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Nutrition Journey: Your Personal Pathway to Better Health

September 20, 2016

Anna Baker, Founder and Head Nutritionist at Nutrition Journey, a hyper-customized online and in-person nutrition concierge service that functions like a monthly gym membership joins eHealth Radio and the General Health and Nutrition Channels.

Nutrition Journey offers members one-on-one nutrition coaching and meal plans, as well as ongoing education and guidance geared at cultivating an overall healthier, more balanced, and stress-free lifestyle.

Listen to interview with host Eric Michaels and guest Anna Baker discuss the following:

  • What inspired you to start Nutrition Journey?
  •  What are the benefits of having a personal nutritionist, and in particular what are the benefits of a service like Nutrition Journey? 
  • What are some good reasons, why people should prioritize nutrition and healthy eating?
  • How would you differentiate a diet from a healthy lifestyle?
  • What are some important things to be aware of when meal planning and grocery shopping, especially for people shopping on a tight budget?
  • What is one motto you live by to lead a healthy lifestyle?

Duration: 9:44

Anna Baker is the founder and principal nutritionist for Nutrition Journey, LLC. Once a sufferer of chronic illness and fatigue, Anna found a deep passion and respect for nutrition after proper diet and key lifestyle changes transformed her health, giving her a fresh and energized new outlook on life. In her progressive “membership” approach to nutrition education, guidance, and support, Anna has developed a modernized path toward addressing weight gain, food allergies, illnesses, and other health concerns through Nutrition Journey.

By fusing both the convenience of an online platform and the personalization of face-to-face meetings, she sets the standard for a more effective and realistic client-nutritionist relationship. Through her system, she has helped hundreds of men and women end their detrimental eating, fitness, and lifestyle habits in exchange for a more balanced way of living. The results: greater energy, function, and happiness overall. Anna holds a degree in Nutrition Studies from the lauded Flinders University in South Australia and is currently a Master’s candidate at Deakin University.


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Twitter: @nutritionjrny
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