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MyBloodWorks App, a personal medical health tracker easy to use

August 3, 2015

Glen Ogle, President of GOGLE LLC, the creators of the MyBloodWorks App, a personal medical health tracker which is simple, fast and easy to use and available in the Apple App Store again joins eHealth Radio and the Healthcare and Technology Channels.

Listen to interview with host Eric Michaels and guest Glen Ogle discuss the following:

  • What makes MyBloodWorks different than other similar apps in the space?
  • What else makes it MyBloodWorks different?
  • The Average patient sees their physician a few hours a year. What is your take on this?Why is it important to have your emergency numbers on MyBloodWorks?
  • What part of MyBloodWorks do you like the best?

Duration: 5:31

Hello, my name is Glen and I created a Medical App for iPhone from my experience as a patient. Three Kidney transplants and nine years of dialysis gave me the expertise to create MyBloodWorks. It is very simple to use and will monitor your health thru blood tests, blood pressure, pulse, weight and will become your medical secretary by tracking your medications, appointments, emergency phone numbers and your medical history. This App will make it easy to monitor your health along with your physician and make more informed decisions and prevent or watch medical issues.

This is a great App and I want people to use MyBloodWorks!

Some details about me:

Worked 40-45 hours a week during dialysis.
Same job 38 years. I love my job.
Playing men's softball for four years of summer and three fall seasons at age 49-53.
Carried Olympic torch in 1996.
Created MyBloodWorks.


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