What to Expect with Psychotherapy

September 12, 2018




David Collins, from the Toronto-based, Psychotherapy Referral Service that helps over 200 people every year connect with individuals as well as family and couple therapists to help them deal with their emotional and mental health issues joins eHealth Radio and the Health News and Mental Health Channels.


Listen to interview with host Eric Michaels and guest David Collins discuss the following:

  1. There are people out there who may not believe that “talking about your problems to a therapist” will help them in any way. What would you say are the key benefits of therapy?
  2. For people who maybe have never experienced therapy, can you explain basically how psychotherapy works?
  3. What is PRS?
  4. How is professional therapy different from merely talking to friends and family about things that bother you?
  5. What are the indicators that a person should seek therapy?


David Collins is a Registered Psychotherapist that specializes in Emotional Disturbance, Childhood Abuse, Self-Harm, and Gender Issues. He strives to establish a strong rapport so that there hopefully will be nothing too shameful, sorrowful or unnatural, that it cannot be discussed. David believes that unlike our everyday lives, the therapeutic relationship is a unique bubble where we hopefully can feel free of the impingements of society for an hour every week to feel, consider and discuss whatever is our inner truth at the time. If in here we can get beyond the everyday self-censoring, we can engage in a real discussion of issues that may be controlling our lives, but from the shadows beyond our conscious attention.



Website: www.prstoronto.com

Losing hair? We have a safe solution for you, the Theradome

September 11, 2018




Tamim Hamid, the Inventor of Theradome, the world's most advanced laser hair growth treatment for at home use to stop hair loss and regrow hair joins eHealth Radio and the Hair Health and Health News Channels.


Listen to interview with host Eric Michaels and guest Tamim Hamid discuss the following:

  1. From what I have heard August is Hair Loss Awareness Month... can you tell us a little about this?  
  2. Where did the idea to invent Theradome come from?
  3. What is Theradome and why use it?
  4. How does Theradome work?  
  5. Besides utilizing Theradome, are there any other strategies or practices you recommend people use to assist with hair loss?


Theradome was founded by a former NASA scientist, Tamim Hamid. Hamid’s educational background consists of a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering, Master of Science in Computer Engineering and a PhD in Biomedical Engineering. Utilizing his edification and his experience, Hamid invented the Theradome laser hair restoration helmet.

The Theradome is a trusted name in clinical-strength hair restoration therapies and is dedicated to developing the world’s most technologically advanced, science-based laser phototherapy hair-growth solutions. To date Theradome’s professional laser phototherapy devices have delivered more than 4,000,000 treatments across 5 continents and are distributed by thousands of hair restoration professionals worldwide. Theradome is a breakthrough technology and we want to make it available and affordable for everyone to use in the comfort and privacy of their home.




Website: https://www.theradome.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Theradome

Cariloop and Facebook Join Forces to Provide Support for Working Caregivers

September 6, 2018




Michael Walsh, Co-Founder and CEO of Cariloop, a Dallas-based company providing the world’s first fully-integrated, human-powered Caregiver Support Platform to help relieve the stress and anxiety of working caregivers joins eHealth Radio and the Health News Channel.


Listen to interview with host Eric Michaels and guest Michael Walsh discuss the following:

  1. Tell us a little bit about Cariloop and what you are doing with Facebook.
  2. Describe some of the challenges facing working caregivers and how these responsibilities impact work performance.
  3. Why is it in the employer’s best interest to offer caregiver benefits and support?
  4. Are these programs only for larger companies or can other sized organizations support working caregivers?
  5. Are there any other larger companies, other than Facebook, that are moving in this direction to help employees who have to care for loved ones?


Michael Walsh is the Co-founder, Chairman and CEO of Cariloop, a digital health and well-being company based in Dallas, Texas. Since its founding, Michael has helped Cariloop to successfully raise over $3.7 million in private investment capital which has given enabled them to recruit an incredibly passionate team of professionals and assist thousands of caregivers across the US with their life transitions.

Michael and Cariloop have been recognized by Entrepreneur Magazine (Entrepreneur 360), TexChange (One to Watch), Dallas Business Journal (Who’s Who in Healthcare), D Healthcare Daily (Innovation in Medical Technology), Aging 2.0 (Global Startup Search semi-finalist), Tech. co (Startup of the Year semi-finalist) and Becker’s Hospital Review (Healthcare Entrepreneurs to Know). 

Michael has also served as the President of the Dallas Roundtable, founded the Dallas chapter of Health 2.0, and a holds a National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) Certification in Personal Training (CPT). 

He is a 2007 graduate of Purdue University.

About Cariloop

Dallas-based Cariloop provides the world's first fully-integrated, human-powered Caregiver Support Platform to help working caregivers and families plan for and manage the care of their parents, grandparents, spouses, siblings, in-laws, and adult children. The Platform features a HIPAA-compliant, cloud-based application that helps families securely communicate across all devices and store important health, financial, and legal documents while having on-demand access to a dedicated Healthcare Coach who guides the families through the many decisions they make over the length of their caregiving journey.

For more information, visit www.cariloop.com or follow Cariloop on LinkedInTwitter and Facebook.





Social Media Links:
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/cariloopinc
Twitter: https://twitter.com/cariloop

Simplifying foot taping to provide optimal arch support and pain relief

September 5, 2018




Lori Coates, Founder of the QUICK TAPE Foot Support Strap, designed by Coates and her son Chris, that implifies foot taping to provide optimal arch support and pain relief in a single, easy-to-use strap joins eHealth Radio and the Foot Health and Health News Channels.


Listen to interview with host Eric Michaels and guest Lori Coates discuss the following:

  1. What exactly is plantar fasciitis, what causes it and are certain people more prone to it?
  2. Why is plantar fasciitis so notoriously hard to treat?
  3. What treatment methods are available, and how well do they work?
  4. What can someone do to prevent plantar fasciitis?
  5. How does the QUICK TAPE strap work?


Lori Coates is the Founder of Support the Foot and co-inventor of the QUICK TAPE Foot Support Strap, an innovative, easy-to-apply product that provides instant support and fast relief from plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendonitis, shin splints, and other types of foot and ankle pain. After doctors had told Lori’s son Chris that surgery was the only option to treat his severe plantar fasciitis, Chris and Lori consulted with a podiatrist, who taped his foot as a temporary measure. Much to their surprise, Chris experienced dramatic relief just from the taping. While taping worked, it was a tedious, time-consuming process to tape Chris’s foot every day. Lori and Chris set out to design a simpler, more comfortable alternative that would provide the same level of relief as foot taping done at a podiatrist’s office. Support The Foot was born, with QUICK TAPE as its flagship product.

Based on the clinically proven Low Dye taping method, QUICK TAPE straps dramatically simplify the foot taping process, letting patients tape their own feet effectively at home without the time and expense of a trip to the podiatrist. Each strap is made from durable medical grade cloth athletic tape and can be applied in a matter of seconds. Since launching Support The Foot in 2016, podiatrists, sports medicine doctors and athletic trainers in 19 states and 4 countries have incorporated QUICK TAPE into their practices.

QUICK TAPE Foot Support Straps are also available for online purchase at www.supportthefoot.com.




Website: www.supportthefoot.com

Social Media Links:
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/supportthefoot
Twitter: https://twitter.com/supportthefoot

Opening Up on Couples Therapy

September 3, 2018




Lee Kraemer, Registered Psychotherapist with PRS Toronto that matches individuals and couples with therapists suited to their needs joins eHealth Radio and the Relationship & Psychotherapy Channels to discuss opening up on couples therapy.


Listen to interview with host Eric Michaels & guest Lee Kraemer discuss the following:

  1. What are some signs a couple should give couple's therapy a try?
  2. Is there a point in a relationship when therapy is not the answer, or that therapy is too late to initiate?
  3. What happens in a couples' therapy session? What should people expect?
  4. What are some techniques preferred  for couples' therapy
  5. How long does couples therapy take?
  6. When do you know whether you should stay together or separate?


Lee Kraemer is a registered psychotherapist with the College of Psychotherapists of Ontario (CRPO) in Toronto and a member of the Canadian Association for Psychodynamic Therapy (CAPT). Her specialty is working with relationships; a few sessions can improve communication and deepen your understanding of each other.



Websites: www.prstoronto.com | www.leekraemer.ca

Ear Reconstruction Surgery for Children: Should I Consider Otoplasty for My Child?

September 1, 2018




Dr. Sharline Aboutanos, a Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon and Pediatric Plastic Surgery Specialist joins eHealth Radio and the Plastic Surgery Information Channel to discuss ear reconstruction surgery for children.


Listen to interview with host Eric Michaels and guest Dr. Sharline Aboutanos discuss the following:

  1. What is pediatric otoplasty?
  2. What is the procedure and recovery like?
  3. How do you approach plastic surgery differently for children vs. adults?
  4. When should a parent consider otoplasty for their child?
  5. Will insurance cover pediatric ear reshaping? How can I pay for it?


Dr. Sharline Aboutanos is an experienced and compassionate plastic surgeon working in Richmond, Virginia. Specializing in cosmetic and reconstructive surgery for adults and children, she is an artist in and out of the operating room. She is proudly certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and strives to deliver safe, professional care with superb results to each and every patient she has the opportunity to work with. She has an extensive background working with pediatric plastic surgery patients whose needs vary from cleft palate repair to ear pinning surgery.


Websites: richmondplasticsurgeons.com | AboutanosPlasticSurgery.com

Social Media Links:
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AboutanosPlasticSurgery
Twitter: https://twitter.com/DrAboutanos

How airborne contaminants are a serious problem

September 1, 2018




Ashok Wahi the Chief Inventor and CEO of Trutek Corp. a R&D and Product Development Company and the inventor of NasalGuard® a patented technology for filtration of microscopic particles from entering nasal passages joins eHealth Radio and the Health News Channel.


Listen to interview with host Eric Michaels and guest Ashok Wahi discuss the following:

  1. Tell me About TruTek and NasalGuard?
  2. What is NasalGuard?
  3. What was your motivation behind the product development?
  4. Also talk about how airborne contaminants are a serious problem both indoors and outdoors – elaborate.
  5. When was product invented? Where is it sold?
  6. hat tips can you give our listeners about the importance of protecting themselves against airborne particles in the office and outside?


Ashok Wahi is the Chief Inventor and CEO of Trutek Corp. a R&D and Product Development Company. He is the inventor of NasalGuard® patented technology for filtration of microscopic particles from entering nasal passages. He has acquired several patents in the US and internationally for this unique electrostatic topical gel that acts as a preventative method for the effects of breathing contaminated air.
Ashok was inspired to research and create this technology to aid his own daughter, Aikta, who suffers from allergies from cats. Since then, over twelve million units of NasalGuard products have been sold worldwide so far.
Prior to Trutek, he has been a senior consultant to Fortune 25 pharmaceutical companies, hospitals/medical facilities, and higher education institutions in the US for over 40 years. He has specialized in designing state-of-the-art R&D and high-tech laboratories.
Ashok received his Master of Science from NYU after completing his undergraduate degree in Mechanical Engineering from India.




Website: www.nasalguard.com

Social Media Links:
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/NasalGuard
Twitter: https://twitter.com/nasalguard
Purchase online link: https://nasalguard.com/cart

What Society Needs to Be Aware of As States Continue to Legalize

August 28, 2018




Dr. Antoine Kanamugire, a Canadian medical doctor specializing in psychiatry that discusses the unknown dangers of recreational marijuana joins eHealth Radio and the Health News Channel.


Listen to interview with host Eric Michaels and guest Dr. Antoine Kanamugire discuss the following:

  1. How does marijuana work in the brain? What are the side effects and long term results of mental health issues including depression, anxiety and suicide?
  2. What does society need to know about the impacts of marijuana in children and young adults? How do you discuss this issue with them?
  3. What are the risk factors of falling into addiction of marijuana and other drugs?
  4. How does marijuana affect the professional and social aspects of people's lives?
  5. Can you please explain the difference between medical marijuana and recreational marijuana?


Dr. Antoine Kanamugire, M.D. is a Canadian medical doctor, specializing in psychiatry. He pursued a bachelor's degree in biology in Pittsburgh, USA, then went to Canada where he completed a medical degree at the University of Sherbrooke and then a specialty in psychiatry at the University of Montreal. He is a consultant psychiatrist in outpatient clinics, in the Emergency Department and for mental health first line teams in Montreal suburbs.




Website: www.drantoine.org

Social Media Links:
Twitter: https://twitter.com/DrAntoine
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DrAntoineMD

The Next Generation of Support For New Parents

August 27, 2018




George Brandes, Co-founder and Chief Operating Officer for Pacify, a telehealth app that provides 24/7 support to new parents joins eHealth Radio and the Health News & Technology Channels.


Listen to interview with host Eric Michaels and guest George Brandes discuss the following:

  1. Tell me about Pacify, where did the idea come from and how does it work? How is the platform transforming healthcare?
  2. I know that Pacify partners with public health programs such as Medicaid and WIC—the women, infant, children’s program—tell me more about these partnerships, how are they leveraging Pacify?
  3. Give me some examples of the types of questions/concerns you help new parents with through the Pacify platform?
  4. What’s next for Pacify?




George Brandes is Co-Founder and COO of Pacify. George was previously VP of Healthcare Programs at Jackson Hewitt, where he designed and deployed software to help uninsured customers apply for health coverage at tax time.




Website: www.pacify.com

Social Media Links:
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pacifyapp
Twitter: https://twitter.com/pacifyapp

Reshape Your Nose with or without surgery with Dr. David Rodwell

August 24, 2018




Dr. David Rodwell from Charleston Facial Plastic Surgery in Charleston, South Carolina again joins eHealth Radio and the Plastic Surgery Information Channel to share his expertise on traditional rhinoplasty surgery and the non-surgical nose job.


Listen to interview with host Eric Michaels & guest Dr. David Rodwell discuss the following:

  1. Why is rhinoplasty such a popular procedure?
  2. Who is the ideal candidate for rhinoplasty?
  3. What can a patient expect from the surgery and the recovery process?
  4. Is it possible to reshape the nose without surgery?
  5. How long do non-surgical rhinoplasty results last?


Dr. David Rodwell is Board Certified to perform facial plastic surgery, focusing as a specialist exclusively within the face and neck.

He combines his surgical technique and skill with the ability to intuitively understand the motivations of each patient and develop the sense of trust that serves as the foundation of a personalized approach to facial plastic surgery.

Expertly trained with a wealth of experience, Dr. Rodwell had a clear focus for the type of practice that would provide patients with personalized service, consistently outstanding results, and a refined experience not found at other offices. These principles were the reasons that Dr. Rodwell returned to the Lowcountry to open Charleston Facial Plastic Surgery in 2014.

Dr. Rodwell has continued his commitment to the advancement of the field of facial plastic surgery. He is an internationally published author of multiple peer-reviewed publications and has been invited to present his work at regional and national meetings. He maintains a dedication to continued education and research.





Social Media Links:
Facebook: facebook.com/CharlestonFacialPlasticSurgery
Twitter: twitter.com/DavidRodwellMD
YouTube: youtube.com/channel/UCmIHOJShMQTVTVVzyctzS4w
Instagram: instagram.com/charlestonfacialplasticsurgery