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The Transformative Power of Language

July 3, 2019




Mary Lyn Jenkins the owner of Big Fish Power Yoga studios in Jacksonville, Florida who has been named the best studios in Jacksonville & author of the book The Transformative Power of Language joins eHealth Radio and the Health/Wellness & Yoga Channels.


Listen to host Eric Dye & guest Mary Lyn Jenkins discuss the following:

  1. Why did you start the practice of yoga?
  2. There's a lot of talk about meditation these days. Why do you think it's so important?
  3. What is it about language and speaking that you see making the biggest difference through your business & personal life?
  4. How does a full-time business owner, mother, writing books, teaching, and anything else work in your marriage?
  5. What do you do every morning to get ready for any day?

Mary Lyn Jenkins is the owner of Big Fish Power Yoga studios in Jacksonville, Florida – they’ve been named the best studios in Jacksonville. She, and her team, teach power yoga and trainings as a leadership skill. She teaches everyone from the NFL – Jacksonville Jaguars –  to kids, and believes the practice of yoga and meditation is what will change the world.

Mary Lyn moved to Jacksonville, Florida from Seattle, Washington in 2007. After studying Art and Journalism at Auburn University, she worked for fifteen years in the world of interior design, art and set design creating for private homes, publications, and advertising. Her start was with Southern Living Magazine, and soon thereafter, she and her husband moved west where she was based in the Pacific Northwest and the Bay Area of San Francisco. While in Seattle, yoga became her practice and training was for fun. After almost ten years, she returned to the South with her husband and began teaching yoga while waiting for the economy crash to subside.

With the support of her family, the vision for Big Fish Power Yoga became clear and opened in 2010. It was the result of her passion for beauty, team building, creativity and expanding service and leadership with power yoga as the medium.

As an E- RYT 500, Mary Lyn has spent thousands of hours training and believes strongly in her ongoing studentship. She is passionate about empowering others. She teaches classes, leads teams, and facilitates trainings.

Mary Lyn has served on the Leadership Board for Africa Yoga Project, partners closely with local non-profits and businesses throughout the country, facilitates recovery yoga for the NFL, and was on the cover of nationally recognized Yoga Journal Magazine in 2016. Mary Lyn’s commitment is to elevate yoga education and more so, to disrupt status quo. Big Fish has consistently been voted Jacksonville’s best yoga studios and is the official studio of the Jacksonville Jaguars. She considers partnership to be the most powerful instrument for positive change.





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