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DigitalOne Reports, delivering a single point of access to all healthcare documents

December 1, 2013

Steve Howard, the Director of Sales and Marketing for DigitalOne Reports providing a unique set of low cost and easy to implement tools to connect radiology with the referring physician for delivering results and images, receiving orders and minimizing internal IT cost joins eHealth Radio and the Health Care and Technology Channels.


Listen to interview with host Eric Michaels & guest Steve Howard discuss the following:

  • I understand DigitalOne has been in radiology for a long time.  Can you tell the audience a little about DigitalOne?
  • You mentioned connectivity and your company tag line is “Connectivity is Opportunity”, what does that mean for your prospective clients?
  • What are the challenges your clients face that DigitalOne addresses?
  • You had mentioned to me your company engages in significant conversations with imaging centers every day. Is there one thing that is common in all of your discussions?
  • What does a typical client look like for DigitalOne?

Tip: Imaging centers need to realize that healthcare reform is here to stay and the impact of electronic medical records on their business will continue.  In addition, RIS/PACS systems will not be the “holy grail” of an IT solution that meets all of their needs.  However, the opportunity is now.  Take advantage of the ways in which they can secure existing referrals as well as grow new referral sources with low cost incremental steps that generate long-term ROI.  Reimbursements are not the only element of their business under siege; a combination of cost cutting defensive measures combined with protecting as well as increasing referrals only makes sense.

Duration: 10:13

DigitalOne was started by a group of talented individuals experienced in the development of radiology information systems and healthcare workflow process affecting radiology, maternal fetal medicine, general medicine and community hospitals.

Formed in 2001 as a medical document solutions company, DigitalOne quickly became known as a multi-faceted solution provider delivering a single point of access to all documents.  Hospitals, clinics, physicians and municipalities counted on DigitalOne to manage faxes, scanned paper documents, emails and other critical documents made available via print capture and electronic files.

By 2004 DigitalOne was delivering critical document management solutions to radiologist and imaging centers. This came as a direct result of the DigitalOne’s management teams experience developing radiology information systems. DigitalOne’s reputation grew quickly as a reliable source for seamless integration between disparate information systems and that experience led to its position today as a leading solution provider for the integration between RIS and EMR systems.

Today DigitalOne offers a suite of tools used for EMR integration, Results delivery with PACS integration, Orders receipt and management from referring physicians, Critical alert and document management, Patient Portal and Mobile access.


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