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What if your insanity is the sanity that changes the world?

October 23, 2015

Susanna Mittermaier, Clinical Psychologist, Therapist, Best Selling Author, Worldwide Speaker and Founder of Pragmatic Psychology, the revolutionary paradigm empowering people to discover their brilliance beyond normality joins eHealth Radio and the Mental Health & Personal Development Channels.

Listen to interview with host Eric Michaels and guest Susanna Mittermaier discuss the following:

  • What is insanity?
  • What does Pragmatic Psychology offer and how is it different from traditional psychology and therapy?
  • What if your insanity is the sanity that changes the world, what does that mean?
  • What are the possibilities of using insanity and mental illness to one´s advantage?

Duration: 12:24

What if you could turn your past and your problems into the choice, the question and the possibility that contributes to changing your
whole life?

Is now the time for you to get over being normal and tapping into the true brilliance of you?

Susanna Mittermaier, licensed clinical psychologist, psychotherapist, Radio Show host, Access Consciousness Facilitator, author of the New Book, Pragmatic Psychology-Practical Tools for Being Crazy Happy and worldwide speaker is creating a new paradigm with psychology and therapy, Pragmatic Psychology.

Pragmatic psychologist Susanna Mittermaier is known for her revolutionary perspective on mental illness and for inspiring people all over the world to access the greatness they are beyond abuse and disease.

Growing up in Vienna, Austria, she waltzed through life with ease and elegance, not realizing that the ease came from the difference she is choosing to be; receiving everything and everyone and judging nothing and no one, embracing the celebration of living. Susanna knows that this is a possibility everybody has! She has an enormous capacity to facilitate lightness, joy and ease beyond what this reality finds normal. She lets the world know that depression, anxiety, ADHD, autism and every other mental illness is a capacity that has not been acknowledged and can easily be turned into possibilities and creating ones´ life greater than can be imagined.

Time to employ and enjoy your crazy to create your reality?

Welcome to join to create the world you always have known is truly available for all of us!

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