ehealth radio network, eliminating the number of no-shows

August 27, 2013

Joshua Otten the co-founder of, an innovative and engaging digital marketing agency joins eHealth Radio and the Health Care & Technology Channels. Joshua's latest venture,, is a transformational tool to eliminate the number of no-shows among appointment-driven businesses & doctors offices, by using a fast, easy and mobile means of staying in touch with clients & patients.


Listen to interview with host Eric Michaels & guest Joshua Otten discuss the following:

  • As one of the founders of, which reduces the number of no-shows among many appointment-driven businesses, tell us about the inspiration behind this company.
  • What are some of the key features that distinguish from competing services, in terms of cost, options, success rates and ease of use?
  • What types of businesses can most benefit from using
  • On average, how much money can a business save by using to eliminate the number of no-shows?
  • Walk us through the process of how a company or client would use
  • Share with us some additional information about industries you would like to target as adopters of

Duration: 14:46

Joshua Otten (Managing Partner, Operations & Strategy) is an experienced leader and exit strategist skilled in managing teams from concept to finished product. Over 12 years in content development, production, financing, distribution and marketing working with most of the major media conglomerates including; Spike TV, Discovery Networks, MTV Networks, 20th Century Fox,Viacom and NBC Universal. Joshua sits on the advisory boards of and Project Peace on Earth. He serves on the board of directors for JED, an I.P. fund.

Screenpush was founded in 2009 as a strategic mobile, social and interactive marketing firm that focuses on creating original IP and marketing strategies for major advertising agencies, Fortune 500 brands and small-to-medium businesses. Our team has over 35 combined years of CRM, operational, sales and marketing experience and a tech team skilled in deploying and managing large-scale technology integration projects.

Screenpush provides a complete 360 integrated marketing solution for mobile, social and interactive marketing initiatives. We work with our clients to create a viable and cohesive 360 marketing strategy, integrate content and compelling call-to-action messages, execute and managing the campaigns and deliver and capture data and analytics.


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