Stroke Awareness With Author La’Wana Harris

May 10, 2017




Stroke awareness advocate La’Wana Harris joins eHealth Radio & the Health News Channel to talk about strokes and who should be concerned.


Listen to interview with host Eric Michaels and guest La’Wana Harris discuss the following:

  • May is National Stroke Awareness Month, is this something young, healthy adults need to worry about?
  • Tell us a bit about your story?
  • What are early warnings signs of a stroke?
  • From all you have learned & from your experience, who is a risk?
  • Tell us more about your book & how can listeners purchase your book?


La’Wana Harris is the author of YOU ARE STILL GOOD, a novella that details her story as a mother of a stroke survivor. Through the book she hopes to give encouragement, and inspiration for those finding themselves in a crisis situation.





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Twitter: @coachlawana


The Importance of Interpersonal Boundaries in Maintaining a Healthy Balance in Our Lives

May 7, 2017




Sarah Mandel, a licensed psychotherapist, certified Imago relationship expert and EMDR trained trauma therapist joins eHealth Radio and the Mental Health & Health News Channels. In her NJ based private practice, she helps patients address their mental, emotional and psychological issues by providing tools that help them feel better about themselves, their relationships and their lives.


Listen to interview with host Eric Michaels and guest Sarah Mandel discuss the following:

  • What are interpersonal boundaries?
  • What are the key areas in our lives to maintain healthy boundaries?
  • What are some of the signs of weak interpersonal boundaries?
  • Why are having healthy boundaries important to our lives?
  • How can you begin to create healthy boundaries?


Sarah Mandel, R.N., L.C.S.W. is a New Jersey based psychotherapist, Certified Imago therapist, EMDR trained trauma therapist and relationship expert. She received a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Pace University in New York and her Master’s degree in Social Work from Rutgers Graduate School of Social Work.

A dynamic advocate for health and wellness with a passion for helping others, Sarah provides expertise to a diverse client base drawing on her multidisciplinary background. Serving as a subject matter expert in the area of relationships, the mind/body connection, family conflict and interpersonal boundaries, Sarah has been quoted in several media outlets.

Be on the lookout for her upcoming blog, and for your free guide and worksheet on “How to Master Your Busy Life”, go to, designed to help inspire you with tips and strategies to simplify your life. You can find out more and connect with Sarah by going to her website at




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Do you have trouble liking your body? Ground-breaking text program can quickly help you turn negative body image around!

May 6, 2017




A nationally recognized authority in the treatment and prevention of eating disorders, depression, anxiety, and related mental health issues, Lori Osachy MSS, LCSW who recently launched text2Bwell, powered by CareWire joins eHealth Radio and the Health News, Mental Health & Technology Channels.


Listen to interview with host Eric Michaels and guest Lori Osachy discuss the following:

  • Why did you develop a texting program to help people with a negative body image?
  • Why do so many people criticize their bodies and pick them apart?
  • How does negative body image hurt other parts of a person's life?
  • If I have a bad body image, does it mean I have an eating disorder?
  • If one doesn't like their body, is there anything they can do to feel better about it?


A nationally recognized authority in the treatment and prevention of eating disorders, depression, anxiety, and related mental health issues, Lori Osachy has successfully counseled adults, children and families for over twenty years. She regularly lectures, teaches and is the author of numerous articles promoting eating disorders education among health care professionals and the lay population, and is a regular mental health consultant for broadcast and print media. She received her B.A. from Cornell University, and her M.S.S. from Bryn Mawr Graduate School of Social Work and Social Research. Lori is the owner of The Body Image Counseling Center in Jacksonville, Fla. For more information visit or call 904-737-3232.




Emmy Award-winning producer Neal Baer, M.D. creates social change through storytelling

May 5, 2017




Dr. Neal Baer, M.D. who whose body of work includes Law & Order: SVU, ER & Under the Dome is a veteran TV showrunner/producer/writer and Harvard-educated physician who combines his passion for medicine and storytelling to challenge audiences' views on a broad spectrum of social and political topics joins eHealth Radio and the Health News Channel.


Listen to interview with host Eric Michaels and guest Dr. Neal Baer discuss the following:

  • You are an M.D. and an award winning television producer and writer.  Which career came first and how do they intersect?
  • As a writer/producer on E.R. how was your experience as a doctor reflected in episodic stories?
  • Please tell us about Gloria Reuben's character on E.R. and its importance in the cultural landscape.
  • As EP and showrunner of Law & Order: SVU you were writing stories at the forefront of sexual abuse and domestic violence.  How have the stories on SVU impacted our culture?
  • Please tell us about ActionLab.
  • You have been outspoken about many health issues, including the detrimental effects of soda.  Please tell us the most compelling research from the SODA book.
  • You have been an advocate for drug awareness and you were interviewed after Prince's untimely death.  What can we do as a society to help curb drug addiction?
  • How can health issues be more frequently integrated into mainstream media and culture?


Dr. Neal Baer is a pediatrician and writer/executive producer who combines his passion for medicine and storytelling to challenge audiences' views on a broad spectrum of social and political topics. He currently enjoys an overall deal with 20th Century Fox Television, developing series that push expectations and spur national conversations. Previously, he had a deal at CBS, where he was the Executive Producer and Showrunner for Under the Dome and A Gifted Man. Prior to his work there, Dr. Baer was an Executive Producer and Showrunner of Law and Order: Special Victims Unit for eleven seasons. Under his watch, the series received six Emmys and a Golden Globe for acting. Before SVU, Dr. Baer wrote and produced the hit NBC series ER for its first seven seasons, where he received five Emmy nominations as a producer and two for writing along with a Writers Guild nomination for best dramatic screenplay.
Recently, Dr. Baer produced If You Build It, a documentary chronicling high school students in the poorest county in North Carolina who build a farmers’ market to save their community, which aired on PBS in June and September 2015 and April 2017 and won the Christopher Award. Dr. Baer also produced Home Is Where You Find It, a documentary that aired on PBS January 25, 2016, which depicted the journey of a Mozambican teenager searching for a home after his parents died of AIDS.
Dr. Baer attended Colorado College, where he graduated with a degree in Political Science magna cum laude, and later attended Harvard University, where he received Master’s Degrees in Education and Sociology as well as an MD from Harvard Medical School. He also attended the American Film Institute in Los Angeles as a Directing Fellow.
In 2013, Dr. Baer joined the Department of Community Health Sciences at UCLA’s Fielding School of Public Health as a Research Scientist and is now an Adjunct Professor. There he established the Global Media Center for Social Impact (GMI), where he currently is working on projects using new media to promote health initiatives and social activism around the world, particularly on HIV prevention and reducing obesity.
Dr. Baer’s latest project at GMI is, a web-based social networking platform that bridges the gap between inspiration and action. After individuals see a documentary, read a book, or attend a museum exhibition, they can take actions related to themes raised by artistic or academic works. Most recently, ActionLab was utilized for the book Soda Politics: Taking on Big Soda (and Winning) by Marion Nestle, with the Afterword written by Neal Baer. The book won the James Beard Award and its complementary ActionLab presence provides actions readers can take to decrease soda consumption at home, in their community and in their schools. Before that, ActionLab prompted an immersive museum exhibition at the Skirball Cultural Center in Los Angeles, which opened November 17, 2015, inspired by the book A Path Appears by Nick Kristof and Sheryl WuDunn. This exhibit provided steps visitors could take to make a difference in the world after they explored fifty evidence-based projects that are improving lives around the world.
In addition to his work at the Fielding School, Dr. Baer is a Senior Fellow at USC’s Annenberg School of Journalism and lectures around the world on the power of storytelling to change lives. His second novel, Kill Again, co-written with Jonathan Greene, was published July 2015.
Dr. Baer lives in Los Angeles. He is a trustee of Colorado College and the American Film Institute and serves on the Board of Fellows of Harvard Medical School as well as the American Jewish World Service. His son, Caleb, is a graduate of Williams College.


Fibroids Awareness: Non-invasive Treatment Options

April 27, 2017




Dr. Suzanne LeBlang, Chief Medical Officer at the Focused Ultrasound Foundation and also a Radiologist at UNIVERSITY MRI in Boca Raton, Florida joins eHealth Radio and the Female Health & Health News Channels. Suzanne is here to talk about Fibroids Awareness Week, and what women should know about new advances in treatment for this condition.


Listen to interview with host Eric Michaels and guest Dr. Suzanne LeBlang discuss the following:

  • Can you explain to our audience: what are uterine fibroids?
  • How common are fibroids, and what are the symptoms?
  • How do fibroids affect a woman’s fertility?
  • What are the most common treatments for fibroids, and what are the pros/cons of each?
  • Are there any new, less-invasive treatments that help women preserve their fertility options?


Suzanne LeBlang, MD, is a neuroradiologist and an early adopter of MR-guided focused ultrasound (MRgFUS) who has used the technology to treat patients for more than 10 years. She is based in Boca Raton, Florida and is affiliated with multiple hospitals in the area, including JFK Medical Center and West Boca Medical Center. She received her medical degree from University of Miami Miller School of Medicine and has been in practice for more than 20 years. Dr. LeBlang is one of 85 doctors at JFK Medical Center and one of 26 at West Boca Medical Center who specialize in Radiology.

As the Chief Medical Officer at the Focused Ultrasound Foundation, Dr. LeBlang organizes working groups to devise clinical protocols, serve as a liaison to the clinical research community, and present information on MRgFUS at medical conferences.

Dr. LeBlang’s research, “Leiomyoma Shrinkage After MR-Guided Focused Ultrasound Treatment: Report of 80 Patients,” published in Radiology in 2010, was one of the first papers to document that a more extensive nonperfused volume after an MRgFUS treatment resulted in greater fibroid shrinkage. She has also participated in several worldwide focused ultrasound clinical trials for fibroids and a clinical trial for patients with painful bone metastases.

Dr. LeBlang serves on the faculty at the University of Miami Medical School where she is the Radiology Clinical Coordinator for the 3rd year M.D./M.P.H. students, and she teaches at the Florida Atlantic University Schmidt College of Medicine. She has been visiting faculty at several institutions including Harvard University and Ohio State University.





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AirPhysio – New Medication Free, Asthma and COPD Assistance Device

April 26, 2017




Paul O’Brien, Managing Director of AirPhysio, a manufacturer and distributor of Oscillating Positive Expiratory Pressure Devices, for mucus clearance and lung expansion devices joins eHealth Radio and the Health News and Respiratory Channels.

The device is designed to help people with respiratory conditions like Asthma, COPD, Cystic Fibrosis, Bronchiectasis just to name a few.


Listen to interview with host Eric Michaels and guest Paul O’Brien discuss the following:

  • What are some of the respiratory conditions with similar issues?
  • What is a basic description of each condition and how do they differentiate between each other?
  • What is one of the biggest problems that one would suffer from?
  • How does current medication treat these conditions?
  • What is the Body’s Natural Lung Cleaning Process?
  • If I’m taking medication, why would I need anything else?
  • What is AirPhysio and how does this help someone with a respiratory condition?


Paul O’Brien, Managing Director of AirPhysio started his career with over 10 years in the Royal Australian Navy, receiving numerous awards over this period (including but not limited to Australia Day Medallion, CO recognition), along with ASM service medals and clasps for Kuwait and Solomon Islands, AASM and Afghanistan Medal.

His business experience started in B-free an on-line accounting software solution which was commercialised only 6 days prior to Paul starting. Paul was later nominated for an AIIA award for his contribution to the ICT industry by the head of the AIIA QLD awards.

His next role was in a local airport transfer company which he helped grow and evolve from a 15 vehicle contracting company to a national franchise system with over 30 franchisees in 3 states. After acting as the National BDM for 3 ½ years, he was promoted to the position of General Manager in the middle of the GFC crisis to help improve the position of the company and create record sales, which he managed to do over 12-month period.

He then worked for a hand dryer importer company where he helped to increase sales by over 400% and bring on 2 major national distributors, all within 9 months. He also grew an on-line business sales website called Business2Sell, growing their listings in the franchise sector from 2 to 50 Franchisors within 3 months and he has worked with 300+ franchisors, franchise consultants, business brokers, etc....

Since then he has worked in numerous medical companies, managed a networking company, and also as an outsourced General Manager. Since August 2015, AirPhysio has been setting up national and international distribution networks in China, Korea, Taiwan, India, South Africa, Philippines and Australia, and is currently working with partners for setting up distribution for Europe, US, Canada and the Middle East.
The AirPhysio team is passionate about helping people and he loves growing businesses and through our community benefit programs, we look forward to helping millions of people suffering from respiratory conditions around the world.





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The Evolution of Population Health Management

April 25, 2017




Dr. Sasha Loffredo, Vice President of Medical Services at Marathon Health, an onsite health care provider joins eHealth Radio and the Health Care & Health News Channels to discuss population health management.


Listen to interview with host Eric Michaels and guest Dr. Sasha Loffredo discuss the following:

  • What is population health management?
  • What are the characteristics of a successful population health management program?
  • What impact does population health management have on physical health?
  • What other factors should be taken into consideration beyond physical health?
  • What do you see as being the future of population health management?


Alexandra “Sasha” Loffredo, MD, is a family physician and clinical leader at Marathon Health. Prior to joining Marathon Health, Dr. Loffredo spent nearly a decade on faculty at the University of Texas Health Science Center in San Antonio, educating residents and medical students and taking care of patients of all ages. She received her medical degree from the University of Vermont and completed her residency training in Family Medicine at the Hunterdon Medical Center in New Jersey. Outside of work, Sasha enjoys time with her family, including her high-school-aged daughter, her husband, who flies for Southwest Airlines, and her four dogs. Her family enjoys skiing, camping, and traveling the world.





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Health benefits of Himalayan salt versus white table salt

April 23, 2017




Jordan Holtz the Vice President of Sales and Marketing at the Evolution Salt Company joins eHealth Radio and the Health News & Nutrition Channels to talk about the healthy benefits of using Himalayan salt.


Listen to interview with host Eric Michaels and guest Jordan Holtz discuss the following:

  • What is the Evolution Salt Co.?
  • What is pink Himalayan salt and why is this now so popular with consumers?
  • What are some of the health benefits of Himalayan salt versus white table salt?
  • What is a detox bath with Himalayan salts and what are the health benefits?
  • What are some of the health benefits of the salt inhaler?


Because of these widely known health benefits, Evolution Salt is able to deliver a wide range of products suited for all purposes and uses – healthy living and wellness, bathing, healing, massage therapy and culinary arts, to name only a few.

Their line of products include the Evolution Himalayan Salt Air Inhaler, our ever-popular Himalayan Crystal Salt Lamps & Candle Holders, our one of a kind Health & Beauty line, Bath & Spa preparations, Healing & Massage products, Detoxifiers & Diffusers, and Gourmet Cooking Salt, as well as a special line of kitchenware – Himalayan Salt Cookware.

Evolution Salt Co. is the go-to company for Himalayan crystal salt worldwide. They are a family owned company that does everything from mining, to manufacturing, importation and distribution. Currently, the majority of all Himalayan crystal salt worldwide originates from their our mines and/or factories.   They are the world’s supplier of Himalayan crystal salt.




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The Link Between Stress and Wellness

April 22, 2017




Laleh Hancock, a management consultant with over 30 years experience, and a facilitator of self-empowerment, Joy of Business facilitator, Being You facilitator, Right Voice for You facilitator, Access Consciousness facilitator and the CEO of Belapemo and Global Wellness For All joins eHealth Radio and the Health News, Personal Development & Stress Management Channels.


Listen to interview with host Eric Michaels & guest Laleh Hancock discuss the following:

  • You have been working with all types of businesses for over 25 years what is the number one issue you see most people struggle with?
  • What are some of the strategies you can advise to help people that might be in a similar position?
  • Tell us more about your company Global Wellness For All and what you do?
  • How is it different from everything else?
  • Tell us about your work with Joy of business and how that has amplified everything you do?


Laleh Alemzadeh-Hancock is a management consultant, Joy of Business facilitator, Being You facilitator, Right Voice for You facilitator, Access Consciousness facilitator and the CEO of Belapemo and Global Wellness For All.

With nearly 30 years experience in operational excellence, change management, and organizational wellness, Laleh has inspired and empowered hundreds of thousands of individuals to seek greater success, including Fortune 500 executives, government agencies, not-for--profit organizations, athletes and veterans.

A lifelong entrepreneur and passionate change-agent, Laleh strives to seek out possibility in every problem and aims to facilitate strategic change and optimal growth for all her clients. She is an advocate and empowering agent for people of all ages and abilities and her desire is to empower people to create the life that they truly desire.



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The views and opinions expressed on any program are those of the persons appearing on the program and do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of the eHealth Radio Network.

The 5 Points of Beauty Every Woman Should Know

April 21, 2017




Dr. Deborah Sherman, a board certified eyelid surgeon, expert in facial aesthetics and founder of the Sherman Aesthetic Center in Nashville, Tennessee again joins eHealth Radio & the Plastic Surgery Information Channel to discuss 5 points of "beauty" every woman should know.


Listen to interview with host Eric Michaels & guest Dr. Deborah Sherman discuss the following:

  • I understand that you are a “Beauty Expert” with the highest level of training to make faces more what does every woman need to know to really understand how to be beautiful and how does the aging process affect a woman’s beauty?
  • Interesting how the “tect-onic plates of our face shift and lose volume as we age....but how do you know if what area of the face to focus on when trying to become more youthful?
  • Now that we know the 5 points of beauty, what are some effective treatments for each area?
  • Can someone receive these treatments all at once (one-stop shop), or is this a process that is addressed over time?
  • How does someone interested in having one of these treatments know who to go to get the best results?


Located in Nashville, Tennessee, Dr. Deborah Sherman has been performing eyelid surgery for over twenty years. She is recognized as a top plastic surgeon for eyes and is often invited to teach her innovative approaches to her colleagues at national meetings.

Dr. Sherman is not only board certified in ophthalmology, but she has advanced her professional education to the highest level of training in plastic surgery around the eyes. Since completing her oculoplastics fellowship in 1991, she has spent over twenty years performing thousands of cosmetic eyelid surgeries, perfecting her specialized skills. Her extensive experience, seasoned expertise, and unique sense of artistry work together to produce the best results possible for her clients.




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