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Trends in technology within the healthcare industry and advantages of privately held companies

August 8, 2013


Mike Patel, CEO of Meditab Software, developers of Intelligent Medical Software joins eHealth Radio & the Health Care and Technology Channels to discuss overall trends in technology in the healthcare industry and advantages of privately held companies.


Listen to interview with host Eric Michaels & guest Mike Patel discuss the following:

  • How does a privately held company in the healthcare industry differ from one that is publicly held?
  • What are some benefits to the consumer that come from a privately held company?
  • What do you see as the major trend for technology in the healthcare industry over the next 3 years? Ten years?
  • What’s in the pipeline for Meditab and how will you adapt to the evolving healthcare technology landscape?
  • In what ways do you think that technology will continue to encourage patients to take more of an active role in their own care?

Duration: 23:01

Mike Patel, CEO of Meditab Software, graduated from pharmacy school at the age of 20. Upon graduation, he grew a pharmacy business from $600,000 revenue to over $16,000,000 utilizing technology and maximizing workflow. During the course of his pharmacy work he wanted to help his physicians improve their efficiency and started the development of Intelligent Medical Software(IMS) in 1998. His vision was to design software for the healthcare arena to improve patient care and maximize efficiency. He is married with two boys and a daughter. His hobby is to work on continuing to improve the software for his clients.