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Number Crunching for your Health - Solix, channeling data for your doctor

September 27, 2017




Rishi Kumar, Vice President, Vertical Strategies at Solix Technologies, Inc. joins eHealth Radio and the Health Care and Technology Channels to discuss Number Crunching for your Health.

Listen to host Eric Dye & guest Rishi Kumar discuss the following:

  • Surrounded by IoT devices, fitbit, phone, measuring anything from steps, to heart rate, blood sugar, blood pressure, calorie intake, patients and doctors could be in possession of very valuable data. It seems the medical profession is slow in adopting big data?
  • Can patients expect to see a cohesive health report assembled with new data provided by their healthcare provider?
  • What does the data crunching look like on the health care provider side? How do you channel data to or for them?
  • What about healthcare providers that already have an IT infrastructure. How does Solix deal with existing data collection system and storage for the data play with existing systems?
  • Is data-driven healthcare going to benefit patients and healthcare providers?


Rishi Kumar is responsible for Solix’s vertical business strategy. Rishi’s background is a nexus of hi-tech leadership, government, politics/community and policy making, many years as a senior executive management in Silicon Valley high-tech.

Rishi is a seasoned technologist, with business acumen honed via success in leadership roles that includes 15 years at IBM. Rishi won multiple awards in his time at IBM in the Sales & Distribution organization leading large sized teams and complex transactions, while solution selling the IBM Middleware/Software stack that included IBM Information Management, Analytics, Big Data and Watson in the Public Sector, Healthcare, Retail and Financial verticals. Rishi is a frequent speaker/panelist at technology, business and community conferences.

Rishi is also an involved community member of Silicon Valley as an elected leader representing his city of Saratoga where he brings the Silicon Valley innovation, creating policies and offerings to provide services “cheaper, faster, better” Rishi has a Masters in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Connecticut and a B.S in Production Engineering from the University of Bombay.




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