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The universal need for adequate resources and services in suicide prevention

December 14, 2021




Bianca D. McCall, an expert in suicide prevention and creator of the Reach In Now mobile application, created to impact communities in need joins eHealth Radio and the Mobile App & Suicide Prevention Channels.

Listen to interview with host Eric Michaels and guest Bianca D. McCall discuss the following:

  1. Suicide prevention is an ongoing need in all demographics, but particularly with African Americans we have seen an uptick in suicides lately. Is this true and if so is there a root cause?
  2. How has the current COVID-19 pandemic impacted suicide rates? Has it impacted people's ability to get help and services?
  3. Why are services and resources so important in suicide prevention?
  4. You have created a platform to help people who are experiencing mental health concerns and to combat the rise in suicides we are seeing in our communities. Can you tell us more about it?
  5. What makes the Reach In Now app different than other mental health apps that we see in this space?

Bianca D. McCall is a renowned Subject Matter Expert in the Epidemiology of Human Behavior; with a specialization in suicide prevention. She is The Founder & CEO of Desert Rose Counseling Group, which recently celebrated its 10th year anniversary and is the first integrated behavioral health agency to offer suicide prevention programming, in Nevada State who ranks 7th in the nation for suicide rates. Bianca is a masters-level licensed marriage and family therapist, community advocate, leader, creator, moderator, keynote, host, and executive producer of Reach In - the docuseries which features the incredible stories of people who are surviving various tragedy and adverse experiences.

She is also an author of the world's first multi-step trauma-recovery program called, The 11 Triumphs. Additionally, in response to the pandemic, Bianca has also launched the Reach In Now University (RINU) © - an online platform for connecting with a socially-emotionally supportive community and learning mental fitness. The Reach In Now mobile application was launched in conjunction with RINU to provide a platform for healing for its users and to level the proverbial mental health playing field that has seen many people go without services and resources due to economic and societal disparities. And finally Desert Rose Gives, the nonprofit organization founded by Bianca was created to provide scholarships for members to access the Reach In Now mobile application and partner applications; as well as the ability to access services from a holistic provider network.

A retired women’s basketball player, Bianca has battled with a plethora of mental health conditions throughout most of her life to include anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress from childhood trauma, and even imposter syndrome that has manifested itself in many ways. But as a driven competitor, Bianca has utilized her experiences for the greater good of helping and motivating others.




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