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The Role of Good Fungus

February 21, 2017



Afif Ghannoum, CEO of Pathobiome, the creators of the first probiotic that works through restoring the healthy bacteria and fungus in the digestive tract joins eHealth Radio and the Health News and Nutrition Channels.


Listen to interview with host Eric Michaels and guest Afif Ghannoum discuss the following:

  • Tell us about Dr. Ghannoum and his role in researching the microbiome?
  • What is BIOHM and how does it work?
  • Explain digestive plaque and how it effects people?
  • What is the role of good fungus in the gut?
  • How do you see this research and science progressing?


Entrepreneur, businessman and biotechnology lawyer Afif Ghannoum has a passion for bringing brands to market that improve the lives of consumers.  In his current role as CEO of PathoBiome, makers of BIOHM Probiotics, he oversees the strategy, marketing and sales initiatives for the breakthrough brand.

Always a pioneer in new business ventures, he has created and launched ten products that have sold millions online and in over 27,000 stores at America's largest retailers. Afif is a named inventor on multiple patents, and has licensed a technology to one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world, that’s now a product sold in over a 100,000 stores in the US and Canada. He has also raised almost $11 million, and counting, in venture capital funding.

BIOHM is ideal for any consumer who wants to maintain a healthy gut microbiome, promote optimal digestive health, and support his/her immunity. For the estimated 15% of Americans who suffer from digestive challenges, BIOHM is engineered to relieve occasional digestive issues such as, upset stomach, diarrhea and bowel irritation. BIOHM’s strains have also been proven to break down digestive plaque while supporting immune health as well as overall digestive health.


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