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The role of the DNAdose test in finding the best medications and doses for individual patients

December 21, 2014

Professor Les Sheffield, a geneticist and the clinical director of GenesFX Health, a pioneering company based in Melbourne, Australia, that has developed the DNAdose test joins eHealth Radio and the Health and News Channels.

Listen to interview with host Eric Michaels and guest Les Sheffield discuss the following:

  • What is personalized medicine?
  • Do all drugs have the same effect on people?
  • What is the DNAdose test?
  • Which patients is the test particularly relevant for?
  • What can your doctor do with the results?

Duration: 8:34

Associate Professor Les Sheffield, Senior Clinical Geneticist, GenesFX Health and Victorian Clinical Genetics Services. A qualified Clinical Geneticist with the Victorian Clinical Genetics Services based at the Royal Womens Hospital Victoria, Melbourne, Associate Professor Leslie Sheffield is a director of GenesFX Health as well as its principal clinical geneticist.

Associate Professor Sheffield has been involved in the instigation, design, development, and participation of various genetic tests since the 1960s, and has authored more than 100 scientific publications. Responsible for establishing clinical genetic services in South Australia, he has also conducted genetic clinics in Melbourne, Wodonga and Shepparton, Victoria and has extensive experience in interpreting both molecular and genetic screening tests.

He currently holds two NHMRC grants in collaboration with the Murdoch Childrens Research Institute, where he supervises five pharmacogenomic research studies in teaching hospitals in Melbourne.


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