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MedCircle: A digital platform engaging consumers and practitioners for better health

October 29, 2017




Dr. Kapil Gupta, Chief Executive Officer of MedCircle has engineered the successful build out of and launch of MedCircle, the first-ever digital network for health education designed to provide personalized health information for consumers joins eHealth Radio and the Health Care and Technology Channels.

Listen to interview with host Eric Michaels and guest Dr. Kapil Gupta discuss the following:

  • Tell us about MedCircle.  It seems to be part health information, part social network, and part a platform for practitioners to better engage with their patients.  How do you describe it?
  • What was the impetus for MedCircle?  Why did you create it?  Was there a certain issue you wanted to address with it?
  • How has the response been thus far?  What are those coming to the site saying about MedCircle?
  • One very interesting feature of MedCircle is the ability for people to share their health experiences with others in sort of a social media way. Why is this a big part of the platform and how does it make MedCircle different?
  • There are a lot of online properties that have health information available, such as WebMD.  MedCircle does to, but what makes yours different?  A simple Google search can net a consumer a lot of information.
  • Healthcare practitioners can be a part of the MedCircle platform.  Can you explain how that works and why it benefits them?
  • I understand that you have partnerships with a number of healthcare organizations?  How do they play into the MedCircle platform?
  • What’s next for MedCircle?

Summary: There is a lot of healthcare information out there and and it is not easy to find reliable good information just by a Google search. You dont even have an idea where things are pubslished and more importantly people dont have time to do this search. Further you dont know what you, is credible?  Can you trust the source to be reliable?  Your health is extremely precious to you and your loved ones.  So why make decisions based on unvetted, questionable sources when there are resources out there like MedCircle that is designed to deliver healthcare education from real doctors and those who have first-hand knowledge and experience with a health issue one may be experiencing.


MedCircle Overview: MedCircle was created to provide a trusted source of health information to consumers and an easy, secure way for healthcare providers to share health information with patients, family members, colleagues and other consumers. MedCircle is a simple digital platform that leverages social networking principles so providers and members can connect with one another, developing a network of trusted resources for health information and support. All members receive trusted content from sources verified by healthcare professionals and experts. Providers can also recommend content they like best. This makes it simple for consumers to learn from health experts they trust, stay up-to-date on health topics they care most about, and confidentially share content with others.


Dr. Kapil Gupta: As Chief Executive Officer of MedCircle, Kapil Gupta is responsible for the successful build out of and launch of the first-ever digital network for health education, which is a personalized health information source for consumers. On MedCircle, users can just pick a Topic and MedCircle does the rest by delivering latest and best health information at one place. MedCircle also allows healthcare providers (HCPs) to regularly and consistently engage with consumers (Members). He brings over 15 years of healthcare, business, and digital experience to MedCircle.

Dr. Gupta, MD, is a board-certified Gastroenterologist and Fellow of American Society of Gastroenterology.  He completed his medical training in Delhi, India, followed by studying at State University of New York in New York. Besides his medical training, Dr. Gupta pursued a Master’s in Public Health from State University of New York, and received a Master’s in Business Administration from Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University.





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