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Calorease, making weight management easier

November 10, 2014

Dr. Anthony Noble, Spokesperson for Calorease, that makes weight management easier joins eHealth Radio and the Nutrition and Weight Management Channels. Dr. Noble has been the Group Head of North Asia, Business to Business trading and Director of Special Projects in the SFI Group.

Listen to interview with host Eric Michaels and guest Dr. Anthony Noble discuss the following:

  • It seems harder and harder to stay healthy and manage weight, especially this time of year with plenty of temptation around the holidays. How does Calorease help beat and maintain weight loss?
  • It looks like Calorease is completely stimulant free therefore heart healthy. How does FBCx work without these side effects?
  • Discovering such a unique and naturally sourced "super fiber" is exciting. When was FBCx discovered and by whom?
  • Is Calorease appropriate for those following a vegan or gluten-free diet?

Duration: 6:41

About Calorease
Two professors at Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan discovered that the fat-binding capacity of FBCx demonstrated startling results. Scientific studies have shown that plant based FBCx can bind with and remove up to 9 times its weight in dietary fat, shielding the fat from digestion and carrying it harmlessly through the digestive tract. Regular use of Calorease tablets with FBCx can reduce up to 500 calories per day, or 15,000 calories per month.

When taking Calorease, there is no program or special diet involved. Simply take two tablets three times a day with fat-containing meals or snacks. When used as directed, no negative side effects are reported. Stimulant-free and therefore heart healthy, Calorease with FBCx does not cause leakage or other messy side effects instigated by some other weight management products. Calorease is available nationwide at Walgreens, GNC and online at

About Dr Anthony Noble
Dr. Noble currently leads SFI Research, a dedicated innovation incubator company within in the SFI Group and SOHO Global Health Group. Previously, Dr Noble led SFI’s Joint Venture with Shineway Pharmaceuticals in China, a world first joint venture bringing modern Chinese medicine’s to market via Health Care Professionals.

Twitter: @Calorease

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