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HoliVision, Creator of the iStand Falls Prevention Exercise Program for Seniors

July 20, 2013

Krystal Pollard, Spokesperson at HoliVision, creator of the first falls prevention mobile app, is building the only nationwide training network to deliver the iStand Falls Prevention exercise program to seniors and joins eHealth Radio and the Health Care, Technology & Fitness Channels.


Listen to interview with host Eric Michaels & guests Krystal Pollard discuss the following:

  • Why is it important to reach out to the community about fall prevention?
  • How can a fall affect an individual's overall health? 
  • What factors contribute to falls?
  • Are there resources out there to help educate seniors and individuals over the age of 55 about the importance of fall prevention? 
  • What impact, if any do falls play in a person's financial stability?

Duration: 7:54

Krystal Pollard, native to Ft. Wayne, Indiana, shares HoliVision’s grave concern for the health and longevity of seniors. Her strengths in conflict resolution, analysis and negotiation create a unique outlook with regard to speech writing and public speaking for senior citizen’s issues, but also for her personal passions in publicly speaking for issues such as animal abuse and immigration. Ms. Pollard’s education, with honors, in Media and Public Communications from Purdue and her experience as a Certified Nursing Assistant are invaluable to her role as Spokesperson.

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