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Tummyzen, A Revolutionary Answer To Heartburn

September 26, 2014

Dr. John Geibel, who specializes in Gastrointestinal Surgery and Cellular and Molecular Physiology & the Co-Founder of Eli Nutrition, the company behind Tummyzen joins eHealth Radio and the Acid Reflux, Gastrointestinal and GERD Channels.

Listen to interview with host Eric Michaels & guest Dr. John Geibel discuss the following:

  • Please tell our listeners about Tummyzen—I was told it is being branded as “A Revolutionary Answer To Heartburn”
  • How were you involved in the development of Tummyzen?
  • Can you tell us the science behind Tummyzen?
  • How safe is it to take? What are its ingredients that make it safe?
  • It seems that the industry is saturated with competition—I mean why not? With an estimated 60M Americans suffering from regular heartburn, spending over $14B on treatment, this is expected—so what do you think is Tummyzen’s advantage? What are its benefits over its competing brands in the market?
  • Besides you, who are working behind Eli Nutrition? Is Yale University actively involved behind the brand?
  • Do tell our listeners where they can get more information online and how they can try Tummyzen themselves.

Duration: 20:26

John Geibel is Vice Chairman of the Department of Surgery at Yale University School of Medicine and Director of Surgical Research and Professor of Cellular and Molecular Physiology. He is the Co-Founder and Scientific Advisor to Eli Nutrition, and is the researcher and patent holder on the use of zinc for the reduction of acid secretion. Geibel had discovered the effectiveness of zinc in stopping acid secretion in the stomach without any side effects and while providing increased health benefits, and his discovery became the basis of Tummyzen’s patented formula.

Web Site:
Twitter: @Tummyzen

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