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The Surprising Health Benefits of Manuka Honey

March 3, 2021




Michael Bell, Founder and CEO of Manukora that sources potent raw Manuka Honey from the remote regions of New Zealand, and finds new ways to use it joins eHealth Radio and the Health News and Nutrition Channels.

Listen to interview with host Eric Michaels and guest Michael Bell discuss the following:

  1. Where does Manukora Manuka honey come from?
  2. What are the benefits of Manuka honey?
  3. How can you use Manuka honey?
  4. How do you ensure ingredients in natural supplements are safe?
  5. What do you people not realize about the benefits of plant-based health products?

Summary: Our bees are doing amazing things for us, and we are learning more and more about how manuka honey works as a natural alternative antibiotic agent. This natural, pure, and delicious health food product serves a true immune booster. Many of us are handling an incredible amount of stress right now, and this can have a huge, negative impact on our health. So, it's essential we take care of ourselves and in a natural way. A healthier diet with plant-based foods will increase your antioxidant intake that can help fight stress and reduce your risk of stress-related diseases.

As a proud New Zealander with an absolute passion for the natural health and wellness space, Michael Bell is driven to provide a new level of innovation and excellence to his customers around the world.

Having launched three Manuka brands across 15+ markets and directly supplying some of the world’s largest retail chains, his latest venture is introducing the U.S. to the power of Mānuka honey.

At every step of the process from hive to you, Manukora ensures that the potency, quality, purity, and pollen count of Manukora honey are all exactly as they were the day they left the hives. Manukora has a variety of honey with different amounts of Methylglyoxal (MGO), a naturally occurring compound that makes Manuka honey unique and health boosting. With a fierce dedication to sustainability, Manukora ensures their bee colonies are located only in the most remote locations which allows the bees to forage on an endless and uncontaminated supply of nectar and pollen to create the purest Mānuka.





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