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The Other AIDS and Living a Fulfilled Life with Keefa Hawkins

February 28, 2015

Keefa Hawkins, Health Coach, Transformation Specialist, Motivational Speaker and Owner of CrossFit Iconz in Snellville,Georgia that offers Fitness Classes, Nutrition Classes, Private and Group Coaching, Wellness Workshops and Retreats again joins eHealth Radio and the Weight Management & Nutrition Channels.

Listen to interview with host Eric Michaels & guest Keefa Hawkins discuss the following:

  • With so many people suffering from the countless autoimmune disorders and chronic pain, how can we find solutions that helps us live fulfilling lives?
  • What is the other AIDS?
  • How does it stop people from living happy fulfilling lives?
  • What are some top mistakes people make who have one or more of these Auto Immune Disorders?
  • What can people with auto immune diseases do to make the biggest impact and change to their lives?
  • Can you give specific lifestyle change recommendations?

Duration: 12:01

Keefa Hawkins has been coaching CrossFit for More than 4 years as well as coaching men and women on diet and lifestyle changes. She holds a level 1 certification, Olympic Lifting certification, Kettlebell Cert, Gymnastics Cert and a CrossFit Kids certification. Many years motivating others has grown into a passion that includes Leading Workshops and Wellness Retreats. Keefa loves helping others reach their fitness goals.

She says the truth is, in order to have a fulfilled life, one must feel good about their minds and bodies and true transformation that lasts a lifetime must incude a guide to maintaining our health.


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