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Telemedicine with VoIP Supply’s Video Conferencing

October 8, 2012


Andria Baunee who is VoIP Supply's Video Conferencing Specialist joins eHealth Radio and the Healthcare and Technology Channels. Andria educates consumers first before narrowing down the best video solution for their needs.

Listen to interview [audio player below] with host Eric Michaels & guest Andria Baunee discuss the following:

  • What is Telemedicine and, who is it for?
  • What role could Telemedicine play in the raging healthcare debate here in the U.S.?
  • What do healthcare companies think of Telemedicine and how would they be reimbursed for this new medical service?
  • How will patients react to Telemedicine? Can they feel secure explaining their personal issues via video?
  • What do patients, doctors, or insurance companies need, to get a video conferencing system up and running?


Andria Baunee, Video Conferencing Specialist at VoIP Supply, works specifically with businesses and individuals to define and fulfill their video conferencing needs.

Andria's excitement for Video Conferencing technology can't be ignored and after a quick demo, her passion is sure to translate to you, giving you that Christmas morning feeling too.

Andria holds video conferencing and Unified Communications (UC) certifications from Cisco, LifeSize, Microsoft, and Polycom.

For more on Andria click here.


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