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Book Your Care, the first digital marketplace in the United States for healthcare

August 3, 2013

Dan Reynolds, the Vice President of a Southern California-based startup Book Your Care which is the first digital marketplace in the United States for healthcare joins eHealth Radio and the Technology and Health Care Channels. Book Your Care is focused specifically on the substance abuse and eating disorder industry to help consumers make the best choice on their path to wellness.


Listen to interview with host Eric Michaels & guest Dan Reynolds discuss the following:

  • Substance abuse treatment is a $30 Billion a year industry yet consumers seem to have very little to work with when deciding on the best treatment and facility. Was filling this hole the main motivation for launching BookYourCare?
  •  How does BookYourCare get the information you provide to consumers seeking treatment?
  • What kind of insight can be gained from an unbiased review of a facility?
  • What are a few of the most important questions someone needs to ask when speaking with a treatment facility representative?
  • Are there red flags that people should look out for when considering a treatment facility?
  • Having been around so many treatment facilities, what are the factors that make some better than others? 
  • BookYourCare is the first digital healthcare marketplace where consumers can actually bid on treatment. How does this work?
  • What is the long-term goal of BookYourCare?


Until now, people seeking substance abuse treatment options have had one of two avenues available to determine the best choice for care. Either through the marketing claims of the facility itself or by word of mouth. BookYourCare is the first and only service dedicated to providing consumers with the real information they need to make an informed decision. We wouldn’t buy a new car without checking out the safety reports delivered by an unbiased agency and we shouldn’t make potentially life-saving decisions without having as much information as possible either.

Duration: 19:50

Dan Reynolds, Vice President of, has served in a variety of capacities in the substance abuse treatment industry for more than 15 years and worked closely with thousands of patients and their families in psychiatric, adolescent and substance abuse treatment facilities. Based in Los Angeles, Dan oversees the Book Your Care review and analysis process and is committed to providing the most factual and pertinent information possible to those seeking addiction treatment.