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When to Seek Therapy or Professional Psychiatric Help

June 22, 2020




Dr. Casey Noreika of Clarity Clinic Chicago, a network of four outpatient facilities in the Greater Chicago area, that offer clinical psychiatry and therapy services joins eHealth Radio and the Mental Health & Health News Channels.

Listen to interview with host Eric Michaels and guest Dr. Casey Noreika discuss the following:

  1. You treat people with a wide range of mental health conditions. What are the conditions you encounter most often?
  2. Your clinic in the Greater Chicago area has four locations. It's obviously successful. What sets it apart?
  3. What is your advice for how and when people should determine when they need to seek therapy or professional psychiatric help?
  4. What is the most common misconception about mental health care that you hear or read? How does that misconception prevent people from getting ahead?
  5. Nowadays, you hear many people describe themselves as anxious or struggling with anxiety. How have anxiety disorders become more prevalent than they were in the past?
  6. There are several mental health holidays/observances such as mental health awareness week, stress awareness month, etc. How important is it for people to recognize these observances?
  7. What are some tips to achieve/maintain optimal mental wellness?




Dr. Casey Noreika holds a Doctorate degree in Clinical Psychology. She specializes in working with middle aged and older adults, including geriatric individuals. She has experience working with a variety of anxiety based disorders, as well as stress management, adjustment difficulties, and depression.





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