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Patient Identification in Healthcare: Unlocking Technology to Improve Patient Safety

April 6, 2016

Michael Trader, Co-Founder and President of RightPatient, the most innovative and comprehensive patient identification solution that increases patient safety, reduces costs, improves the quality of care, and enhances the patient experience joins eHealth Radio and the Healthcare and Technology Channels.

Listen to interview with host Eric Michaels & guest Michael Trader discuss the following:

  • It’s been a few months since we last spoke. Can you catch us up on what RightPatient has been doing since we spoke last fall?
  • Seamless EHR integration is an important attribute of biometric patient identification solutions. Can you tell us why this is important and how your solution addresses seamless EHR integration?
  • Many of those researching the implementation of biometric patient identification solutions may not understand the impact of this technology on revenue cycle management. What can you tell us about the impact of this technology on a hospital’s revenue cycle, and why is this important to understand?
  • Why is experience in biometric s an important vendor characteristic to evaluate when vetting biometric patient identification solutions?
  • I noticed that the College of Healthcare Information Executives (CHIME) and HeroX launched their national patient ID challenge in January, and AHIMA just launched a petition initiative to ask Congress to lift the (mora-torium) moratorium on funding research on a national patient ID credential. What can you tell us about the CHIME and AHIMA initiatives and does RightPatient plan on submitting a proposal for CHIME’s contest?

Duration: 9:17

A serial entrepreneur with a passion for innovation, Michael has been an early-stage and founding member of several successful technology companies in the areas of strategic sourcing, biometrics, and healthcare.  He has advised dozens of Fortune 1000 companies, traveled to more than 30 countries, is a frequent presenter at various healthcare symposiums, and has been interviewed by media and research outlets such as CNN, Fortune Magazine, Health Data Management, and Frost & Sullivan. 

At RightPatient, Michael is responsible for overseeing business development and marketing activities, government outreach, and for providing senior leadership on business and policy issues.  Michael holds a BS degree in Biological Sciences from the University of Vermont where he graduated with honors.


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