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Building Muscle: How HercuLean Meal Prep is Making American Healthy Again

December 9, 2017




Ben Canary, Co-Founder of HercuLean Meal Prep located in Indianapolis with a mission to help people live healthier lives through what they eat, namely through the right composition of macro nutrients joins eHealth Radio and the Fitness and Nutrition Channels.

Listen to interview with host Eric Michaels & guest Ben Canary discuss the following:

  • HercuLean Meal Prep health-focused family story that includes a bodybuilder and Ben's background in food science and food regulation.
  • Why HercuLean Meal Prep has a high emphasis on Macro-Nutrientts and the reason the business has such a high focus on this concept.
  • How HercuLean fits into the trend of more people cooking at home and how they are clearly breaking the mold as well.
  • How the storefront in Indianapolis came all together and how the store is doing.
  • The plan for the future of meal prepping, health and the macro-nutritent concept.


HercuLean Meal Prep was founded in 2017 by two Indiana-born brothers, Nathan and Ben Canary, a bodybuilder, and a food scientist / self-taught chef. The “Macros Curated” mantra is embodied through the 23 meal options available on a subscription basis, for as little as $7. The HercuLean Meal Prep store opened in September 2017, and isolated at 3832 82nd Street in Indianapolis, Indiana.





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