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Vaccine Equity and the Race Towards Herd Immunity

June 26, 2021




Dr. Linda Odenigbo, a Pediatrician at PriMED Physicians in Dayton Ohio joins eHealth Radio and the Health Care and Health News Channels. Throughout the vaccine rollout, Dr. Odenigbo and other Black colleagues have been actively working with the Black community in Dayton, specifically Dayton's Nigerian population to increase vaccine confidence.

Listen to interview with host Eric Michaels and guest Dr. Linda Odenigbo discuss the following:

  1. Throughout the vaccine rollout, primary care physicians have been working hard to increase vaccine confidence, especially among people of color. Can you tell us about some of the concerns surrounding the COVID-19 vaccines that you have heard from patients?
  2. I know that you and other Black physicians at PriMED did a lot of outreach work to increase vaccine confidence, specifically within the Black community in Dayton. What were some of the ways that you and your colleagues engaged with the community?
  3. Of all of the phone calls and conversations you have had with patients, is there any one that sticks out the most?
  4. What trends have you been seeing most recently with vaccine hesitancy?
  5. President Joe Biden recently announced his plan to get 70% of Americans at least partially vaccinated by July 4. Do you feel positive about us reaching that goal?

Linda Odenigbo, MD, is a Pediatrician at PriMED Physicians in Dayton, Ohio. A graduate of University of Ilorin Medical School, Dr. Odenigbo trained and practiced internal medicine in Nigeria until 1991. She completed her Pediatric residency at Harlem Hospital New York and later worked at CHIC clinic, a federally funded health care center in Decatur, Illinois, before finally joining PriMED pediatrics in 2000. Dr. Odenigbo’s special interests include childhood allergic conditions, as well as female adolescent health issues.






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