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Tea-Tails: Party Till the Wee Hours of the Afternoon with Lynda Budd of teALCHEMY

September 19, 2014

Lynda Budd, Founder of teALCHEMY, world traveller, certified tea sommelier and a published author, with her book titled Tea-Tails: Party Till the Wee Hours of the Afternoon joins eHealth Radio and the Health and Nutrition Channels.

Listen to interview with host Eric Michaels and guest Lynda Budd discuss the following:

  • What makes teALCHEMY so different?
  • What are the healthy benefits of tea?
  • You talk about the healthy benefits of drinking in your book. Can you share these with our listeners?
  • Tell us about your Elixir line.
  • What does being a Tea Alchemist mean?
  • Can you explain what tea is?

Duration: 9:39

Lynda Budd is a certified tea sommelier and health enthusiast. Her passion for tea has taken her all over the world including Asia, all over Europe, and Africa fulfilling her desire to learn and experience. She truly embodies a new description of entrepreneur, holding the roles of a confident mother, businesswoman and industry expert; her teALCHEMY products take tea to a new realm of heightened pleasure, enabling you to create some chemistry beyond the pot and into the kitchen and bar.

Along with the publishing of her book, Tea-Tails: Party Till the Wee Hours of the Afternoon, teALCHEMY offers a variety of gourmet loose leaf teas, artisan accessories, tea powders, rubs and syrup. Using the alchemist principals of harmony and balance, teALCHEMY is the elixir of life. She is passionate about sharing the healthy benefits of drinking tea and sharing healthy habits.

Web Site:
Twitter: @teALCHEMY

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