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How the Venus Legacy works on wrinkled skin with Dr. Grant Stevens

How the Venus Legacy works on wrinkled skin with Dr. Grant Stevens

July 29, 2014

Dr. Grant Stevens, founder and medical director of Marina Plastic Surgery and The Institute in Marina del Rey California that offers a variety of surgical and non-surgical treatments for men and women again joins eHealth Radio and the Plastic Surgery Channel.

Listen to interview with host Eric Michaels & guest Dr. Grant Stevens discuss the following:

  • You have a new device at Marina Plastic Surgery called the Venus Legacy. Tell us about it.
  • How does the Venus Legacy work on wrinkled skin?
  • What about cellulite – can it help?
  • Who would be the perfect candidate for this procedure?Do men need this procedure or just women?
  • Does the Venus treatment work on stretch marks?

Duration: 8:11

W. Grant Stevens, M.D, FACS is the founder and Medical Director of Marina Plastic Surgery and The Institute; A Medical Spa in Marina Del Rey, California. He is also the Chairman of the USC-Marina Aesthetic Surgery Fellowship and the Director of the USC Division of Aesthetic Surgery. He has been elected by his peers into the "The Guide to Top Doctors" and Castle Connolly's "Top Doctor Guide" recognizing him as one of the best plastic surgeons in America, and is one of the select few to be featured in "Plastic Surgery: The World's Top Surgeons & Clinics."

Dr. Stevens is an active member at Marina Del Rey Hospital, where he is the past Chairman of the Department of Surgery, the Chairman of the Liposuction Committee, and the Medical Director of The Breast Center. He is also on staff at St. John's Medical Center, the Marina Outpatient Surgery Center and USC.

Dr. Stevens graduated with honors from Washington University Medical School in St. Louis where he was awarded the Senior Prize in Surgery. He completed his general surgery training at Harbor-UCLA Medical Center, returning to Washington University-Barnes Hospital where he completed a Fellowship in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery with Drs. Paul Weeks, Leroy Young, Tom Mustoe, Jeffrey Marsh and R. Christie Wray. He was appointed by the governor of California to the Medical Board of California Medical Quality Review Board.

Dr. Stevens is a member of the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery where he is a traveling professor serves as secretary on the board of directors; the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery serving as a traveling professor and assistant national secretary on the board of directors; the American Society of Plastic Surgeons; the International College of Surgeons; the American College of Surgeons; and the American Society for Laser Medicine & Surgery. He has spoken at more than 100 meetings and 300 invited talks around the U.S. and the world.

Dr. Stevens has authored more than 70 articles and chapters on aesthetic plastic surgery. He recently completed a chapter on Mastopexy and Mastopexy augmentation in Grabb and Smith’s Plastic Surgery.

Dr. Stevens is the past Chairman of the California Medical Association Advisory Panel on Plastic Surgery.  He received the California State Assembly and the California State Senate Certificate of Recognition. He has also received the Special Congressional Certificate of Recognition and the Distinguished Service Citation from the Medical Board of California.

His has been interviewed for and appeared in USA Today, People, Wall Street Journal, Beauty, Forbes, Glamour, Vogue, Allure, Cosmetic Surgery Times, Business Week, Men's Fitness, LA Times Magazine, Longevity, Cooking Light, Discovery and numerous newspapers. He has appeared on more than 125 television programs including CNN, Discovery, 60 Minutes, MSNBC, The Learning Channel, Sonia Live, Nightline, CBS News, 24 Hours, Extra, American Journal, Entertainment Tonight, Inside Edition, Lifetime - New Attitudes, PBS Nightly Business Report and many others.

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Sarah Bolton, an anti-aging consultant whose focus is adding life to people’s years

Sarah Bolton, an anti-aging consultant whose focus is adding life to people’s years

July 27, 2014

Sarah Bolton, an anti-aging consultant whose focus is adding life to people’s years joins eHealth Radio and the Anti-Aging and General Health Channels. She shares some information about one of her favorite topics - Antioxidants.

Listen to interview with host Eric Michaels and guest Sarah Bolton discuss the following:

  • What are free radicals, and what causes them?
  • What are antioxidants, and why are they receiving so much attention?
  • Can you tell us about any relevant studies regarding antioxidants/free radicals?
  • How can we tell if we are getting enough antioxidant protection?
  • What are some ways to increase your antioxidant score and protect yourself from free radical damage?

Duration: 6:28

Sarah Bolton is an Anti-Aging Consultant from Orange County, CA. She received a bachelor’s degree in Journalism/Advertising from San Diego State University. Bolton strives for health and beauty from the inside out. She believes in making the world a better place to live through socially responsible and environmentally sustainable practices.

In 2010, she was introduced to non-surgical, anti-aging products that help to maintain optimal health from the inside out and has since developed a passion for teaching others ways to improve their lives through natural products and a healthy lifestyle. She was featured on the radio program, “The Sex and Money Show” in Las Vegas, NV and has presented her speech, “The Power of Antioxidants”, at The Stirling Club, one of Las Vegas’ premiere business networking groups. She enjoys writing, reading, and traveling.

A vegetarian for 10 years, Bolton loves animals and also reaping the antioxidant benefits of fruits and vegetables.

Web Site:
Instagram: @bolty555

Bobby Holland Hanton, Hollywood stunt double actor is a Dove Men+ Care user

Bobby Holland Hanton, Hollywood stunt double actor is a Dove Men+ Care user

July 26, 2014

Bobby Holland Hanton, Hollywood stunt double for actors like Chris Hemsworth, Channing Tatum, Christian Bale, Daniel Craig and Ryan Reynolds joins eHealth Radio and the Weight Management, Skin Care & Fitness Channels.

Listen to interview with host Eric Michaels and guest Bobby Holland Hanton discuss the following:

  • As a stunt double, your job entails morphing your body to look like the actor you’re working with – what advice would you give our listeners looking to get into shape quickly?
  • What’s in a stunt man’s gym bag?
  • What does your average diet consist of? Any nutritional advice for those trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle?
  • Are there specific personal care products in your grooming routine that help you remain camera-ready?
  • What’s next for you?

Duration: 9:20

Bobby Holland Hanton is a 30 year old Stuntman and has been doing stunts in movies since the beginning of 2008. Bobby is currently working on the New Avengers movie 'Age Of Ultron' directed by Joss Wheaden, doubling both Chris Evans as Captain America and Chris Hemsworth as Thor. He has also performed in such blockbuster action films as “Jupiter Ascending” (out in Feb. 2015), "Batman: The Dark Knight Rises", "Quantum of Solace", "Harry Potter", "Pirates of the Caribbean", "Sherlock Holmes", "Captain America", "Robin Hood" and the Oscar winning "Inception", to name but a few. This has involved being a stunt double for the likes of Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth, Christian Bale, Daniel Craig, Ryan Reynolds, Channing Tatum and Jake Gyllenhaal. His career has seen Bobby winning 3 SAG Awards and 2 Taurus World Stunt Award nominations. Bobby landed a role playing himself with Dove Men+Care in 2012.

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Dr. Nina Naidu, specializing in breast augmentation and congenital breast deformities

Dr. Nina Naidu, specializing in breast augmentation and congenital breast deformities

July 24, 2014

Dr. Nina Naidu, a board certified plastic surgeon who has a plastic surgery practice in Manhattan, NY specializing in breast augmentation and congenital breast deformities joins eHealth Radio and the Plastic Surgery Information Channel.

Listen to interview with host Eric Michaels & guest Dr. Nina Naidu discuss the following:

  • What is a Breast Augmentation and what does this procedure entail?
  • How does a patient determine what implants to get, as far as the size and shape of implants?
  • What are some reasons why patients would get a breast augmentation?
  • What is the recovery process and how long do the results last?
  • What are some myths about breast augmentation and why are they myths?

Dr. Naidu is Board Certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and is a Clinical Assistant Professor of Surgery at Weill Cornell Medical College. Her practice focuses on aesthetic and reconstructive surgery of the face, breast, and body, with a special emphasis on breast augmentation and congenital breast deformities. Her reconstructive practice focuses on skin cancer excision and reconstruction. In 2008, Dr. Naidu launched her own skin care line, Anokha, a natural line formulated from botanicals and actives native to South Asia.

Dr. Naidu completed her undergraduate studies at The Johns Hopkins University and obtained her medical degree from Cornell University Medical College. After completing her general surgery and plastic surgery training at New York Presbyterian – Weill Cornell Medical Center, she performed an additional year of fellowship training at the University of Pennsylvania.

Dr. Naidu is an active member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons, and is a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons. She was recently elected to serve as Assistant National Secretary for the United States as part of her membership in the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons. She is a reviewer for the international aesthetic journal, Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, and is an investigator in the Breast Implant Follow-up Studies (BIFS) trials. Dr. Naidu maintains privileges at several prominent New York hospitals including New York Presbyterian Hospital – Weill Cornell Medical Center; Manhattan Eye, Ear, Throat Hospital; Lenox Hill Hospital; and the Center for Specialty Care.

Web Site:
Twitter: @drnaidu

Sephure, the first of its kind patented disposable suppository applicator

Sephure, the first of its kind patented disposable suppository applicator

July 20, 2014

Jennifer Davagian Ensign, CEO of Cristcot, Inc. and inventor of Sephure, the first-of-its kind patented disposable suppository applicator that provides a more comfortable and hygienic way to administer suppository medication joins eHealth Radio and the Health and News Channels.

Duration: 10:30

Listen to interview with host Eric Michaels and guest Jennifer Davagian Ensign discuss the following:

  • What is Sephure, and why did you invent it?
  • Who is this product designed for?
  • What obstacles did you run into during the inventing/manufacturing process?
  • You launched the product on April 1st of this year and have already been to one of the industry’s largest trade shows – Digestive Disease Week.  What has the reaction been from the medical community?
  • How can one order Sephure?

Jennifer Davagian Ensign is the founder and CEO of Cristcot, a medical device company, located in Concord, Massachusetts. Funded in part by the Massachusetts Life Sciences Center, Cristcot was named one of the five most promising emerging life science companies in the Commonwealth for 2012.

In 2014, Cristcot launched Sephure, the first-of-its-kind disposable suppository applicator. The device, invented by Ensign, has FDA clearance, global patent protection, and is manufactured in the United States in an ISO-13485 facility and is distributed worldwide.

As a Crohn’s patient, Ensign knows the daily struggles of IBD patients and compliance decisions facing healthcare outcomes. As a businesswoman in the area of Science, Technology and Manufacturing, she has a keen understanding of new medical technology development and product life cycle. Ensign has given talks on topics of patient compliance, intellectual property development and commercialization cycles of new medical technologies.

Most notably, Jennifer gave a keynote address at the 2013 International Conference of Gastroenterology.  As a thought leader in the area of topical rectal medication treatment for gastrointestinal disease, she has written for both the National Institute of Health and the Food and Drug Administration.

Web Site:
Twitter: @Sephure

The Paleo Diet: Food Your Body Is Designed To Eat with ShopHQ Personality and Author Daniel Green

The Paleo Diet: Food Your Body Is Designed To Eat with ShopHQ Personality and Author Daniel Green

July 19, 2014

Daniel Green an accomplished Chef, Author and ShopHQ Personality who has written 10 cook books promoting healthy cooking joins eHealth Radio and the Nutrition Channel. His latest book, out now in the UK and available in the US in January is "The Paleo Diet: Food Your Body Is Designed To Eat".

Duration: 9:50

Listen to interview with host Eric Michaels and guest Daniel Green discuss the following:

  • How did you get interested in cooking and what made you decide to cook only healthy food?
  • Your latest book is The Paleo Diet. Can you explain what exactly the Paleo Diet is and how is it different than eating a Raw Food Diet?
  • In past generations, when kids were being picky eaters, they either ate the healthy meals that were served at the dinner table or they went without dinner. Now days if kids don't want to eat what is being served, parents will often take their kids out to fast food. More and more parents cater to their kids bad eating habits and often promote unhealthy eating behavior.  What would you say to parents who do this?
  • We are living in a country where a huge percentage of people are overweight and obese. Thinking about healthy meals…what can we do as a society including politicians, medical experts, teachers and parents to finally get this problem situation under control?  Everyone is talking about getting healthy but if you look around, there are still so many overweight and obese people everywhere.  What can we do?
  • The American family is very busy today more than ever with PTA meetings, work, school, soccer, ballet and a host of other busy activities.  Often times, healthy eating gets brushed to the side and junk food and fast food is served because of time and convenience.  Can you suggest some easy and simple foods and recipes that busy parents can make to ensure that their family is eating healthy while on the go?

Daniel Green is an internationally known Chef, Host, Television Personality and Award Winning Author.  Also known as The Model Cook™, his fan base reaches England, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Dubai and the USA.  This talented guy has been making appearances on talk shows around the world, planning meals for 2 major international airlines and developing in-room dining for a 5-star hotel chain in Asia.

Based in the US, Daniel is a full time presenter for ShopHQ, one of the top luxury home shopping channels with a media penetration of more than 86 million homes where he quickly accumulated a long list of fans. As the resident Chef, the growing popularity of the kitchenware section led to the inauguration of a culinary program Daniel’s Kitchen dedicated to show casing Daniel’s healthy eating recipes while using the kitchenware sold on ShopHQ.  Daniel has clocked over 9,000 hours of live hosting.

Daniel has authored many cook books sold worldwide – Modern Dining for Life, Healthy Dining for Life, World Dining for Life, Healthy Eating for Lower Cholesterol (selling 1.4 million copies), Green’s Greens, Green’s Cuisine and The Best TV Celebrity Chef Cookbook. He is also the winner of the prestigious Gourmand World Cookbook Award.  His next book, The Paleo Diet: Food Your Body is Designed to Eat is currently selling in the UK and will hit the US market in January of 2015. 

For the last 5 years, Daniel has created the in-room dining menus for the 18 properties that make up the 5-Star Dusit Thani hotel chain in Asia. He has also designed menus for the Shangri-La, Manderin Oriental, Hilton, Conrad, Sheraton, Westin, Marriott, Carcosa Seri Negari over the last 10 years. In 2013 Daniel Launched the Power Breakfasts at VIE hotel in Bangkok.

Daniel also fronts 28 on-line videos for United Health Care explaining how to make nutritious, easy to make recipes.  For the past 3 years, Daniel has been planning all of KLM's on-board meals totaling 2 million meals per year and Daniel just accepted BMI International Airline's offer to create their on-board meals.

His simple, healthy eating recipes have been featured in numerous magazines in the UK, US and across Asia. In the UK, Daniel co-hosted a successful TV series for Discovery Health called Weight Matters with Vanessa Feltz. He filmed a series of travel documentary reports from Dubai, Thailand and around the world for Good Food Live on BBC’s UK Food Network. He makes regular appearances on BBC’s Saturday Kitchen, has hosted over 100 episodes of Kitchen Takeover Chef and hosted Weekend Kitchen in the US.  He was also the lead presenter and on-air Chef for QVC UK, one of the top five TV shopping channels in the World.

Daniel has created his own range of healthy gourmet foods, ingredients and smart cooking tools. His products that include gluten free jams, spices and olive oil have launched in premium lifestyle stores in Asia, Australia and the U.S. under Daniel's personal brand, The Model Cook™.

Web Site:
Twitter: @danielgreen70

MyBloodWorks App, a personal medical health tracker

MyBloodWorks App, a personal medical health tracker

July 17, 2014

Glen Ogle, President of GOGLE LLC, the creators of the MyBloodWorks App, a personal medical health tracker which is available in the Apple App Store joins eHealth Radio and the Healthcare and Technology Channels.

Duration: 5:58

Listen to interview with host Eric Michaels & guest Glen Ogle discuss the following:

  • What's new with MyBloodWorks App?
  • Anything else new?
  • What makes MyBloodWorks unique?
  • What do you think about Medical devices that plugs into your phone?
  • You have stated that hospitals put results on their websites for patients to see privately. How does this impact MyBloodWorks?

I tried many ways to monitor my health. Until I created MyBloodWorks, it was very difficult to keep track of my health. One out of three Americans will get high blood pressure. Changes in your pulse can be a clue to something. Many people have blood tests. Diabetes is on the rise. MyBloodWorks will track YOUR health, if you only want to track some areas of your health in MyBloodWorks, then just track what YOU want.

As a transplant patient with years of dialysis under my belt, iv'e been to over 100 physician visits and stayed in hospitals over 6 months of my life, not including dialysis. I know what you need to monitor. I take suggestions on improving MyBloodWorks as I have already updated the App on a MyBloodWorks users suggestion. I think this is the easiest medical App on the App Store.

Web Site:
App Store:
Facebook: www.facebook/goglellc
Twitter: @gogleonline

Integrated Change, Digital Healthcare Agency your mobile solutions location for the healthcare industry

Integrated Change, Digital Healthcare Agency your mobile solutions location for the healthcare industry

July 11, 2014

Scott Hague, Development Director and owner at Integrated Change, a London based Digital Healthcare Agency that designs and develops mobile solutions for the healthcare industry joins eHealth Radio and the Healthcare and Technology Channels.

Listen to interview with host Eric Michaels & guest Scott Hague discuss the following:

  • Health and fitness apps have boomed over the last 12 months; do you think these hold the key in helping patients manage their health via mobile?
  • A lot is talked about patient facing mobile apps – what other areas do you think can benefit from mobile health?
  • Depending on what you read, there are between 40,000 to 90,000 healthcare based apps available. It’s quite competitive out there – what would you say are the 3 key aspects in getting an app noticed do you think?
  • You now have Google Glass in the UK? How will Integrated Change be looking to deploy this device?
  • What do you think the future holds for mobile healthcare?

Duration: 14:46

Scott Hague is the Development Director of Digital Healthcare Agency Integrated Change. Based from London, their team of seven people focus solely on the healthcare sector, designing and developing digital solutions to improve the patient outcome and enhance hospital efficiency. Integrated Change work with private and public health services, pharmaceutical companies, charities and a wide range of healthcare professionals.

Since the first iPhone came out, Scott has been involved in deploying nearly 60 native mobile app solutions from realtime ‘mobile’ bed management systems, disease management, cancer awareness, hospital brand exposure, patient referral systems and much more. Integrated Change not only design and develop mobile solutions but they provide a complete a ‘digital strategy’ service wrap from engagement tracking, app analytics, deep linking and online PR and marketing.

Web Site:
Twitter: @integratedchg

Breast surgery after pregnancy and breastfeeding - lifts and implants, what happens with Dr. Michelle Spring

Breast surgery after pregnancy and breastfeeding - lifts and implants, what happens with Dr. Michelle Spring

July 10, 2014

Dr. Michelle Spring, a plastic and reconstructive surgeon, at Marina Plastic Surgery Associates, in Marina del Rey California joins eHealth Radio and the Plastic Surgery Channel. Her topic is breast surgery after pregnancy and breastfeeding - lifts and implants, what happens.

Duration: 6:54

Listen to interview with host Eric Michaels & guest Dr. Michelle Spring discuss the following:

  • Do breast implants interfere with breastfeeding? Does it matter of they are saline or silicone?
  • Can implants leak into the baby’s milk?
  • Can breastfeeding moms get breast implants while they are still breastfeeding or is it best to wait?
  • What about breast lifts – can they be done without implants?  Should moms wait to do a breast lift?
  • Anything else you’d like to add about trends in breast surgery for moms?

Dr. Michelle Spring is a plastic and reconstructive surgeon with advanced training in cosmetic and reconstructive breast surgery. She has extensive experience performing breast lifts, breast augmentations, breast reductions and reconstructive surgery following breast cancer treatment. Dr. Spring also treats patients who need reconstructive plastic surgery following skin cancer, facial trauma and debilitating scars or burns.

Dr. Spring received her medical degree from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, followed by a full residency in plastic and reconstructive surgery. She completed a second fellowship with the nonprofit humanitarian group, Interplast. She traveled extensively abroad in underdeveloped countries such as Bangladesh, China and India, teaching and performing free reconstructive surgery on hundreds of patients with disfiguring burns and deformities such as cleft lips and palates, helping them lead a more normal life. Before coming to Marina Plastic Surgery, Dr. Spring worked as a plastic and reconstructive surgeon in Madison, Wisconsin, as well as in San Diego and Idaho. She is licensed in Idaho, California and Wisconsin.

Dr. Spring is on the web at, on Facebook at Marina Plastic Surgery Associates; and on Twitter @DrMSpring.

Web Site:

One of 15 Top Chefs on Fox’s MasterChef Show, Christine Silverstein

One of 15 Top Chefs on Fox’s MasterChef Show, Christine Silverstein

July 8, 2014

Christine Silverstein, an investment professional who is wearing a unique hat this summer that of a chef in this season’s MasterChef Show on FOX joins eHealth Radio and the Nutrition Channel. Christine is one of 15 top chefs who is cooking up excitement this season.

Listen to interview with host Eric Michaels and guest Christine Silverstein discuss the following:

  • What is your relationship with food that inspired you to become a MasterChef?
  • What is your mission on the show? What do you want viewers to learn from you?
  • You are very passionate about “cooking to heal” or what you call “Food Therapy”...what is the thinking behind this? How did cooking help with the loss of your childhood best friend?
  • You believe in healing foods long before organic foods became “hip”. What are your favorite healing foods and what role do they play for optimal health?
  • What does the future hold after the show?

Christine Silverstein hails from New York City, where she learned very early on in life the power that cooking held; encouraging loved ones to come together around the same table and share their experiences with one another. Good food can always be found at the center of these interactions, from celebrating the fun times to helping heal in the difficult times. According to Christine, serving the meal which she creates for those in her life not only cultivates the depth of these loving connections, but also reminds her how important they are to the human spirit. Being raised with this foundation has carried Christine through one of the most challenging times in her life. The untimely passing of her childhood friend, Lauren Zaleski, left her utterly lost.

Since her passing, Christine chose to embark on a journey to HEAL. “Part of this journey was doing something that scared me, so as to honor the way in which Lauren lived her life...and pushed me to live mine. Auditioning for MasterChef was just that,” said Christine.

According to Christine, “Pushing myself into the fear not only challenged me, but it helped heal me in ways I never thought possible.  Finding strength in my PASSION for cooking good food allowed me to find a new way to live and to celebrate life in my best friend's honor. This is my truth. This is...Food Therapy.”

Web Site:
Twitter: @MC5Christine

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