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Mobile workforce management for the medical industry

June 10, 2016

Marne Martin, CEO of ServicePower Technologies which provides mobile workforce management software solutions for the field based services joins eHealth Radio and the Healthcare and Technology Channels.

Listen to interview with host Eric Michaels & guest Marne Martin discuss the following:

  • What is mobile workforce management?
  • How does MWFM apply to the medical industry?
  • How does IoT and M2M come into play in healthcare?
  • How do you think mobility in ServiceScheduling can help with the increasing costs of healthcare?
  • Is mobile health an important area for Service Power?
  • How can these solution enable patients to feel more involved in their own care?

Duration: 11:14

ServicePower provides connected mobile workforce management software solutions that bring together the customer and the dispatch center, technician, claims and warranty processes, parts, the third party service contractors, assets, mobility, business intelligence, and social collaboration. ServicePower connects all aspects of the field service value chain through the use of innovative technology that accelerates business efficiency gains and customer satisfaction while reducing costs. ServicePower is uniquely positioned to offer connected workforce management solutions on one underlying and consistent platform

ServicePower’s platform focuses on solving fundamental field service problems, with patented routing optimization, 3rd party dispatch and warranty claim payments, cross-platform mobile technology and asset tracking software, robust business intelligence, M2M Connected Services, and our latest innovations, Optimization on DemandTM and NEXUS FSTM Field Service Management software. 

Our intelligent, integrated technology provides:
•    Intelligent, automated scheduling of the best labor resource, whether that’s an employee in a company truck or a 3rd party contractor, with Smart Scheduling Broker, to achieve corporate metrics, meet customer requirements and enhance the overall experience.
•    Optimized employee schedules to achieve the greatest levels of productivity, efficiency and SLA compliance.
•    Fully mobilized onsite processes, ensuring the job is completed, to the customer’s satisfaction, in a single truck roll, driving down schedule costs and repeat trips.
•    M2M connected services and conditional scheduling, to take advantage of emerging IoT technologies.
•    End-to-end field service management (business management) functionality, in the cloud, bringing efficiency and automation to the field service market, no matter the size of the enterprise
•    Continuous analysis and fine tuning of the overall operation through access to real time operational data, and data driven decision making

ServicePower’s mobile workforce management software provides proven business benefits which improve the customer experience and yield measurable ROI, as well as:
•    Increase  field productivity
•    Increase field efficiency
•    Cost savings through improved line-of-sight and fraud control |

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