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Australian Company on its way to become Facebook of Health & Safety

April 24, 2016

Troy Westley, the CEO of CareMonkey, an award-winning electronic health and safety system again joins eHealth Radio and the Healthcare and Technology Channels. CareMonkey automates the process of collecting medical and emergency details for organisations with a duty of care.

Listen to interview with host Eric Michaels & guest Troy Westley discuss the following:

  • Troy, tell us a little about CareMonkey and how this innovative idea came from your own personal lightbulb moment.
  • CareMonkey has had a massive year of wins, including taking out the world's largest ever startup prize with investors at Slush 2015. What do you think it is about CareMonkey that makes the system so unique and is impressing people globally?
  • CareMonkey has really stretched its legs in 2015 - Troy, you've taken the system from Australia, to New Zealand, the Philippines, Finland and Ireland. What's next for 2016?
  • Richard Branson recently said that CareMonkey is ''one to watch'' after your recent win at the 2015 Talent Unleashed Awards. It must be incredibly rewarding to see CareMonkey's value recognised by such a respected businessman. Is it the big wins like this that make the hard work worthwhile, or are the smaller wins day to day just as significant?

Duration: 13:05

CareMonkey is an electronic health and safety system that automates the collection of medical and emergency details for organisations with a duty of care. The Australian-based company consists of a team of ten, including two co-founders, Troy Westley and Martin Howell. Martin Howell, CTO, has been a very successful entrepreneur in Australia with several amazing exists, including CareMonkey's CEO, Troy Westley, has extensive experience in enterprise software, including and Oracle.

In 2015, CareMonkey won the Slush Pitching Fest in Helsinki, beating over one thousand other entries. The €650,000 awarded made it the largest ever prize offered at a startup pitching competition. Earlier in 2015, CareMonkey walked away with the Talent Unleashed Award, presented by Sir Richard Branson, founder of Virgin, who commented that "CareMonkey is certainly one to watch!"

Being a partner-led company, CareMonkey will be further expanding to the US, UK and the Asia-Pacific this year, to help more schools, clubs and businesses better manage their duty of care.


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