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Weight Loss is a Mental Game with Maaria Mozaffar

December 5, 2013

Maaria Mozaffar, founder of the Skinless Project joins eHealth Radio and the Weight Management Channel. Maaria lost over 50 pounds in 7 months naturally after the birth of her twins and talks about how weight loss is a mental game and much more.


Listen to interview with host Eric Michaels & guests Maaria Mozaffar discuss the following:

  • One of your two blogs we’re discussing here. The title is poignant but also throughout provoking “Somalian mothers lose their children but we feed ours twinkies.” Maaria, that’s a bold statement about obesity and starvation around the world. With Thanksgiving this week, what are you thoughts about childhood obesity?
  • Why do you think its so important to teach your children about eating healthy from a young age?
  • You recently lost over 50 pounds. Have you been able to keep it off? What do you recommend to our listeners who can’t resist temptation during the holidays?
  • Your second blog “Journey of A Triathlete, Are You a Super Hero in Hiding,” talks about how you stepped out of your box and trained for a triathlon. Where did the inspiration come from to do this? How did you do it?
  • What sort of advice would you offer our listeners who are trying to shift into a living a healthier lifestyle?

Duration: 16:49

Maaria Mozaffar is a wife, mother and lawyer and most importantly founder of the Skinless Project. Maaria lost over 50 pounds in 7 months naturally after the birth of her twins. She focused on eating clean, staying active but most of all staying positive. Maaria says weight loss is a mental game and the he most important attribute of weight loss is the positive space you are in. The second is recognizing how foods play a role in your positive space and your relationship with food.


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