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The Underwear Free Revolution

March 9, 2015

Jo Bernard who co-created GoCommandos, a cotton patch worn in pants, shorts or fitness wear that allows women to go “underwear free” joins eHealth Radio and the Health and News Channels. What began as a solution to visible panty lines has now become an important health product for many women across the U.S.

Listen to interview with host Eric Michaels & guest Jo Bernard discuss the following:

  • What are GoCommandos? Explain what they are, why you created them and how they’ve turned into so much more in the health arena for women.
  • How are they used? Explain the different materials, worn with whatever kinds of pants (shorts, select workout pants, etc)
  • How does a woman know the patch is right for her?
  • Do you have a relationship with the medical community?
  • How can ladies get them?

Duration: 17:45

Jo Bernard might be petite, but her presence makes an impact.  She can talk openly and honestly about the many issues women face because of their female anatomy, yet she will blush when hearing the various nicknames that private parts have been called through the years.

In 2005, Jo and her partner, BK Phillips, launched GoCommandos as a fashion solution to the ‘visible panty line’ problem.  Together, they designed a brilliantly shaped cotton “patch” with a custom, surgical-grade (body friendly) adhesive that allows women to go underwear-free while wearing pants or shorts.  Easy to wear, comfortable, not binding or restrictive, GoCommandos is a simple way for women to feel comfortable AND sexy .

But where one problem was solved, unexpectedly, so were many others. Through the years, Jo has received hundreds of letters about her inventive product.  Customers are not only wearing GoCommandos to avoid thongs and panty lines, but using them to cover irritating seams, keep clothing clean, and to protect female parts.  It seems the “patch,” which is made in both organic and non-organic cottons, was doing a lot more than Jo had ever expected….but it does not stop there. GoCommandos are providing relief to some of the nine million women in the U.S. that suffer from Chronic Pelvic Pain, Vulvodynia, Interstitial Cystitis, etc.  The patch has become the answer in a much bigger way.

Born and raised in Nashville, Tennessee, Jo always had an entrepreneurial and unconventional way of thinking.  She left the south to attend Wheaton College in Norton, MA and then settled in Boston for many years, working as a Special Ed teacher, later in fashion marketing and design, and finally in real estate. She and her ‘then husband’ relocated to La Jolla, California where she took an interest in film and writing and attended USC Summer Production Workshops….all at the age of 50.  In 2001 she founded Freedom’s Children, a non-profit organization dedicated in teaching the philosophy of Nonviolence based on Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and Gandhi, among others.

In 2010 Jo and BK sold GoCommandos only to reacquire it three years later when the purchaser failed to honor their agreement.    Jo is thrilled to be back at the helm as ‘Commando in Chief’ and has re-launched the company with new packaging, new pricing, and a website.

Jo’s business model is one of ‘getting to know the customer’ and she’s often available by phone, email or even in person.  By understanding her audience, their needs and their lives, she can ensure that GoCommandos is the best product for them.  She attends various medical conferences and works with physicians and physical therapists to educate them and their patients about the benefits of going underwear-free with the GoCommandos patch.

In addition, Jo is co-producing a documentary and working on a film script.  As an author, she has written an interactive book for middle-school children titled Walking the Walk, My Journey to Nonviolence.  Hoping to have it published in 2015, the book is based on the Kingian principles and includes a section on bullying and how to change a bully into a buddy.

Jo currently lives in Los Angeles with Phillips, a fashion designer and costumer. She enjoys exercising, , hiking, and traveling all while wearing GoCommandos, of course.  Jo is a huge supporter of women’s movements both nationally and internationally and is always happy to lend her voice.  Her favorite mantra is “Dwell in Possibility”. She believes that everyday is open to magic that we can create, if we just allow ourselves to witness and embrace it.


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