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Assessing the use of biometrics for patient identification in healthcare

September 7, 2015

Michael Trader, President of RightPatient, a biometric patient identification and patient data integrity solution provider helping the healthcare industry to improve patient safety by eliminating duplicate medical records, preventing fraud and medical identity theft, and improving patient data integrity joins eHealth Radio and the Technology and Health Care Channels.

Listen to interview with host Eric Michaels and guest Michael Trader discuss the following:

  • Accurate patient identification and patient data integrity in healthcare is getting a lot of attention because of widespread adoption of EHRs, mHealth tools, and patient portals. What is RightPatient currently doing to help improve patient identification in healthcare?Mobile health apps and patient portals present patient identification challenges to healthcare organizations that user names and passwords can no longer secure. Can you explain how RightPatient is addressing the rising need to secure patient identities from the explosion of new touchpoints for personal health information (PHI) access?
  • I understand that RightPatient has engaged in several strategic partnerships to help augment the effectiveness of your patient identification solution. Can you talk briefly about some of these key partnerships and what you hope to accomplish?
  • RightPatient supports the use of multiple forms of biometrics for patient identification and has 13 years of experience in biometric identification management. Why is this important in the context of providing a biometric patient identification solution to the healthcare industry?
  • If you were a CIO or other decision-maker evaluating this type of technology, what would you look for in a solution?

Duration: 17:41

Michael Trader, Co-Founder and President of RightPatient, helped shepherd the company as a startup to a leader in biometric patient identification technology, patient engagement, and healthcare informatics. As President, he has spearheaded many strategic partnership initiatives and played a crucial role with the company’s product development roadmap. Michael is responsible for overseeing business development and marketing activities, building partnerships, government outreach and providing senior leadership on business and policy issues. His focus is on democratizing and defragmenting healthcare, improving personal and population health outcomes, and lowering costs through technological disruption in the areas of patient identification, engagement, and predictive analytics. Michael is also responsible for management and oversight of M2SYS Technology, a global leader in biometric identification management technology with tens of millions of end users in over 100 countries around the globe.

Prior to joining M2SYS Technology and RightPatient®, he was a key executive and Vice President of Global Sales at BayBuilder where oversaw all global sales activity and developed business relationships with dozens of Fortune 1000 companies to help them implement profitable sourcing methodologies utilizing leading-edge technology. After the acquisition of BayBuilder, Mr. Trader served as the Executive Director of Application Consulting at PurchasePro where he worked closely with other sales and business development executives and managed the product development team. Mr. Trader graduated with honors from the pre-medical program at the Universtiy of Vermont earning a Bachelor's degree in Biological Sciences.


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