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WeeZee-The Science of Play with Louise Weadock

March 30, 2015

Louise Weadock MPH, RN, the Founder of WeeZee-The Science of Play, an 18,000 square foot play and learning facility located at 480 Bedford Road in Chappaqua, New York joins eHealth radio and the Health Care and Children Health Channels.

Listen to interview with host Eric Michaels & guest Louise Weadock discuss the following:

  • You are the founder and president of three health-related companies – Access Nursing & Healthcare Services, WeeZee-The Science of Play and Access Sensory Kids.  Can you give me a brief description about each one?
  • What impact do you hope to make on health care and where do you hope to make a difference?
  • Much of your business focuses on therapies. Can you tell us some of the more popular therapies for adults and children?
  • How much of your focus is on children with special needs at WeeZee?  How do you work with children who have Sensory Processing Disorders?
  • How can "optimal Sensory Processing" help our children? What about those aging with Dementia or Alzheimers?

Duration: 17:11

Louise Weadock MPH, RN, is the founder of WeeZee-The Science of Play, an 18,000 square foot play and learning facility located at 480 Bedford Road in Chappaqua, NY and Access Healthcare Services, offering a complete range of clinically and culturally diverse healthcare services and professional staffing personnel for the past 30 years.  In addition, Ms. Weadock recently launched  Access Sensory Kids (ASK) -- a personalized clinical program for children that provides occupational therapy, physical therapy, and speech and language therapy to children with autism, sensory processing disorders, developmental delays, ADD and ADHD, eating and swallowing disorders, and many other conditions.

A registered Child Psychiatric Nurse, a 30 year ASD/SID researcher at Johns Hopkins University and the mother of two grown children (one who was diagnosed with autism at age 2), Louise is a known parenting/sensory stimulation expert and has recently written articles on Special Needs Friendships, The Science of Play, Prenatal Sensory Stimulation and Sensory Integration Disorders for a variety of parenting publications.


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