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Weight Off NOW! with Linda Allred

November 19, 2012


Linda Allred who is heralded as "THE Bad Habit Breaker/Certified Hypnotist Expert & Author of the Weight Off NOW! Get Healthy – Get Happy Self-Hypnosis  Home Study System™ joisn eHealth Radio and the Weight Management Channel.

Listen to interview [audio player below] with host Eric Michaels & guest Linda Allred discuss the following:

  • How did you become interested in hypnosis?
  • What exactly IS Self-Hypnosis, and can anyone use this tool to lose weight, stop smoking, or lower their stress levels?
  • Can Self-Hypnosis help me lose weight?
  • Why does Self-Hypnosis work?
  • What’s the bottom line?


Linda Allred is the author of the Weight Off NOW! Get Healthy – Get Happy Self-Hypnosis  Home Study System™. She is an expert in the art of Self-Hypnosis, Creative Visualization, Accelerated Change Template (ACT), Laws of Attraction, Positive Affirmations, and whole food nutrition. A certified hypnotist in 1992, she holds certifications in hypnosis from St. John’s University, Springfield, LA, and the National Guild of Hypnotists, Merrimack, N.H. She has actively practiced hypnosis for 20 years blending the latest discoveries in science, spirituality, and psychology creating amazing accelerated results that last for her clients. In addition, she is also one of a select few people in the USA that has been trained as an Accelerated Change Master Practitioner (ACT) - a powerful belief-change science using the energy work of kinesiology (muscle testing) that will forever uproot the single biggest fear or doubt you have about achieving your goals... and replace it with positive beliefs statements that free you to move forward. For more information on Linda and her exciting programs, visit

Note: The views expressed do not necessarily reflect the opinions or beliefs of the show host or it's owners.

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