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The newest superfruit, Baobab, with Dr. Luc Maes of Kaibae a Lifestyle Company

October 4, 2013

Dr. Luc Maes, Founder of Kaibae a lifestyle company based in Santa Barbara, CA producers of the Baobab Fruit Powder joins eHealth Radio and the Nutrition and Health Channels.


Duration: 7:38

Listen to interview with host Eric Michaels & guest Dr. Luc Maes discuss the following:

  • How did a naturopathic doctor get into the superfood industry?
  • The global superfood industry has experienced booming growth. From $8B in 2011, it is now estimated to reach $243 billion by 2015. Tell us about Kaibae and how it is different from other superfood companies?
  • Tell us more about the newest superfruit, Baobab?  What are the health benefits?
  • How can one use and enjoy Kaibae’s Baobab Fruit Powder? 
  • Where can we purchase Kaibae’s Baobab Fruit Powder? How much?
  • After Baobab Fruit Powder, what’s next?
  • How can they connect with Kaibae through social media?

About Kaibae™
Founded in 2013, Kaibae is a lifestyle company based in Santa Barbara, California by Dr. Luc Maes, naturopathic doctor with a knowledge and passion for health and a goal to make the world a better place. Kaibae hopes to inspire a new way to think about the connection between people, our planet and products that support good health. The Kaibae vision was inspired by the Baobab Tree. It’s fruit has sustained African communities for centuries with its superfood qualities. The mission is to source “lost crops” whose potential for health and economic opportunity are undiscovered or under-utilized. The Baobab fruit harvest initiated by Kaibae, provides new opportunities to improve access to education and healthcare for our partners in Northern Ghana.

Founded on the principles of sustainability and social entrepreneurship, Kaibae has built partnerships with the underdeveloped Northern Ghanaian community of Bawku that promote economic opportunity for communities to gain access to education and healthcare. Harvesting Baobab enables several hundred of community members and their families to realize income from a sustainable, local resources. Additionally, Kaibae’s wild harvesting of Baobab preserves the long-term health and viability of the trees. Kaibae’s environmental stewardship will ensure that these trees will be around to sustain and nurture the next 500 years of these communities.


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