StickyLickits: Revolutionary, New, Edible Stickers to Inspire Kids to Eat More Fruits & Vegetables and Make It Fun

January 14, 2019




Linda York, Founder & CEO of StickyLickits, revolutionary, new, edible stickers to inspire kids to eat more fruits & vegetables and make it fun joins eHealth Radio and the Children's Health and Health News Channels.


Listen to interview with host Eric Michaels & guest Linda York discuss the following:

  1. You recently launched StickyLickits. What inspired you to create a range of all-natural edible stickers that encourages kids to eat more fruits and veggies?
  2. StickyLickits is a fun solution to get kids to eat more produce and create healthy, new eating habits. How often throughout the day can kids enjoy StickyLickits? 3
  3. Why do you think children are inspired to eat more fruits and vegetables when edible stickers are featured on the produce?
  4. Tell us about the characters StickyLickits features?
  5. Is StickyLickits for all ages?
  6. What are the ingredients of StickyLickits?

After many years helping companies develop and sell successful products, Linda York founded her own company StickyLickits, a revolutionary edible sticker that inspires kids to eat fruits and vegetables, and make it fun. Linda, a mother and grandmother was so passionate to help solve parents #1 health concern to get their kids to eat more produce, she developed StickyLickits eat-able stickers to market. Linda started and funded StickyLickits all natural, sugar free edible stickers, that turn healthy eating for kids into an interactive, fun activity. Linda is successful in creating a new and exciting way for parents to add a lot of fun to snack time, as children can now enjoy eating and exploring new fruits and veggies by decorating them with StickyLickits, which feature some of Nickelodeon's beloved animated characters including, SpongeBob, SquarePants and PAW Patrol.



At the start of her career, Linda segued from finance to entertainment when she started working with Academy Award winner, Alan Arkin, to fund and produce movies. That brought her from New York to Los Angeles where she founded a production and development company with Emmy Award winning TV producer, Francine Bergman where they developed, produced and did post production on movies, television shows, infomercials and commercials. Then Linda became Creative Director of BeachBody, the world’s leading creator of fitness and nutrition programs, including P90X, TurboJam, Insanity, Shakeology, where she developed project: YouType2, the only exercise and nutrition program that has ever been approved by the American Diabetes Association to reverse and prevent type 2 diabetes. The work on that project lead to a passion for working on wellness projects that would help children develop habits for healthy eating and exercising. She produced the fitness component for the largest study that has ever been done on childhood obesity in the United States. It was conducted by the NIH(National Institute of Health) under the direction of Dr. Fran Kaufman, and studied over ten thousand children in different areas of the country. After that, she became part of a discovery group that evaluated fitness programs for children.





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New trends in 2019 for Medical Fitout & Interior Designs in Brisbane and Australia

January 5, 2019




Sonia Magliocchi, representing Dentec Medical Fitouts & Interior Design company based in Brisbane, Australia joins eHealth Radio and the Health Care & Health News Channels. Dentec have been providing Dental, Medical and Office Fitout and Interior design solutions for over 40 years experience and trusted by clients for Fitouts, Equipment Supply & Delivery and Service.


Listen to interview with host Eric Michaels & guest Sonia Magliocchi discuss the following:

  1. There seems to be an upward trend to Medical fitouts in Australia. Can you tell me why that might be the case?
  2. What are some of the medical reception interior design trends you notice your clients are interested in?
  3. What should your clients look out for in a medical fitout company?
  4. What other services do you provide for medical clinics?

Dentec is a Medical Fitout & Interior Design company based in Brisbane, Australia. Dentec have been providing Dental, Medical and Office Fitout and Interior design solutions for years.

Dentec is a family run business with over 40 years experience and trusted by clients for Fitouts, Equipment Supply & Delivery and Service. They service clients in major cities including Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast, Toowoomba, Noosa, Townsville, Bundaberg, Newcastle and Byron Bay.





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Tackling the New Dynamics of Patient Revenue Cycle Management in the Era of Healthcare Consumerism

December 31, 2018




Rajesh Voddiraju, the Founder and CEO of HealthiPASS, a patient payment revenue cycle solution health IT vendor joins eHealth Radio and the Healthcare & Health News Channels.


Listen to interview with host Eric Michaels & guest Rajesh Voddiraju discuss the following:

  1. How has the rise of healthcare consumerism affected the healthcare revenue cycle? What revenue cycle changes and adjustments must be implemented in order to stay profitable?
  2. What role does automation play in optimizing revenue cycle management? Can you give me some examples how automation improves patient collections, reduces the cost to collect, accelerates cash flow, and improves patient relations?
  3. How are medical providers increasing price transparency? What tools/technology can medical providers use that demonstrate greater price transparency as it relates to patient empowerment on the front end and improving operating income on the back end?
  4. Many retailers offer “card-on-file” options that are typically stored within the merchant database or some other secure server accessed by the merchant which helps expedite the payment process. Do patients “want” to place a card-on-file for healthcare expenses, and what is the advantage to medical providers for incorporating this type of a policy?
  5. What are your predictions on how the healthcare revenue cycle will continue to evolve as we shift to a value based care health system? Can providers who don’t take the step to adopt revenue cycle technology expect to compete?

SUMMARY: Adopting new patient revenue cycle technology is only part of the solution to accelerate cash flow, increase operating income, and improve patient relations. Medical providers must also adopt comprehensive ongoing education and incentive programs for their staff to help optimize the deployment and ensure that the benefits and advantages of changes to workflow are understood and communicated effectively to patients. Investing in a revenue cycle solution is only the beginning!

Rajesh Voddiraju is the Founder and CEO of HealthiPASS, a patient payment revenue cycle solution health IT vendor. His most recent venture (CVM Solutions) went from idea to Inc 500/5000 Fastest Growing Private Companies in U.S., while serving over 300 Fortune 1000 clients.

Rajesh is an Investor in a chain of immediate care centers, in the Chicago area and 5 out of 8 immediate family members are practicing physicians. He has 22+ years of technology and executive management roles with a strong track record of strategic leadership spearheading the development and rollout of technology to a broad number of verticals.

Rajesh holds a BS/MS in Computer Science; management programs at UCLA and Tuck and is the recipient of several awards & honors, speaking engagements and publications.





Rob Miller Of Supplement Critique Is On A Mission To Prove He’s Legit

December 30, 2018




Rob Miller, founder of, a supplement review portal that analyzes the effectiveness of a wide variety of supplements ranging from fat burners to pre workout supplements and everything in between joins eHealth Radio & the Health News and Supplement Channels.


Listen to interview with host Eric Michaels & guest Rob Miller discuss the following:

  1. So tell us a little bit about why was Supplement Critique created?
  2. What makes Supplement Critique different from the 100’s of other supplement review sites out there?
  3. How do you decide what supplement is worth reviewing, explain your process a bit for us.
  4. What types of supplements should consumers watch out for?
  5. What should someone do if they’re unsure about a supplement?

Rob Miller is the founder of Supplement Critique. He holds a certificate as an “Advanced Dietary Supplements Advisor” from a globally recognized nutrition science university, and worked at GNC as a sales rep for 3 years while in college.

Prior to starting Supplement Critique, he was a commercially rated pilot that worked as both a flight instructor and charter pilot.

Supplement Critique is a team of health experts dedicated to providing consumers with unbiased, informative, and fair reviews of a wide variety of supplements. Founded in 2011, it has quickly grown to become one of the most influential supplement review sites in the US.

What makes different from the 1000’s of so called “supplement review sites” on the internet?

For starters, their team personally tests out a wide range of supplements and report back on their results.

No other supplement review site does this.

Additionally, Supplement Critique heavily backs up their articles with links to credible resources. These sources include medically peer reviewed studies, academic research institutions, and credible online publishers like WebMD and Healthline.

Supplement Critique also employs both a licensed pharmacist and a medical doctor to factually review their content, ensuring that it stays up to date with the latest health data available.

Lastly, unlike a wide variety of other supplement review sites, Supplement Critique does not promote their own brand of supplements.

Many of their competitors have created their own brands of supplements. Those same competitors then go on to needlessly bash competing products, all the while selling their own brands.





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Seniors, Preventing Falls and iFALLCEPT

December 29, 2018



Laura D. Jackson, BSN, MPH and Co-Founder of iFALLCEPT, a company that has developed the first iOS app available to the public to help stop falls, a deadly killer among seniors that is often addressed to late, joins eHealth Radio and the Senior Care and Health News Channels.


Listen to interview with host Eric Michaels and guest Laura D. Jackson discuss the following:

  1. Tell us a little bit about your background and how it lead into creating the first in-home fall safety app in the App Store?
  2. What are the statistics surrounding falls in the home? Is it really that large of a problem?
  3. So how does iFALLCEPT work?
  4. What are some recommendations you can provide to our listeners immediately to help with fall prevention in their homes, parents, relatives or friends?
  5. Who's your target audience and what has been the experience so far?
  6. What are the advantages of this app?

Laura D Jackson as co-founder of iFALLCEPT leads outreach and public awareness on Senior falls and prevention.  Laura brings with her a Bachelor of Nursing and a Masters in Public Health. She successfully created and managed a thriving home health agency for nearly 20 years, Patient Care Services Inc (PCS).  

PCS was a certified Medicare home health agency that employed hundreds of healthcare workers including Nurses, Aides and Therapists and served thousands of patients. PCS was awarded the highest credentials from JCAHO auditors and was recognized for providing quality care to thousands of aging seniors and the disabled.

Awareness and advocacy of Seniors and their healthcare has long been Laura's passion.  

Laura found herself not only a senior advocate through her business but also found a passion through her aging parents.  Her medical background had proved invaluable many times when it came to the care her own parents received in the healthcare system.

Launching iFALLCEPT was a culmination of a long history in healthcare and her passion to continue to make a difference in seniors’ lives.  iFALLCEPT was a labor of love, but unfortunately, Laura’s father was one of the many senseless deaths due to falling. Too many of us hear too often, “after he/she fell, it was all downhill from there”.  Now that Laura is a senior herself, many of her friends have now experienced devastating falls.

Falls are a complex problem, but simple steps and simple habits can make a significant impact.  From daily exercise and medication review to your home fall risk assessment, each senior can make a difference and impact their own lives through the choices and habits they make. Smart and Healthy living comes from simple habits like an afternoon walk to regular use of products like iFALLCEPT that put the power of healthy living in your hands. Starting today brings a healthy and happy tomorrow.





State-Of-The-Art Facility Will Deliver Affordable, Quality Health Care to Essex County, NJ

December 26, 2018




Dr. Avery Browne, the Medical Director of AFC Urgent Care Centers in West Orange NJ, South Plainfield NJ and Cedar Grove NJ joins eHealth Radio and the Health Care Channel. Dr. Browne is board-certified in Family Medicine and licensed to practice in New Jersey and New York.


Listen to interview with host Eric Michaels and guest Dr. Avery Browne discuss the following:

  1. Urgent Care centers have been around for a few years, but AFC Urgent Care is truly different. Can you explain what sets your centers apart?
  2. What are some of the things you can treat at the AFC Urgent Care centers?
  3. You say it’s less expensive than going to an ER. Can you tell us about that?
  4. Can you list some of the conditions you treat?
  5. Are there ever conditions when you should not go to an urgent care center?

Dr. Avery F. Browne, D.O. is the Medical Director of the AFC® Urgent Care Centers in West Orange and South Plainfield. He is board-certified in Family Medicine and licensed in New Jersey and New York.

Prior to joining AFC®, Dr. Browne served as an Attending Family Practice Physician at Montefiore Medical Center in the Bronx; a faculty member of the Albert Einstein College of Medicine; and a house physician at Christ Hospital in Jersey City. He currently serves as a team physician for all athletic programs at William Paterson University in Wayne, NJ; a ringside physician for USA Boxing and NY/NJ State Professional Boxing; and is a member of the NJ and NY State Athletic Commissions.

Dr. Browne completed a fellowship in Sports Medicine at the Overlook Hospital in Summit NJ. He completed his residency in Family Medicine at the University of Medicine & Dentistry of New Jersey’s School of Osteopathic Medicine in Stratford NJ where he served as Chief Resident at Barnert Hospital. Dr. Browne holds a D.O. degree from the New York College of Osteopathic Medicine, prior to which he studied biological sciences at Rutgers University and obtained a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from the New Jersey Institute of Technology.





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Helping empower those suffering from chronic conditions

December 21, 2018




Jennifer Ernst, CEO & Co-founder at Tivic Health, a bioelectronic medical device company devoted to harnessing the power of neuromodulation to help empower those suffering from chronic conditions joins eHealth Radio and the Health News Channel.


Listen to interview with host Eric Michaels & guest Jennifer Ernst discuss the following:

  1. Millions of people experience pain every day and many of them turn to medication for relief. Tell me about the field of microcurrent and bioelectronics and its role in pain management.
  2. What inspired you to pursue creating a bioelectronic device using microcurrent to relief sinus pain?
  3. How does ClearUP™ Sinus Pain Relief work?
  4. You recently completed a clinical trial exploring the efficacy of ClearUP™ Sinus Pain Relief, tell us about the results.
  5. When do you expect to receive FDA clearance on ClearUP™ Sinus Pain Relief and where will people be able to purchase the device?

Jennifer Ernst is CEO at Tivic HealthTM Systems Inc. in Menlo Park, CA. Her career in technology has been characterized by driving transformational technology to market. She began her career at Xerox PARC in Palo Alto, one of the world’s leading research laboratories, focused on getting technology out of the lab and into the market. She held varying roles in strategic business development, marketing and sales. Ernst holds an MBA from Santa Clara University, graduating with Honors.

For the past 15 years, Jennifer has dedicated herself to identifying and building global businesses out of cutting-edge technologies. Prior to founding Tivic Health, she served as Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Chief Strategy Officer, and CEO of the US subsidiary of Thin Film Electronics. Of note, she launched early electronic labels which led to the company winning the Wall Street Innovation Award and the World Technology Award. In addition, as part of the company’s executive management, Ernst transformed the company from an 8-person R&D company to a recognized leader in printed electronics with a peak market cap of $480MM in less than 5 years.

Ernst’s ability to recognize unmet market needs led her to co-found Tivic Health in 2016 with biomedical engineer and inventor, John Claude. She recognized the potential of yet another new technology, bioelectronic medicine, and a rapidly growing segment of the projected $6.2 billion market size of the neuromodulation industry by 2020. (1) She saw the potential to help the 34MM Americans with chronic sinusitis (2) and 22 million adults who suffer from allergic rhinitis each year. (3) Whereas neuromodulation and bioelectronic medicine have historically been used in implantable devices, the team saw the potential for packaging a powerful pain relief technique into a simple-to-use handheld device. The company’s product, ClearUPTM Sinus Pain Relief, delivers sinus pain relief without pharmaceuticals or nasal flushing, addressing a significant unmet clinical need.

1. MarketsandMarkets. Neuromodulation Market by Technology (Deep Brain Stimulation, Spinal Cord Stimulation, Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation), by Application (Depression, Parkinson’s, Tinnitus, Alzheimer’s, Epilepsy, Ischemia, Obesity) - Trends & Global Forecast to 2020.Accessed August 6, 2018.

2. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Vital and Health Statistics: Prevalence of Selected Chronic Conditions: United States, 1990-92. Series 10, No. 194. Pg. 12, Table 8.

3. American College of Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology. Allergy Facts. Accessed August 11, 2018.

ClearUPTM Sinus Pain Relief is an investigational technology. Claims have not been evaluated by the FDA. This device is not currently for sale in the U.S. FDA 510 K clearance is pending.



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Modern Acupuncture: Bringing Ancient Treatment to the American Masses

December 18, 2018




Matt Hale, CEO of Modern Acupuncture, a company that has established itself as the first acupuncture franchise in the nation with a mission to bring acupuncture to the masses and make lives better across the U.S. joins eHealth Radio and the Acupuncture and Health News Channels.


Listen to interview with host Eric Michaels & guest Matt Hale discuss the following:

  1. What is Modern Acupuncture doing that is different and where did the idea come from?
  2. How exactly does acupuncture work in its application?
  3. What're some of the most common ailments that people see remedied with acupuncture? 
  4. In addition to traditional acupuncture, your company boasts the cosmetic benefits of acupuncture. How does that work and is that gaining popularity?
  5. How long does a patient have to wait/how many sessions do they need before they see results?
  6. The opiod epidemic is a growing issue across the country, and recently studies have pointed to acupuncture as a possible solution. How can acupuncture be effective for this?

Matt Hale is 39 years old and the Chief Executive Officer of Modern Acupuncture which is based out of Scottsdale. He double majored at the University of New Mexico with a bachelor’s degree in business management and human resources at the Anderson School of Management. While attending college, Matt played Division I golf for four years. Juggling his academics and athletic priorities taught him about time management, self-discipline and work ethic.

Matt has been involved in the health and wellness industry for over nine years. He is a founding member of the management team at The Joint Chiropractic. He spent six years as the VP of Operations where he helped open nearly 350 clinics in 26 states, as well as played a key role in taking the company public in 2014. When Matt left, in total, The Joint Chiropractic and its network of clinics were seeing over three million patients annually. He has taken this experience and opportunity to move on as one of the co-founders and CEO of Modern Acupuncture. He reports that Modern Acupuncture is seeing faster growth than what he saw at The Joint Chiropractic and predicts that there will be 100 plus clinics open by this time next year. Franchise industry analysts speculate that Modern Acupuncture is currently one of the fastest growing franchises in the nation.





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A Journey Within with LouAnne Ludwig

December 14, 2018




LouAnne Ludwig, author of "A Journey Within", was previously a hard driven real estate agent who found she had spiritual gifts that led to her new work in a very different field joins eHealth Radio and the Health News Channel.


Listen to interview with host Eric Michaels & guest LouAnne Ludwig discuss the following:

  1. What led you to write the Journey Within in this way?
  2. Can you talk about your work as an empath? Did that work play a role in your writing this book?
  3. Why did you choose to have the main protagonist in this seeker story be a boy, not a woman? Did you model the main character, Alexander, on anyone you know? What about Manuka, the monkey, or the wise man — should we see him as God?
  4. Can you discuss what you mean by turning to science as well as the Church, so to speak, in your path to finding your own Spiritual self?
  5. You allude to some more manic and humorous personal moments in your introduction. When you talk about your own life being rather crazy for a while as you went on your own spiritual journey, what do you mean by that?
  6. How should readers use the lessons set forth in each chapter of Alexander’s story?

LouAnne Ludwig was a hard-driving real estate agent who found herself called to a higher vocation by voices she didn’t understand. She embarked on a remarkable journey into metaphysical practices and spiritual growth, and then channeled her experience for others to learn from. She demonstrates how easy it is to change our lives for the better and infuse them with new meaning and balance. Her empathic practice in dream analyzing has assisted hundreds with cutting through their defenses, helping them to see exactly what they need to bring peace and harmony into their everyday lives. She lives in Southern California. Her new book is A Journey Within.





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Digital Dentistry and Radiation Safety

December 12, 2018




Dr. Brian Fusillo of Dental Associates of Connecticut, a dental practice with six offices throughout the state, offering comprehensive dental care for the whole family joins eHealth Radio and the Dental Care and Health News Channels. Dr. Fusillo has more than 15 years of experience in dentistry and is here to talk to us today about the benefits of digital dentistry.


Listen to interview with host Eric Michaels & guest Dr. Brian Fusillo discuss the following:

  1. Let’s talk about digital dentistry. What’s the difference between digital dentistry and traditional dentistry?
  2. How do dental xrays compare to xrays in other healthcare industries when we talk about potential exposure to radiation?
  3. What safety precautions does your office take to protect your patients and staff from radiation exposure?
  4. What is occupational dosimetry, and how does it help keep people safe from radiation exposure?
  5. Does it matter what type of dosimeter a dentist uses?
  6. Is there anything else that you would like to add about digital dentistry and the concern about radiation exposure?

Summary: Digital dentistry is evolving continuously with tremendous benefits in diagnostics which lead to beneficial treatments. The radiation dose monitoring process has evolved as well and Instadose helps safeguard dentistry practices and increase the radiation safety culture in dental offices.

Dr. Brian Fusillo has been featured in Connecticut Magazine’s annual issue of Top Dentists. Before joining Dental Associates in 2008, Dr. Fusillo practiced in Northern New Jersey and the New York metro area. During those years, he was part of the management team at a practice in New Jersey and aided in the formation of a new state-of-the art practice in New York.

Dr. Fusillo grew up in New Jersey, where he graduated from Northern Valley Regional High School in Old Tappan. In 1999 he received his Bachelors degree in Biology with honors from the University of Scranton in Scranton, PA.  He then went on to attend the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey (UMDNJ), now Rutgers, where he earned his Doctor of Dental Medicine (DMD) degree in 2003. Dr. Fusillo continued his post-graduate studies at Westchester Medical Center in Valhalla, NY, where he conducted his General Practice Residency. He worked closely with the Oral & Maxiofacial Surgery team and expanded his knowledge and experience in surgical and non-surgical aspects of dentistry.

Dr. Fusillo, who is also fluent in Spanish and proficient in Italian, was on the Dean’s List at UMDMJ and served as an officer of the HDA. He is currently a member of the UMDNJ Alumni society, the American Dental Association (ADA), and the Connecticut Dental Association. Throughout his career he has received multiple awards and honors including an Award for Outstanding Community Service from the American Legion.

Dr. Fusillo also participates in numerous continuing education courses on all the latest forms of cosmetic dentistry. His commitment to improving dental treatment has motivated him to continue his ongoing research into improving patient’s aesthetic concerns as well as addressing their dental anxieties.




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