatology services through a fast-growing network of neighborhood skin care centers.

Listen to interview with host Eric Michaels & guest Dr. Howard Steinman discuss the following:

  • Just in time for National Tequila Day this Friday, you have an important warning for those who love the sun and margaritas. What is that warning?
  • What is phytophotodermatitis and what does it have to do with National Tequila Day?
  • Besides staying out of the sun with limes, are there any other preventative measures?
  • What is the best treatment for phytophotodermatitis?
  • Anything else you would like to add?

Duration: 8:11

Howard Steinman, M.D. is DermOne’s Chief of Mohs and Dermatologic Surgery in Texas, and offices in the DermOne’s Grand Prairie and Irving locations. Dr. Steinman specializes in treating skin cancer.  He graduated from Pomona College, magna cum laude with a double major in zoology and sociology and from Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis.  He completed residency training at the University of California, San Diego and at St. John’s Hospital for Diseases of the Skin in London – the largest skin hospital in England. His residency at St. John’s was a position awarded to only one resident annually, and it was there that he presented research to the Royal Society of Medicine.  Dr. Steinman then performed a one-year fellowship in Mohs Surgery at the University of Illinois in Chicago, where he received training in laser and cosmetic surgery and assisted in research at Northwestern University.

After leaving private practice in California, Dr. Steinman served as Director of Skin Cancer Surgery at Scott & White Clinic in Temple, Texas.  He moved to the Dallas area in 2012 and maintains a faculty appointment as an Associate Professor of Dermatology at Texas A&M College of Medicine.

Dr. Steinman has always combined his passion for patient care with teaching and clinical research.  He was honored with a Teacher of the Year Award from the University of California, San Diego, has co-authored two widely-read Mohs surgery text books, 12 text book chapters and published over 36 peer reviewed journal articles, with two new manuscripts pending.  He co-directs an annual course in Mohs surgery and has frequently lectured in the USA, Europe and Australia.

Texas Monthly Magazine recently contributed to Dr. Steinman’s list of notable achievements by distinguishing him with their annual “Super Doctor” award in their Dec. ’14 issue.


Using Fillers to Provide Volume and Lift to the Cheeks

Using Fillers to Provide Volume and Lift to the Cheeks

July 22, 2015

Dr. David Rodwell, a Board Certified Facial Plastic Surgeon located in Charleston, South Carolina joins eHealth Radio and the Plastic Surgery Information Channel to talk about using fillers to restore a natural and youthful appearance.

Listen to interview with host Eric Michaels and guest Dr. David Rodwell discuss the following:

  • How can I lift and add volume to sunken cheeks?
  • Can you combine different dermal fillers and neuromodulators like botox to improve facial aging?
  • What causes loss of volume in the cheeks and face?
  • What is the procedure like and when will results be visible?
  • What advice or recommendations would you give for those considering non-surgical or surgical methods for facial improvement?

Duration: 9:51

Dr. David Rodwell is a Board Certified facial plastic surgeon located in Charleston, South Carolina, focusing as a specialist exclusively within the face and neck. He combines his surgical technique and skill with the ability to intuitively understand the motivations of each patient and develop the sense of trust that serves as the foundation of a personalized approach to facial plastic surgery.

Expertly trained with a wealth of experience, Dr. Rodwell had a clear focus for the type of practice that would provide patients with personalized service and consistently outstanding results. These principles were the reasons that Dr. Rodwell returned to the Lowcountry to open Charleston Facial Plastic Surgery.

Dr. Rodwell was fortunate to have a training experience in facial plastic surgery that rivaled any program in the country. Before he had even finished residency (before his fellowship) he had already performed or assisted on over 3 times the average number of facelifts logged by a general plastic surgeon during his or her fellowship training. In addition to that extensive facial cosmetic surgery background, Dr. Rodwell’s broad experience in managing complex facial trauma and cancer was also invaluable to the development of his unique skill.

Dr. Rodwell has continued his commitment to the advancement of the field of facial plastic surgery. He is an internationally published author of multiple peer-reviewed publications and has been invited to present his work at regional and national meetings. He maintains a dedication to continued education and research.


Manufacturer direct medical supplies through a single marketplace, saving buyers on average 50% when using MDSupplies

Manufacturer direct medical supplies through a single marketplace, saving buyers on average 50% when using MDSupplies

July 21, 2015

Theo Antoniou, President and Founding Partner of MDSupplies and Service a comprehensive e-commerce store providing an alternative to costly, traditional methods of purchasing medical supplies joins eHealth Radio and the Health News Channel.

Listen to interview with host Eric Michaels & guest Theo Antoniou discuss the following:

  • Could you give us a brief overview of MDSupplies.
  • One of your missions is to help people reduce their cost of supplies by eliminating unnecessary costs. Describe some of these costs and how your website helps a person or business save money on medical supplies.
  • Can you describe what a typical customer looks like?
  • Most health care professionals familiar with hospital supply have a perception that the purchasing process is a bit more complex than just an e-commerce check out. Is this true?
  • Your website offers over 30,000 products. How are you able to provide so many different supplies?
  • What has been the overall reception of MDsupplies?

Duration: 10:26

With you are linked directly to major manufacturers and vendors for many types of supplies. It is our goal to bring you the best industry prices possible by eliminating traditional distributors, dealers, and salespeople. Our single ordering system / marketplace offers substantial savings on supplies over traditional channels and allows you to pick and choose who you want to order supplies from; all through one single order. Here is a brief 1 minute overview of our website and how it works

Our products and services include:
 - Over 30,000 Products. 300+ Brands. 50+ Vendors (and growing)
 - Direct Access to Manufacturers & Vendors
 - No Contracts, No Commitments, No Minimums
 - Free Software (via website), No Downloads, Web-Based
 - Upfront Pricing, Neutral 3rd Party Company
 - One level of pricing for everyone
 - Multi-Location Organizational Management
 - Inventory & Expense Reporting across your Organization(s) and Location(s)

The principals of MDSupplies also own and operate several other software applications that are integrated together; including physician dispensing, pharmaceutical billing and collection, urine drug testing, prescription drug monitoring program reporting, mail-order pharmacy, and drug pedigree management.

All software applications are web based applications, so they only require a web browser and Internet connection. No special software installations are needed. For security, all access is through a HTTPS-enabled site, and users have the ability to limit various locations from which someone can log in to the system. The applications have multi-site architecture, so that managers and doctors can operate from more than one location.

Please contact us anytime at or visit our website at


The Body Lift with Dr. Bill Kortesis

The Body Lift with Dr. Bill Kortesis

July 20, 2015

Dr. Bill Kortesis, a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon and Partner of Hunstad Kortesis Plastic Surgery + MedSpa joins eHealth Radio and the Plastic Surgery Information Channel. Dr. Bill Kortesis is here to talk about the body lift.

Listen to interview with host Eric Michaels and guest Dr. Bill Kortesis discuss the following:

  • What is a body lift and what areas of the body does it address?
  • What are common reasons to undergo a body lift?
  • How do you determine who is a good candidate for a body lift?
  • What is the recovery process like, what scars will be visible and when can the patients expect to see final results?
  • What advice or recommendations would you give for those considering a body lift?

Duration: 8:45

Past President of the NC Plastic Surgery Society, Dr. Bill G. Kortesis is a board-certified plastic surgeon in North Carolina specializing in both reconstructive and cosmetic surgery. With significant contributions to the field of plastic surgery, he has established himself as a talented and caring surgeon with a genuine desire to help others within the medical community and beyond. Dr. Kortesis has been published in the Aesthetic Surgery Journal for High-Strength Cohesive Gel Implants sponsored by Sientra, Inc. This journal is the official publication of The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.

In addition to being a co-owner and partner with the center, Dr. Kortesis mentors medical students and residents from UNC and Wake Forest, and teaches fellows from the UNC Plastic Surgery Department. He also lectures at local, regional and national American Society of Plastic Surgeons meetings.

Dr. Kortesis’ passion for giving back has taken him on mission trips to Bolivia with the Partners of the Americas to aid pediatric burn victims.

Married and an active member of the Greek Church, Dr. Kortesis is a competitive marathoner, half-marathon tri-athlete and adventure sports enthusiast who believes in the power of overall wellness.


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