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The Rapidly Evolving Field of Office Fitness and the Battle Against Sitting Disease

September 29, 2017




Ron Wiener, CEO of iMovR, maker of the broadest line of products in the office fitness industry, including sit-stand desks, standing desk converters, and treadmill desks joins eHealth Radio & the Health News and Fitness Channels.

Listen to interview with host Eric Michaels & guest Ron Wiener discuss the following:

  • What is the impact of 'Sitting Disease' on the modern day office worker, and how is iMovR helping in the battle against it?
  • What's better from a health and productivity standpoint, a standing desk or a treadmill desk?
  • How do you get around the legal liability concerns that some employers must have regarding the use of treadmill desks in the office?
  • Are employers generally covering the costs of these active workstations, or are employees going out of pocket?
  • How important are ergonomics to the standing desk and treadmill desk user?




Ron Wiemer is a veteran technology industry entrepreneur with 30 years’ experience building companies in internet, software, electronics, manufacturing, aviation, and transportation industries. Ron has been the founder and CEO of eight investor-backed startups since 1988, with multiple successful exits. Previous ventures include EquaShip, Earth Class Mail, Market Mechanix, SnapNames,, Distribution Sciences Corp. and Azure Technology. He has been an avid treadmill desk user since 2009, and avid pilot since 1984. A hard-core serial entrepreneur, Ron starred in the 2008 television series “Startup Junkies.”





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