Quantros: Leading the Journey to Value in Value-based Healthcare

December 12, 2017




Andy Weissberg, Senior Vice President, Marketing Communications, Quantros, the healthcare industry’s leading provider of performance measurement and management solutions joins eHealth Radio and the Healthcare Channel.

Listen to interview with host Eric Michaels & guest Andy Weissberg discuss the following:

  • Please tell us a bit about Quantros.
  • It’s my understanding that Quantros recently released its CareChex® 2018 Hospital and Health System Quality and Patient Safety Rankings and Ratings. How do these updated ratings help consumers, employers and other stakeholders in value-based care?
  • How does Quantros differ from market competitors?
  • Can we talk a bit the Quantros® Enterprise Solutions Suite - how many hospitals and large health systems are using it, and what kind of impact does it have on their clinical and financial performance?
  • How does the uncertainty and complexity associated with the repeal or replacement of the Affordable Care Act influence Quantros, if at all?

Andy Weissberg is Quantros’ brand ambassador and communications leader, and brings more than 20 years of healthcare, publishing and information services experience. Prior to joining Quantros he co-founded DotHealth, LLC which was credentialed by ICANN to operate the health top level domain name registry.

Andy previously served as Vice President of Identifier Services at R.R. Bowker where he spearheaded the innovation and operations of the U.S. ISBN Agency and several ISO Standards registration agencies serving the book and journal publishing industries.

Additionally, Andy was GM Digital Media, Healthcare and Life Sciences at Advanstar Communications, Inc. where he developed and commercialized ModernMedicine.com as a leading online clinical decision support and practice management information resource for physicians and healthcare professionals. For over a decade, Andy served in similar roles in the pharmaceutical/healthcare advertising agency arena.

Andy has a BA, Communications from the University of South Florida, Tampa, FL.




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Concordia Care Inc. Providing Risk-Transfer, Behavioral Health Solutions for Workers’ Compensation

November 30, 2017




Joseph Berardo Jr., CEO of Concordia Care, Inc., a specialty risk-transfer, care-coordination company grounded in behavioral health sciences that provides “carve-outs” for catastrophic, complex and large loss cases joins eHealth Radio and the Health News Channel.

Listen to interview with host Eric Michaels & guest Joseph Berardo Jr. discuss the following:

  • Give us an overview of Concordia and the types of companies and organizations it services.

  • How do you describe the Pathways 2 Recovery model and the importance of its patient centric focus?
  • Please explain the Concordia distinction as a “specialty risk-transfer company” and how that capability differentiates the company in the marketplace.  

  • Explain the casualty sector and the relevance of Concordia for injuries related to workers comp.  
  • With the nation’s focus on opioid abuse, Concordia’s Pathways 2 Recovery model is positioned to provide an important solution. Tell us how the combination of behavioral health and clinical approaches advance individual recovery.


Joseph Berardo, Jr. has a successful track record of building progressive companies in the healthcare services marketplace, and recruiting talented, highly motivated teams to advance corporate positioning. As CEO, he guides the strategic focus of Concordia Care, Inc. to provide risk transfer solutions and coordination of care in the casualty and behavioral health marketplaces.

Under his direction, Concordia Care is leveraging its specialized capabilities in managing the most complex behavioral health challenges to create Pathways to Recovery for acute and non-acute catastrophic cases.  Berardo oversees company operations in managed behavioral health programs for commercial insurers, self-Insured companies, Medicare, Medicaid, and specialized government-sponsored programs.

Mr. Berardo also serves on the Board, and is an investor in, the Brighton Health Group as a result of Brighton’s acquisition of MagnaCare in January 2014.   He served for more than eight years as CEO of MagnaCare before transitioning to Non-Executive Chairman in January 2016.  Berardo began his tenure at MagnaCare as Vice President of Sales and Marketing in January of 2003, He took over as President in June 2005 and added the role of CEO in September 2007.  During his time at MagnaCare, he is credited with pioneering the movement to self-insurance for worker’s compensation and health benefits, guiding employers from conventional, fully-insured to self-funded health plans, as well as boosting employer and plan sponsor initiatives to offer customer-centric plan designs which better manage healthcare costs.  

His distinguished career in healthcare services began in 1990 at U.S. Healthcare, and includes subsequent leadership positions at Mount Sinai Health System, Empire Blue Cross/Blue Shield and Multiplan. Berardo has been named to the Crain’s NY Business “40 under 40,” and NJ Biz Power 50 in Health Care. Recognized as an industry thought leader, Berardo has authored numerous articles in trade and peer-reviewed publications.   

Mr. Berardo is former Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Make-A-Wish foundation of NJ and former Chairman of the Board of the Ocean Medical Center Foundation. He holds a BA in Economics from Rutgers University.


Concordia Care, Inc. (Concordia) is a specialty risk transfer, care-coordination company servicing insurers, government entities, self-insured plan sponsors and other managed care organizations. Through its Pathways 2 Recovery care model, Concordia aims to improve patient-centered outcomes and reduce overall cost of quality care by applying best practices in a biopsychosocial-centric approach to manage complex challenges for the group health, casualty and auto markets.  Concordia’s integrated business units include:  Concordia Behavioral Health, Concordia Group Health, Concordia Casualty and Concordia Ancillary.  Concordia holds dual accreditations from the Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Healthcare Inc. (AAAHC) and the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA).




Website: www.concordiacare.com

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All You Need to Know About Leading Medical Clinics of the World

November 16, 2017




Randy Marks, Founder of Leading Medical Clinics of the World joins eHealth Radio and the Health Care & Health News Channels to talk to us about his website, Leading Medical Clinics of the World and how it can benefit healthcare providers.

Listen to interview with host Eric Michaels & guest Randy Marks discuss the following:

  • Could you tell us a little about LMCW?
  • What encouraged you to start LMCW?
  • What is the goal for LMCW?
  • How are your members vetted?
  • What are the benefits of being a LMCW member?
  • What makes LMCW different than other websites like it?

For over 30 years, Randy has developed and quarterbacked successful marketing strategies for Fortune 500 companies all over North America. As an Entrepreneur, Randy has been fortunate to learn that leading successful businesses and developing lasting trust takes more than hard work; launching new ideas also requires Vision, Confident Leadership, Drive, Patience, and Compassion. 

His zeal for new and exciting challenges, as well as his craving for knowledge has propelled Randy to pioneer and build many successful ventures including: North America’s first Environmental Print and Packaging company; an award winning Strategic Marketing firm; a Digital Signage platform; and an innovative App for University Students. 

Just as Randy was winding down his successful Marketing & Design agency after 18 years, he was approached with an early concept of LMCW® and a direct challenge - build a solution in healthcare to be able to connect medical consumers with the top private practices around the globe, and help those practices grow and prosper.

While not expected, this was exactly the opportunity Randy was waiting for. Something he could apply his years of expertise to – connecting two groups in an environment ripe for change, and helping both groups benefit with a new and exciting solution. A humbling experience, healthcare has taught Randy that today there is a need to learn new ways of looking at business. Positioning these so others can understand, and benefit, are the keys.

LMCW® is leading the way into a new era of healthcare, with the vision of having a trustworthy network connecting healthcare consumers looking for top practitioners, with the top practices.





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How the Right Data Analytics Will Improve Your Health System’s Bottom Line and Your Patients’ Choices

November 14, 2017




Russ Cobb, President and GM of Blackbaud Healthcare Solutions, providing unparalleled data analytics and solutions for healthcare systems such as hospitals and their foundations joins eHealth Radio and the Health Care and News Channels. 

Listen to interview with host Eric Michaels & guest Russ Cobb discuss the following:

  • We seem to be in a constant state of change in the healthcare industry and that change is typically focused on how individuals will access and receive healthcare. Can you talk about how the interaction with consumers has changed for healthcare providers?
  • What are the most important factors when it comes to understanding consumers, patients and their needs?
  • It seems as though consumer choice and an enhanced understanding of the population are the two big factors for healthcare administrators to understand. Can you explain how new technology is impacting the industry in these two areas?
  • While patient care is a very hyper- individualized experience, often healthcare marketing is anything but.  Can you talk about how healthcare organizations can take a more personalized approach to their outreach efforts and what benefit this shift has for patients?
  • Should hospital administrators use analytics for any other departments?


As the President and GM of Blackbaud Healthcare, Russ Cobb oversees the overall business strategy and company sales, healthcare marketing and partner ecosystem development. His team includes the sales and marketing of cloud-based and on premise solutions specifically beneficial for the healthcare market. Focusing on healthcare executives and facility’s philanthropic foundations, Blackbaud offers solutions that allow these entities to increase revenue, reduce costs and enhance and increase constituent relationships.

Prior to joining Blackbaud, Russ was in various executive marketing roles at Allscripts Healthcare Solutions, including Vice President of global marketing & communications. He also held marketing, sales and professional services roles with Siemens Healthcare and with IBM where he was part of the Websphere Business Integration team. With vast experience in sales, marketing and management, he brings a wealth of healthcare market knowledge and forward thinking solutions.

Russ has a Master of Business Administration degree from the UNC Kenan-Flagler Business School, as well as a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.


Website: www.blackbaud.com

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MedCircle: A digital platform engaging consumers and practitioners for better health

October 29, 2017




Dr. Kapil Gupta, Chief Executive Officer of MedCircle has engineered the successful build out of and launch of MedCircle, the first-ever digital network for health education designed to provide personalized health information for consumers joins eHealth Radio and the Health Care and Technology Channels.

Listen to interview with host Eric Michaels and guest Dr. Kapil Gupta discuss the following:

  • Tell us about MedCircle.  It seems to be part health information, part social network, and part a platform for practitioners to better engage with their patients.  How do you describe it?
  • What was the impetus for MedCircle?  Why did you create it?  Was there a certain issue you wanted to address with it?
  • How has the response been thus far?  What are those coming to the site saying about MedCircle?
  • One very interesting feature of MedCircle is the ability for people to share their health experiences with others in sort of a social media way. Why is this a big part of the platform and how does it make MedCircle different?
  • There are a lot of online properties that have health information available, such as WebMD.  MedCircle does to, but what makes yours different?  A simple Google search can net a consumer a lot of information.
  • Healthcare practitioners can be a part of the MedCircle platform.  Can you explain how that works and why it benefits them?
  • I understand that you have partnerships with a number of healthcare organizations?  How do they play into the MedCircle platform?
  • What’s next for MedCircle?

Summary: There is a lot of healthcare information out there and and it is not easy to find reliable good information just by a Google search. You dont even have an idea where things are pubslished and more importantly people dont have time to do this search. Further you dont know what you, is credible?  Can you trust the source to be reliable?  Your health is extremely precious to you and your loved ones.  So why make decisions based on unvetted, questionable sources when there are resources out there like MedCircle that is designed to deliver healthcare education from real doctors and those who have first-hand knowledge and experience with a health issue one may be experiencing.


MedCircle Overview: MedCircle was created to provide a trusted source of health information to consumers and an easy, secure way for healthcare providers to share health information with patients, family members, colleagues and other consumers. MedCircle is a simple digital platform that leverages social networking principles so providers and members can connect with one another, developing a network of trusted resources for health information and support. All members receive trusted content from sources verified by healthcare professionals and experts. Providers can also recommend content they like best. This makes it simple for consumers to learn from health experts they trust, stay up-to-date on health topics they care most about, and confidentially share content with others.


Dr. Kapil Gupta: As Chief Executive Officer of MedCircle, Kapil Gupta is responsible for the successful build out of and launch of the first-ever digital network for health education, which is a personalized health information source for consumers. On MedCircle, users can just pick a Topic and MedCircle does the rest by delivering latest and best health information at one place. MedCircle also allows healthcare providers (HCPs) to regularly and consistently engage with consumers (Members). He brings over 15 years of healthcare, business, and digital experience to MedCircle.

Dr. Gupta, MD, is a board-certified Gastroenterologist and Fellow of American Society of Gastroenterology.  He completed his medical training in Delhi, India, followed by studying at State University of New York in New York. Besides his medical training, Dr. Gupta pursued a Master’s in Public Health from State University of New York, and received a Master’s in Business Administration from Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University.




Website: www.medcircle.com

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MatchRX: A One-of-Its Kind Online Marketplace for Independent Pharmacies in the U.S.

October 21, 2017




Mike Galloway, the Chief Operating Officer of MatchRX, the only online marketplace in the country where independent pharmacies can buy and sell prescription medicines to each other joins eHealth Radio and the Pharmaceutical & Health News Channels.

Listen to interview with host Eric Michaels and guest Mike Galloway discuss the following:

  • What is MatchRX?
  • How does the online marketplace work?
  • Why should an independent pharmacy join MatchRX?
  • In addition to the marketplace, what else do you do for your members?
  • What does the future hold for MatchRX?


Michael Galloway is the Chief Operating Officer for MatchRX. Prior to joining the company in 2012, Mike served as the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) at YourSource Management Group, an HR outsourcing firm. Prior to that, he was the CFO and Director of Business Intelligence for Niche Retail, an eCommerce company that specialize is direct-to-consumer and business-to-business online sales channels.

Mike has more than 30 years of experience working in high growth entrepreneurial environments, with a focus on the “marriage” of financial information systems, operating systems, and ecommerce platforms.




Website: www.MatchRX.com

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MD Home Call, acquired by Crescent Capital backed National Home Doctor Service, Australia’s largest network with offices in Canada

October 19, 2017




Mukund Chopra Board Member and CEO of MD Home Call, a leader in connecting patients and physicians in the Greater Toronto area for doctor house call and visits joins eHealth Radio and the Health Care and News Channels to discuss the acquisition by Crescent Capital backed National Home Doctor Service, Australia’s largest network with offices in Canada.

Listen to interview with host Eric Michaels and guest Mukund Chopra discuss the following:

  • From the opening of MD Home Call which is prominently known in the Greater Toronto area, and the recent acquisition of the company, what makes MD Home Call a leader in the doctor house call and visit arena?
  • Explain the history behind MD Home Call and where you see the company growth in the future.
  • Why MD Home Call? Any meaning behind the name?
  • Explain to us why home calls are so popular in Canada and do you see that same trend in the United States?
  • Tell us more about the acquisition. What prompted the acquisition and why Crescent Capital?
  • Give us an example of your patient base and who would consider a service such as MD Home call?
  • With the acquisition, will the name change?


Mukund Chopra is an experienced technology investor and operator with a proven track record of using technology to drive efficiencies in slow moving marketplaces. He is a board member and was the CEO of MD Home Call, Canada's largest provider of Physician Home Visits, for numerous years. He was responsible for building and running Groupon's Central US markets through IPO. His other holdings besides MD Home Call, include Slack technologies. Mukund also served as Head of North America for Universal Avenue. The company has been featured as one of Wired magazines top 100 startups and it back by several institutional investors including the likes of Fidelity.




Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MDHomeCall

Patient engagement and patient empowerment for better health and better outcomes

October 4, 2017




Raj Toleti, CEO and Co-founder of HealthGrid, a mobile industry-leading enterprise patient engagement platform that enables providers to engage and activate patients at any point in the care continuum joins eHealth Radio and the Health Care & Technology Channels.

Listen to host Eric Michaels & guest Raj Toleti discuss the following:

  • How has the definition of patient engagement changed and how has HealthGrid helped to define/shape it?
  • What are the 2-3 biggest gaps in patient engagement today and how is HealthGrid helping to solve those issues?
  • Explain how HealthGrid is changing physician/patient interaction?
  • What impact do HealthGrid solutions have on a patient centric approach to healthcare?
  • What impact will effective management of population health have on healthcare?

Raj Toleti is a Healthcare Information Technology visionary with a history of building breakthrough, patient-facing technologies that are ahead of their time. He believes technology is the key to building meaningful healthcare experiences in every stage of care.
As the Founder and CEO of HealthGrid, the first-of-its-kind CRM patient engagement platform, Raj’s vision helps hospital systems and healthcare providers turn patients into active, satisfied consumers. The intelligent mobile push solutions from HealthGrid include: CareNotify™ and CareNarrative™. Both applications forge meaningful connections between patients and providers on their mobile devices.
Raj’s mobile health vision evolved during his time as Founder and President of Coordinated Care Solutions at PatientPoint, a leading company in patient engagement, population health management, clinical trial enrollment and other HIT solutions. The company's patient engagement and management software products have become a cornerstone of the patient engagement movement in healthcare.
Other successful ventures headed by Raj include, Galvanon (acquired by NCR in 2005) and Cytura Corporation (acquired by Mobius in 2002). Both companies were revolutionary in their markets. With his leadership, the Galvanon and Cytura teams were among the first to develop technologies that improved the patient experience, a term that is synonymous with success in today’s healthcare landscape.
Raj serves as an Advisory Board Member of the Association for Executives in Healthcare Information Technology (AEHIT), a professional member organization of CHIME, and is a Board Member of the University of Central Florida (UCF) Foundation.




Website: www.Healthgrid.com

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Montclair Radiology: Mammograms and why they may save your life

October 4, 2017




Dr. Denise McFadden, a physician and radiologist at Montclair Radiology located in New Jersey in towns including Montclair, Jersey City, Nutley, West Caldwell and Verona joins eHealth Radio and the Cancer Prevention & the Female Health Channels.

Listen to host Eric Michaels & guest Dr. Denise McFadden discuss the following:

  • How common is breast cancer and how important are mammograms?
  • What kinds of mammograms do you offer?
  • What age should a woman start getting a mammogram? What's your thoughts on this?
  • Tell us about 3-D mammograms.
  • Possibly a strange question....Can men get breast cancer?
  • What is the best advice you could offer to women – and men – across the U.S. about breast cancer prevention?


Denise C. McFadden received her BA Degree from Douglas College at Rutgers University and her Medical Degree from Jefferson Medical College. She completed an internship at St. Barnabas Medical Center.

Dr. McFadden completed a residency in Diagnostic Radiology at St. Vincent's Hospital and Medical Center where she was Chief Resident. In addition, Dr. McFadden completed a fellowship in Abdominal Imaging at the New York University Medical Center where she was Clinical Assistant Professor of Radiology.

Dr. McFadden’s career includes serving as an Attending Staff Radiologist, Section Chief of Body CT Scanning and Director of the Radiology Residency Program at St. Vincent’s Medical Center in New York. She has also served as an Attending Staff Radiologist and Section Chief of Body CT Scanning at Holy Name Hospital in Teaneck, NJ, where she also served as Director of Breast Imaging. After leaving Holy Name Hospital, Dr. McFadden joined Mountainside Hospital as Co-Director of the hospital’s Breast Center and as an Attending Radiologist. She went on to join Montclair Radiology and the staff of Chilton Memorial Hospital.

Dr. McFadden is an active member of the Radiologic Society of North America, The Radiology Society of New Jersey, The American College of Radiology, The Bergen County Medical Society, The American Medical Association, The Roentgen Society and The American Institute of Ultrasound and Medicine. Dr. McFadden is a Diplomat of the American Board of Radiology.

Dr. McFadden is an active member of the Radiologic Society of North America, The Radiology Society of New Jersey, The American College of Radiology, The Bergen County Medical Society, The American Medical Association, The Roentgen Society and The American Institute of Ultrasound and Medicine. Dr. McFadden is a Diplomat of the American Board of Radiology.

About Montclair Radiology

Montclair Radiology has been offering state-of-the art medical imaging for well over 70 years to northern New Jersey neighbors. Three convenient locations in Montclair, Nutley, and West Caldwell enable those needing high quality radiology services to economically take advantage of access to the latest equipment and highly-trained, board-certified doctors of radiology without long travel or wait times.

Montclair Radiology was the first clinical MRI site in America and the area’s first medical practice to offer open-air MRI. They continue to provide the latest diagnostic tools including 3T MRI and 3D Mammography for earlier and more accurate detection of abnormalities, thus fostering better outcomes. For example, Montclair Radiology recently received accreditation by the prestigious American College of Radiology for Core Biopsy of the Breast, Fine Needle Aspiration of the Breast and Thyroid, and Breast Ultrasound.





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The UTI Tracker app, a urologist’s guide to UTI prevention and management

September 30, 2017




Dr. Dana Rice, a board-certified urologist from northern Virginia and the creator of the UTI Tracker app joins eHealth Radio and the Urology and Technology Channels. This app was developed to help patients and physicians optimize medical management of voiding dysfunction and urinary tract infections. 

Listen to host Eric Dye & guest Dr. Dana Rice discuss the following:

  • Who is affected by UTIs and voiding dysfunction?
  • Why is it important to keep detailed logs of your urinary health and treatment plans?
  • Why is reducing antibiotic use so crucial?
  • How can simple behavioral changes prevent urinary tract infection?
  • How can the UTI Tracker app help patients and physicians?


Dr. Dana C. Rice, MD is a board-certified urologist in the Washington, D.C. area.  She completed her medical studies and her postgraduate residency at George Washington University. She has co-authored a chapter on urinary tract infections and developed her UTI Tracker app to help educate patients and physicians.  She currently maintains a very busy surgical practice as well as being a wife and mother of two young children.




Website: www.UTITracker.com

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