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Transforming anxiety into a gift with Sherianna Boyle

June 28, 2015

Sherianna Boyle who is a Stress Coach & Energy Practitioner at The Lymes Center Cape Cod / Whole Health Center & the author of four books, the latest Choosing Love joins eHealth Radio and the Mental Health and Stress Managment Channels.

Listen to interview with host Eric Michaels and guest Sherianna Boyle discuss the following:

  • It seems the focus of your writing has been on anxiety. Can you tell us what makes you so passionate about this subject matter?
  • You say anxiety is a gift, can you tell us more about that?
  • Can you gives an idea of how someone would transform anxiety into a gift?
  • What kind of success have you had with this?
  • Can you share a bit about your next book Choosing Love your next book?

Duration: 19:38

Sherianna is the stress coach /energy practitioner at The Lymes Center Cape Cod / Whole Health Center. She is the author of four books: Powered by Me for Educators Pre-K – 12, 2012, The Everything Parents Guide to Overcoming Childhood Anxiety, 2013, The Four Gifts of Anxiety, 2014, and Choosing Love: Open Your Heart, Transform Your Life and Live Fearlessly (Dec 2015). She holds a Masters in Education and Certificate of Advanced Graduate Study in School Psychology from The University of Massachusetts, Boston. Her background includes workings as an Adjunct Psychology Professor at Cape Cod Community College, stress therapy coach, former owner and operator of a yoga studio, parent educator, leader of self esteem girls groups and more.

Sherianna has taught workshops for Hayhouse Publishing Company (Tools & Strategies for Empowering the School Community, June 2013), has been a contributing writing to over 30 published articles, and has been featured in Psychology Today, Jan/Feb 2015 and Mantra Yoga & Health, May 2015. Her book The Four Gifts of Anxiety has been recognized and shelved by NAMI, 2015.  She is a nationally certified  yoga instructor and has been teaching regularly for 14 years. She also developed and leads a regular well attended class (series) called Gift Focused Living.

She is professionally developed and is certified as a healing practioner in three different systems of Energy Healing. She works closely under the supervision of a master Quantum Healing practioner.  Sherianna is now carving out her own style, and based on her years of experience is discovering and creating techniques and methods of her own.  These methods have proven to be highly successful in assisting clients to reach their highest potential physically, emotionally and spiritually.  Her intention is to empower the student / client to be able to utilize the techniques independently and confidently.

Sherianna has been married for 17 years and is proudly raising three daughters. When she is not writing she enjoys going to church, exercising, reading, gardening and taking naps.


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