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The New Priceline for Healthcare, Dental and Beauty Procedures: ZendyHealth

November 3, 2015

Vish Banthia, MD FACS and Founder & Chief Medical Officer of ZendyHealth where you can save on your Beauty, Dental and Health needs joins eHealth Radio and the Health Care and News Channels.

Listen to interview with host Eric Michaels and guest Vish Banthia discuss the following:

  • Why is ZendyHealth described as "Priceline for Healthcare, Dental, Beauty" procedures?
  • Describe the process of ZendyHealth if a consumer is visiting for first time and the step-by-step process for the consumer?
  • With today's medical deductible so high (average being $5000)--why is ZendyHealth ideal for those who have high deductibles? And how much do consumers save?
  • How does a doctor, dentist or specialist partner with ZendyHealth?  Why is this a win-win partnership for those in the healthcare, dentistry and beauty industries?
  • Can you share a ZendyHealth user testimonial that struck you that your service is providing a "real need" for consumers?
  • Looking into the future, what is the next step for ZendyHealth in the next year and where do you see ZendyHealth in the next five years?

Duration: 12:16

Dr. Banthia is a double Board Certified surgeon and a graduate of Stanford, UCSF, and Columbia / Cornell University hospitals. Dr. Banthia and his Medical Advisory Team are responsible for the vision of ZendyHealth and the array of services and procedures that can be delivered to the consumer in safe and cost ­effective ways. Dr. Banthia has specialized expertise in minimally invasive procedures and has delivered lectures to plastic surgeons, facial plastic surgeons and dermatologists throughout the country as well as internationally. In 2006, 2008, and 2011, Dr. Banthia was recognized as a “Top Doctor” or “Top Surgeon” in Silicon Valley.

About ZendyHealth

The growing cost of medical procedures, lack of pricing transparency, and bewildering amount of information have generated a need for a new way of finding standard health and dental care. ZendyHealth makes it easier than ever before to find popular and highly effective cosmetic, dental and health procedures at fabulous prices without sacrificing quality.

Our patented Pick Your Price matching algorithm, top-rated Zendy Provider network, and easy-to-use platform allows you to choose your desired procedure when and where you want and at a price that You can afford. We then match you to a trusted, pre-screened Certified Provider in your area who meets your criteria.

“We want to provide access to basic, affordable and quality healthcare – on your terms.”

Founded by a group of medical professionals to revolutionize healthcare access, the site is backed by respected investors including doctors, lawyers and former Facebook and Twitter executives.


Social Media:
Twitter: @ZendyHealth

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