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How much physical activity is necessary with Adriana Albritton

July 25, 2019




Adriana Albritton, author of the book "28 Days to a New Life, A Holistic Program to Get Fit, Delay Aging, and Enhance Your Mindset," co-author of The Better Business Book V. 2, V.3, and founder of the blog and AFit Wellness, a coaching service to help people get fitter and healthier joins eHealth Radio and the Fitness and Nutrition Channels.


Listen to interview with host Eric Michaels and guest Adriana Albritton discuss the following:

  1. Everyone knows the importance of exercise, but how much physical activity is necessary?
  2. What kind of physical activity should people aim for?
  3. What are the 3 main staple foods that people should be having regularly?
  4. Some experts recommend the consumption of fat and some not so much... should we be eating fats? If so, what fats are healthy?
  5. What are the best protein sources to have to maintain healthy muscle composition?

Adriana Albritton is the Founder of A Fit Wellness and the blog This Colombian native is a Fitness Wellness Mentor, holds a Master’s degree in Forensic Psychology, certifications in Personal Training & Fitness Nutrition, and has participated nationally with the National Physique Committee in Figure competitions.

Additionally, Adriana is a co-author in The Better Business Book Volumes 2 and 3 and author in the book 28 Days to a New Life, A Holistic Program to GAet Fit, Delay Aging, and Enhance Your Mindset.





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